Gotham: LoveCraft Review

When the show opens, a group of assassins attempt to infiltrate Wayne Manor. Selina (Camren Bicondova) teaches Bruce (David Mazouz) how to maintain his balance, while walking on small ledges. Selina attempts to get Bruce to get over his parent’s murder, before attempting to entice Bruce to kiss her, but he refuses. Afterwards, the pair share harsh words. Alfred (Sean Pertwee) opens the door for the assassin. Alfred begins fighting the assassin, as Selina and Bruce try to escape. Alfred overcomes the assassin, while Bruce and Selina are chased away, by the other assassins.

James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) interview Alfred. Harvey discovers a mugshot of Selina, which one of the assassins was carrying. Gordon suggests LoveCraft is attempting to scare Selina, who witnessed the Wayne murders.

Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce walk towards the city and argue over who the assassins were after. Next, Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) chats with Carmine Falcone (John Doman), who suspects Oswald of turning on him. Liza (Makenzie Leigh) enters and is promptly sent away. Oswald suggests Fish has a mole within Falcone’s ranks. Oswald promises to bring Falcone the mole.

Next, Oswald chats with Gabe (Alex Corrado) and tells him to sit back, watch and learn. Next, Gordon encounters Harvey Dent (Nicholas D’Agosto). Gordon questions Harvey about leaking his name, who admits to it. Harvey suggests contacting Lovecraft and forcing him to call off the assassins. Next, Alfred and Bullock interrogate a former associate of Selina, Mackey (Kyle Massey). Mackey sends the pair to Fish Mooney.

Carmine kills Ben, then threatens everyone and suggests nobody betray him. Finally, Bruce and Selina find a phone, but when Bruce attempts to call Alfred, Selina confesses the killers were after her. She admits to lying so she can stick with Bruce a little longer. Bruce insists she has to testify, before she insults him and flees.

Next, the kids are on the roof top. Bruce attempts to jump from building to building. He barely lands on the end and Selina pulls him the rest of the way over. The pair prepare for an adventure.

Harvey pays a visit to Butch (Drew Powell) and questions him about Fish’s fences. Alfred takes down Butch quite easily, before Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) arrives and speaks with Bullock. Despite Alfred’s pleas, Fish refuses to help. After Alfred questions her honor and passion, Fish agrees to make some calls. Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce are playing dress up. They encounter Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley), who tells them that the fence, whose name is Clyde, is working in the Narrows. Ivy seems upset, when he discovers Bruce’s identity, but the pair leave, before anything can happen.

Meanwhile, Bruce finds Dick Lovecraft (Al Sapienza), who suggests the assassins are after him too. Dick begins revealing evidence, including Wayne Enterprise stocks, regarding the Wayne murders, when two assassins show up and a struggle ensues. Gordon is choked unconscious, while Dick attempts to flee. When the show returns, Gordon wakes up thanks to his phone. Bullock provides him with the information obtained from Mooney.

Bruce and Selina visit Clyde (Devin Harjes), who tries to rip them off. The assassins show up and grab Selina and Bruce. The pair are locked inside a room, while Bullock and Alfred arrive outside. Selina and Bruce attempt to make their escape through a window in the roof. Before they can escape, an assassin enters. After knocking the assassin unconscious, the pair flee out the door. Meanwhile, a shootout ensues outside. Alfred makes his way inside, while Gordon and Bullock remain outside.

The assassin grabs Bruce and questions him about Selina’s whereabouts. He refuses to answers, before Alfred shows up and the assassin flees. When the show returns, Gordon is verbally bashed by Mayor Aubrey James (Richard Kind) for putting pressure on Lovecraft. While Harvey Dent escapes consequences, Gordon is reassigned to Arkham Asylum.

Afterwards, Selina visits Bruce and tells him that the security at the manner still sucks. She gives him all of the stolen items back. Selina kisses Bruce, before escaping out the window, as Alfred enters. The episode ends with James Gordon entering Arkham Asylum.


So far, Gotham has been all about Cobblepot. The show’s best moments revolved around Robin Lord Taylor’s socially awkward, yet conniving Penguin. This episode paved the way for the rise of Selina and Bruce Wayne. Their adventure through Gotham City was definitely a fresh breath of air. Camren Bicondova and David Mazouz play their respective roles well and the pair actually seems to have on screen chemistry.

With Gordon off to the Asylum, what could possibly go wrong? This definitely provides for an interesting future for Gotham. Overall, Bruce and Selina’s Gotham getaway deserves an 8 out of 10.

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