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Grantchester Recap S2 E5

When the 5th episode begins, Sidney (James Norton) meets Amanda (Morven Christie) in a cafe. While there, he learns that they’ve been able to collect a large number of signatures in support of Gary Bell (Sam Frenchum). Initially after, he heads to the prison and surprises Gary with sports cards. Meanwhile, Geordie (Robson Green) heads to the hospital to check in on an old friend, Rita Jones (Tanya Franks). We find out that Rita has been attacked by her husband, Eddie (Matthew Jure) once again. Despite Geordie’s pleas, Rita refuses to press charges on her husband. Meanwhile, Sidney and Gary chat about the upcoming execution and Gary’s changes of winning a reprieve. They also discover a Stanley Matthews sports card, which puts them closer to finishing Gary’s collection.

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Meanwhile, Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) spends time with his new friend, Daniel Marlowe (Oliver Dimsdale). Leonard explains that the prison officials have taken Gary’s belt, in order to prevent a potential suicide. Daniel admits he is lucky Gary was charged and that the event is truly a tragedy. He attempts to kiss Leonard, who backs away quickly. Daniel also invites Leonard to Brighton for the weekend, but Leonard refuses and Daniel rushes off hastily. Next, Phil Wilkinson (Lorne MacFadyen) and Geordie pay a visit to the Jones household. While there, they discover stolen jewelry and arrest Eddie in relation to the crime. Eddie consistently shouts that he cannot breathe, while also denying the crime. He attacks the pair and manages to make a run for it, but is caught moments later grasping his knees and struggle for air.

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Eddie is thrown into the back of the police transport vehicle with Dicky Evans (Steve Toussiant), who quickly begins to belittle him and Geordie. Meanwhile, Leonard goes through his possessions. Sidney and Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) chat with Phyllis (Helen Clyro), who has renewed hope that her son will be spared execution. She insists she hopes the Daily Mail takes on the story, but Sidney admits they shouldn’t get their hopes up. Phyllis encourages Sidney to maintain his faith, before Sidney heads outside and finds a noose hanging near the door. Nobody accepts the blame, but Mrs. Maguire lashes out at all of the townsfolk anyway. Jack Chapman (Nick Brimble) tells Maguire that he likes her when she is angry.

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On the way to the police station, Eddie and Geordie argue back and forth. Eddie ridicules Geordie over his recent shooting and also accuses Geordie of sleeping with his wife and planting the jewelry. Sidney pays a visit to Harding Redmond (Neil Morrissey) and confronts him about the noose. He also visits Agatha (Claudie Blakley) and gives her a letter from Gary. Sidney attempts to convince her that she can forgive Gary and that she isn’t the only one, who has lost a child. Next, Sidney heads to the pub and has a funny conversation with Geordie about their relationships with God. When asked, Geordie refuses to chat about work. Moments later, Margaret Ward (Seline Hizli) enters and tells Geordie that Eddie is causing a ruckus at the station. This forces him to leave Sidney alone. Sidney and Margaret share an awkward greeting, before she departs as well.

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Later, Geordie pays a visit to Eddie at the jail. Dicky Evans watches as Geordie enters Eddie’s cell. In the morning, Mrs. Maguire gets a visit from Jack. He brings her flowers and attempts to convince her to go out with him. Unfortunately, his offer is refused. When Jack leaves, Leonard encourages Mrs. Maguire to give him a chance. His encouragement falls on deaf ears and winds up causing an argument. Cathy Keating (Kacey Ainsworth) arrives and tells Sidney that Geordie didn’t make it home last night. This sends Geordie to the police station. While there, he finds Geordie. Eddie is found dead on the floor. Geordie immediately receives the blame and is told to take leave for a period of time, until the investigation can be carried out. Geordie and Sidney head to the bar. There, Geordie complains and shows off his busted up knuckles accidentally.

Grantchester Recap Season 2 Episode 5

Sidney asks Geordie why he didn’t go home last night and he admits he just went walking around. Sidney insists he believes Geordie, but Geordie doesn’t believe it. Sidney transports Geordie home. While there, Cathy tells Sidney that Geordie has another woman. Sidney denies the accusation and attempts to comfort Cathy. Sidney scours through Geordie’s log book, before confronting Margaret about her relationship with Geordie. She admits they kissed one another, but mainly did so, because they were angry with him. She also tells Sidney where to find Dicky. Moments later, Sidney speaks with Dicky in a shady club. He learns about Geordie going into Eddie’s cell and shutting him up. Back at home, Leonard and Mrs. Maguire argue a bit more. It is also revealed that Maguire threw away Leonard’s box of personal belongings.

