Z Nation: Sisters of Mercy Review

In the latest episode of Syfy’s Z Nation, the group encounters an all-girl community in Utah. After one of the survivors ends up dead, the sweet idea of refuge is quickly shattered.

When the show opens, Mack (Michael Welch) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) are traveling through an underground sewer system. After killing a few zombies, the pair runs into their old friends. Cassandra (Pisay Pao) has been injured by a piece of barbed wire. Addy seems to be going a little off the deep end.

Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) makes contact with the crew and leads them to some supplies. He reveals the team is traversing through an old CIA black site. After stocking up on supplies, the team hits the road and heads to Salt Lake City, Utah. Along the way, they encounter young zombie kids along the road. Warren (Kellita Smith) discovers one of the boys is actually alive. The boy insists he is traveling to Salt Lake City to make contact with his father. He doesn’t believe the zombie infestation theory. The team agrees to take the boy to Salt Lake City.

Upon their arrival, they quickly find out they’re not welcome. Thanks to Sam (Jacob Goudzwaard) being with them, they’re allowed inside the Sisters of Mercy camp. In order to enter the camp, the men must stay outside. The women proceed inside to get Cassandra treatment for her wound. Addy finds a new friend in Rachel (Eden Campbell). Helen explains that the women have discovered how to make their own penicillin.

The town looks a little like a female Jonestown. Cassandra discovers that the women send the boys out of the camp, when they reach the age of 13, which explains the zombies on the side of road. The men remain on the outside and question what happened to all of the men of the camp. Serena (Sara Coates) brings the guys some pie and begins to get flirty with Murphy (Keith Allan). Despite seeing Murphy’s hideous wounds, Serena keeps at it.

After Addy breaks down and confides in Helen, she is invited to stay at the camp. A beaten up female is brought into the camp, along with the man who abused her. Helen has him taken away to face justice. Addy and Warren are invited to view the act of justice. The man is thrown into a barn with a zombie bear and eaten immediately.

Warren and Addy agree to help recover 2 more abused women. Meanwhile, Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) suggests the men should leave. Addy and the women discover a motorcycle trio on the road, with two female hostages. The biker suggests trading Oxycontin for their freedom, but Helen turns them down. Now, Addy is faced with a choice to kill one of the bikers. After seeing flashbacks of being held hostage, Addy kills one of the bikers.

Warren tells the men about Addy’s change of heart. She says she will try to get Addy out and to be ready. Warren and Cassandra begin planning their escape from the camp. Addy tells Helen she loves Mack and doesn’t think she can stay at the camp. Helen convinces her to stay and begins preparing her to break the news to Mack.

Addy tells Mack how safe and beautiful the compound is. She tells him she has no interest in leaving. Despite Mack’s attempts, Addy runs off and escapes into the compound. Addy locks herself in a room, with Warren and Cassandra trying to draw her out. Addy opens the door for Helen, with the others left outside. Meanwhile, Murphy and the girl are still in the tent, as the biker zombie scuffles down the road. Serena is captured by the biker.

Addy still refuses to leave, as the biker lures Helen outside, by using Serena as a hostage. Instead, Mack ruthlessly kills the biker. Afterwards, Mack makes a final plea for Addy to join them. Mack is shot, as he attempts to approach Addy. With Addy’s decision made, the group leaves without her. As their vehicle leaves, Mack throws himself out of it. They watch as bullets fly and Mack approaches the compound.


While the episode started a little shaky, it ended good. The all-female cult was actually an interesting plot line. However, Addy’s reasons for staying and her desires are clear. Perhaps Mack was selfish for wanting Addy to leave, but this is fairly realistic. Is this the end of their romance? So far, every relationship between major characters has ended in a dead. Mack is possibly the latest victim of this curse.

This was a fun episode, which showed a different way of life for the survivors, as long as your female. Murphy’s relationship with Serena was disgusting, but funny and worthwhile. Overall, the episode wasn’t perfect, but it was a good ride, while it lasted. An 8 out of 10 is realistic.

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