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Joel Jackson Hyde & seek

Hyde And Seek Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, Gary (Matt Nable) and Claire (Emma Hamilton) visit the Security Forum. They are introduced to Adam Joyce, who is responsible for the venue’s security. Adam shows the couple video footage of Ali and his van outside of the venue. While Ali’s identity is confirmed, they’re unable to see who is driving the van.… Read more →

Aden Young Actor

The Principal Finale Recap

When the finale begins, Matt Bashier (Alex Dimitriades) is led to an interrogation room by Adam Bilic (Aden Young). Back at the school, Tarek (Rahel Romahn) has a run in with George (George Xanthis) and Ursula Bright (Di Adams). They only manage to make matters worse and their conversation ends with Tarek heading out of the school. Adam questions Matt… Read more →

The Principal TV Show Episode 3

The Principal Recap Episode 3

During the opening of the third episode, Karim’s funeral ritual is held. Matt Bashir (Alex Dimitriades) attends. Along with Tarek (Rahel Romahn) and Mohammad (Michael Denkha), Matt helps to clean Karim’s body. Frank’s (Salvatore Coco) butcher shop is shown. The empty cash register drawer is placed in the window for all to see. Kellie Norton (Mirrah Foulkes) and her partner… Read more →

The Principal Tarek Ahmad

The Principal Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

In the second episode of The Principal, Matt Bashir (Alex Dimitriades) is forced to deal with the aftermath of Karim Ahmad’s (Tyler De Nawi) death on school grounds. He quickly enlists the help of Kellie Norton (Mirrah Foulkes) and attempts to shield the other kids from the scene. Unfortunately, the news gets spread around through the kid’s smartphones. Tarek (Rahel… Read more →

The Principal Review

The Principal TV Show Premiere Recap

The Principal is a new drama television series from Australia. The series centers on Matt Bashir (Alex Dimitriades), who takes on the role of principal at a boy’s school, which is overrun with gangs and violence. Quickly after the episode begins, we’re introduced to several of the main characters, including Kellie Norton (Mirrah Foulkes), who works as a¬†liaison officer¬†at the… Read more →