Z Nation Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

The episode begins with Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) attempting to clear his compound of zombies. He is caught off guard and forced to run from two zombies, before the show switches to Murphy (Keith Allan) and Cassandra (Pisay Pao) running from Warren (Kellita Smith) and the others. 10K (Nat Zang) and crew are forced to bring down another gang, before Escorpion (Emilio Rivera) makes the crew scatter, by pulling out his rocket launcher.

Citizen Z DJ Qualls

Escorpion blows up a vehicle, but our survivors keep on surviving. Next, another group of survivors begin hunting for Murphy, as well. Wes (Andrew Sikking) agrees that the group will smash Murphy’s knees, so he cannot get away. Murphy is spotted by Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) and the chase is on. Murphy manages to allude capture, before being shot by a soccer mom (Michelle Damis). Cassandra attacks the woman from behind, before she can capture Murphy.

Z Nation

Escorpion nearly blows up 10k, before being chased away by zombies. Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and Mack (Michael Welch) save 10k, before the group plans their escape from the bounty hunters. Addy (Anastasia Baranova) gets shot, before she and Mack make their escape, which leaves Warren behind to fend for herself. Murphy, Cassandra and a horde of zombies take up refuge in a motel. Doc and 10k up rendezvousing outside of the hotel.


Mack and Addy get trapped inside of a building with two stalkers. Back outside, Vasquez kills a zombie, before being attacked by Cassandra. After a struggle, Vasquez makes his escape. Warren witnesses the chaos from afar, before she is shot at by Wes. Wes escapes and finds Murphy inside of the hotel. Doc and 10k get pinned down outside of the motel. After a few shots, Doc winds up inside with 10k still on the ground outside.

Z Nation Doc

Doc enters the sniper’s room, his gun jams and a fight ensues. Wes gets the better of Doc and strangles him for a good while. Doc manages to will himself through, grab a knife and kill his attacker. Murphy emerges from the closet and makes his escape once again. Meanwhile, Citizen Z continues scouring around in his compound. He grabs some supplies, before being attacked by a zombie. He kills two zombies, before continuing on.


Warren gets pinned down inside of the motel. She shoots her attacker twice, but is knocked to the ground. Vasquez arrives and saves her. Meanwhile, Murphy makes it to the rooftop. Mack and Addy get separated and overwhelmed by zombies. 10k, Warren, Vasquez and Doc make it to the rooftop and meet up with Murphy, who contemplates his future. He leaps off of the rooftop and plunges into a pool of zombies, before walking away.

Z Nation Emilio Rivera

Mack gets trapped in a stairwell, while Addy attempts to get the outside door open, in order to save him. Once she gets she door open, she witnesses Mack being infected by zombies. He transforms and she shoots him in the head. Back at the compound, Citizen Z continues his zombie killing. Escorpion is shown on a rooftop with his rocket launcher beside of him. He shows us a Z tattoo on his hand and a possible bite mark. Meanwhile, Murphy steals a vehicle and nearly escapes, before being attacked by Addy.


The rest of the crew joins up with them and learns about Mack’s death. Murphy is tied up, before being placed in the van. The group plans their next move, before the episode ends.


Z Nation S2.E2 Review

Overall, the episode was a chaotic mess, but in a good way. It was fast, furious, hilarious and a little sad towards the end. It was great to see Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy) make an appearance, which will likely be ongoing from the way things ended. The childhood flashback scenes for the majority of the characters were interesting, although I am not sure what purpose they served.

An intense, fast paced episode, which deserves a 7 out of 10.

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