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Z Nation Season 2 Recap Episode 9

When the 9th episode begins, we see a woman running scared from a zombie. A UFO beam comes down and dismembers the zombie, before taking away the woman. Warren (Kellita Smith) and the others follow down the same road. It seems an alien is targeting them, as well. Moments later, the vehicle shuts off and a strange transmission comes over the radio. Murphy (Keith Allan) and 10k (Nat Zang) argue, whether or not it could be aliens, before Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) admits he is creeped out. Suddenly, a beam of light shoots across the sky and gives everyone a scare. Seconds later, the vehicle starts back up and the crew begins moving once more.

z nation season 2 recap

Addy (Anastasia Baranova) and Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) question what they’ve seen, before Warren tells them a tale about her dad and his strange encounter with an unidentified flying object. Once the tale ends, we see that the group is entering into Roswell. The next day, the group continues attempting to figure out exactly what they saw. After a little searching around, they discover a potential UFO crash site. Despite the concerns of the others, Warren insists they need to continue into Roswell. Seconds later, they’re forced to kill a few zombies. After the zombies have been eliminated, the group continues on their way and makes a stop at a UFO styled restaurant.

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The restaurant appears to have been used as shelter by other survivors. Once Murphy and the others enter, they’re bombarded by Roy (D.R. Anderson), who wants to put them through orientation for the exodus. He enthusiastically insists they’ve made their way here by some magical source. Roy is also adamant that they’ll be the first humans to explore the alien worlds. He tells the group about Bernadette (Missi Pyle), who supposedly interacted with the aliens telepathically. Moments later, Bernadette arrives and glances over the group. She insists Murphy will be able to help them transition to the next reality. While 10k remains outside and kills zombies, the others enjoy some chicken. Warren admits they’ll continue allowing them to think Murphy is their savior, until they stop providing them with food.

z nation season 2 episode 9

Moments later, a strange man, Scully (Doug Jones), joins them. He admits he doesn’t believe in the alien exodus crap either. They all concur that these people have gone nuts. Scully offers to tell them what is really going on. He reveals that the aliens are already here and have been here for thousands of years. He also goes off on a lengthy rant about the aliens being responsible for the zombie. Before he leaves, he tells them to get far away and ignore whatever Bernadette says. 10k enters and joins the group, before telling them about a nearby air force base. Despite Murphy’s concerns, the others seems interested in flying to California. Bernadette sneaks up on everyone and agrees to show them the base.

z nation season 2 episode 9 recap

She admits she goes to the base frequently and it is the site of her communications with the aliens. On the way to the base, the group comes across an alien with a triangle perfectly craved in its body. They enter the air base and begin searching around. When the radio fails to work, Bernadette takes them deeper inside, before they’re attacked by zombies. Warren and Addy eliminate the zombies and they continue on their way. Meanwhile, 10k and Doc discover a welcome sign for ET. Bernadette admits he made the sign. 10k questions about the top secret areas and contemplates, whether or not Bernadette is hiding something from them.

z nation season 2 episode 9 murphy

She admits it is true and that the voices tell her that only Murphy is allowed to enter those restricted areas. She also reveals the voices are making repairs and will soon take them away. We also see that Bernadette was the lady from the beginning of the episode, who was saved from the zombie. She agrees to guide the others to the place, where she met the zombies and they begin following after her. They enter a strange room, which has a super strong magnetic pull. Doc follows Bernadette’s orders and manages to send the room soaring into the ground. Eventually, it comes crashing to a halt and the group slams to the floor.

z nation season 2 bernadette

The door is opened and the group begins slowly proceeding inside. The door slams shut behind them and locks. They contemplate, whether or not they really want to find out what is down here. Bernadette rushes ahead of them, which gives them no choice, but to follow. The group comes up on an alien. Despite Bernadette’s reassurances, Murphy insists something is wrong. The alien gets off of the ground and begins approaching, while the group unloads bullets in its direction. 10k manages to get it right in the eye. Moments later, the alien’s body explodes.

z nation series 2 alien

They continue ahead and find an interactive high-tech console. Addy attempts to use the radio system to speak with Citizen Z. Meanwhile, Vasquez, Warren, Bernadette and 10k continue hunting through the building. They discover a door, which has been ripped off its hinges, before Bernadette disappears and appears ahead of them. The bodies of a few men in black litter the floor. 10k inspects one of their weapons and it appears to be out of battery life. Next, they discover a pod, which has been broken open. Meanwhile, Addy discovers a lot of videos and pictures of aliens.

z nation bernadette

She also finds a picture of Bernadette on on the screen. Videos of Doc and Murphy are also on the screen. She discovers the word Zona, which she believes is their home planet. Meanwhile, the others discover another alien. Bernadette approaches it, before another ends up behind them. 10k manages to kill one of the aliens, but the other one makes off with Bernadette. They continue onward and 10k manages to get one of the high-tech weapons to work. They travel up a long set of stairs, before watching Bernadette get beamed up by aliens. They leave her behind and target Murphy instead.

z nation murphy aliens

10k shoots the UFO, with the high-tech weapon, but it fires back rapidly. The gun is shot out of 10k’s hands. Warren rushes over and grabs it. She fires it up and aims it at the UFO. She manages to stop the UFO from abducting Murphy and Bernadette. It crashes into the ground and erupts in a fiery explosion. The group approaches the crash site and closely inspects one of the aliens. They pull off the helmet and discover that the alien was none other than Scully. Scully confesses that there are no aliens and he was going to tell Bernadette the truth, once she got on board. He admits his job was to salvage any technology he could in the area and wanted to take Bernadette with him, when he left.

z nation season 2 episode 9 rozwell scully Scully admits he was afraid Bernadette would go with the others. Seconds later, he dies and is killed by Bernadette. Afterwards, Warren attempts to comfort Bernadette, but Bern admits she is more worried about the others. She also reveals she doesn’t know what to do now. She returns to an over excited Roy, who is full of questions. She tells the others that the aliens told them to wait longer. Meanwhile, Murphy and the crew travel further down the road.


Z Nation Recap

The 9th episode of Z Nation was pretty good, although very predictable. Missi Pyle and Doug Jones made good additions to the show and the Roswell/X-Files take was fairly clever. It didn’t move the series along much, but it was a worthwhile side trip. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous Z Nation recaps right now!

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