Ripper Street Review

Ripper Street is a crime drama that revolves around the 1889, Whitechapel England murders that were never solved, but thought to have been the work of the […]

The Code S1.E5 Review

When the episode opens, we see Hani Parande (Adele Perovic) in the back of Andy King’s truck. It appears she is being held within a torture room. […]

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In the latest episode of CBS’ Stalker, the skinheads come to town and terrorize a man’s normally calm neighborhood. In order to receive protection from the Threat […]

The Code Review S1.E4

The episode opens with Jesse Banks (Ashley Zukerman) lying out in the barren wasteland. With blood coming from his nose, it appears he has been attacked. We […]

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In NBC’s State of Affairs, Katherine Heigl plays Charleston Tucker, the president’s briefer. In the pilot, she is faced with the dilemma of getting immediate revenge or […]