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The conversation worsens, when Leonard tells Mrs. Maguire that Ronnie isn’t likely going to return anytime soon. After a glass is slammed to the floor and the cleanup begins, Sidney discovers something fishy in Geordie’s notebook. He rushes over to Geordie’s place and asks him about collect the stolen items a few months, before they were discovered at Eddie’s. Geordie admits the items were previously recovered, but he denies framing Eddie. All of the same items were recovered at Eddie’s, aside from a butterfly pin. Geordie ridicules Sidney for not standing by him, although he did, when Sidney was accused of sleeping with the Redmond girl. Next, Sidney has a chat with Phil and attempts to learn more about the stolen jewelry.

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Phil admits Geordie would’ve been able to access the items easily, without anyone noticing. Again, Sidney is ridiculed for failing to stand by his friend. Sidney then pays a visit to Eddie’s home. He discovers a weird mixture at the bottom of Eddie’s bed and also speaks with Eddie’s son. Rita arrives and reveals she is heading out to try and acquire a job at the bakery. Sidney glances at her and sees the butterfly pin on her coat. When she leaves, Sidney pursues her. Once she arrives at the bakery, she meets up with Phil and the pair share a kiss. Later, Sidney confronts Phil at the station and extorts him, in order to acquire the case files for Eddie’s case. Sidney takes the information to Geordie and both admit Phil must’ve setup Eddie.

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They scour over crime scene photos and discover that Eddie had four abrasions on his head. Geordie links the marks to bolts holding the floor to the ground. Sidney reveals that there was an eyewitness. Moments later, the pair meets up with Margaret and confront her about her testimony. She insists she was only telling the truth and that she saw Geordie leaving the cells with a bloody hand. Seconds later, something clicks and Sidney insists the whole scenario is impossible. With that, Sidney and Geordie head back to the Jones house, where they check out the bedroom and the chemical on the floor. They also discover blood on Eddie’s pillow. They put two and two together to conclude that Eddie was poisoned and likely had a seizure. Once they return to the kitchen, Eddie’s son pulls out rat poison and puts it on the ground. He admits it takes awhile for the poison to kill the rats, but it is almost always effective.

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Sidney and Geordie quickly come to the conclusion that Rita is the murderer. Sidney takes Phyllis to see Gary, before his execution. Gary attempts to comfort his mother and convince her that it’ll be over, before he knows it. Moments later, she is escorted out of the room. During this time, Geordie speaks with Rita and tells her that he could’ve helped her. She is only interested in finding a good place for her children to stay. Back at home, Leonard finally apologizes to Mrs. Maguire and once again tries to convince her to hang out with Jack. When he returns to his room, he discovers his belongings setting on his bed. He also finds a postcard from Daniel. Mrs. Maguire leaves and meet up with Jack at the park.

Grantchester Jack and Mrs. Maguire

Back at the prison, Gary tells Sidney that he isn’t going to heaven. Sidney attempts to convince him otherwise. Agatha Redmond reads Gary’s letting, during this time. Sidney continues trying to comfort Gary, while Agatha heads to the church and comforts Phyllis. Sidney and Gary begin to pray together, before the guards enter and whisked Gary away. Sidney watches and continues to pray, as Gary is executed. A stunned Sidney exits the church and is confronted by Amanda. The pair go for a stroll together and contemplate the execution. Sidney finally loses it and tells Amanda that she needs to stop leading him on. Later that day, Geordie meets up with Sidney at the church. They share a chat, before it turns hostile and Geordie comments on the soldier that Sidney killed. The pair wind up fighting and Geordie is left on the ground pleading with Sidney to stop.

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Grantchester Review

The 5th episode of Grantchester’s second season was undoubtedly the best yet. The episode was truly dramatic and ultimately very depressing. The episode worked to pull Sidney further away from his friends, especially Geordie. Gary finally met his fate and the outcome will most likely have a major impact on Sidney and the rest of the townsfolk. At the same time, the case revolving around Eddie’s death put Geordie in a similar situation as Sidney with Gary. Still, Geordie showed no sympathy or remorse for the executed man.

All in all, a great episode. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous Grantchester recaps right now!

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