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Z Nation Season 2 Episode 14 Recap

When the episode begins, we see Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) as a prisoner. Citizen Z is questioned about is plea bargain, but his attorney interrupts and refuses to allow him to speak. He has no intention of accepting their offer and is confronted by an NSA official. Citizen Z is offered a job at the NSA. In return, the charges will all be dropped. He is surprised to learn his new mission will be associated with zombies. Afterwards, we jump forward and see Citizen Z attempting to access files on his computer. Unfortunately, the file is locked. He is unable to access the file even with the password and immediately determines that he has been hacked.

Z Nation Citizen Z

Next, we see Warren (Kellita Smith) and the crew. It seems they’re having vehicle trouble. Out of luck, the group is forced to walk towards their destination. When questioned, Addy (Anastasia Baranova) admits they’re days away from their destination. Along the way, we flashback and witness Warren’s past. Warren is given orders to send her entire unit to Trent. When questioned, she admits she has no idea why. After being startled by a noise, Warren discovers a chaotic scene outside. She discovers a zombie in a crashed ambulance. She returns back inside and is unable to make contact with anyone else. She is forced to kill several zombies, before we jump back into the present.

Z Nation TV Series Warren

The group continues their hike. They take a break, when Murphy (Keith Allan) admits he is getting sick. Upon inspection, Addy reveals that they’re in Disney Land. After the discovery, they continue on their way. We jump back in time and witness Doc’s (Russell Hodgkinson) past. We see Doc speaking with a client. During their conversation, a man bumps into the door and interrupts. Doc follows after the man. He finds a man attempting to attack one of his colleagues. Doc subdues the man and calms him down. When he returns to his patient, Doc finds the man being attacked by a zombie. Doc manages to lock the zombie outside, but his patient attacks. Eventually, he locks both outside. After coming to his senses and heading back outside, he discovers his co-workers dead and the city in chaos.

Z Nation Doc

Moments later, we jump back to the present and the group continues walking towards their destination. Citizen Z visits his server and attempts to discover who hacked in. Next, we witness Addy’s Day One. We see her attending a hockey game. A zombie interrupts a hockey fight and Addy makes a run for it. She eventually runs into Mack (Michael Welch) and saves him from a zombie. The pair attempts to make their escape out of the stadium. They eventually agree to head to Addy’s house, before exiting the building. We jump back into the present. The group camps out at night, while 10k (Nat Zang) witnesses a big swarm of birds. We flashback and witness 10k’s Day One.

Season 2 Z Nation Mack and Addy

We see 10k fishing and hike through the woods. He comes across a strange woman in the woods. She turns out to be a ranger zombie. A few others show up and 10k is chased through the woods. He runs directly into a tree and rolls down a hill. When he wakes up, he is surrounded by zombies. He is saved by his father and the pair dispose of the zombies. We jump back to the present. Citizen Z continues working to uncover the hacker’s identity. Next, it is time to witness Vasquez’s (Matt Cedeno) backstory. Vasquez attends the funeral of his family. He weeps for his family, before he is interrupted by strange noises. His wife’s casket begins rocking, before a zombie enters and attacks. After a brief struggle, Vasquez manages to dispose of the zombie. Seconds later, his wife and daughter emerge from their caskets.

Z Nation Episode 14 10k

We jump back to the present and the group shelters underground for the night. Murphy contemplates his current situation and his past. He admits he doesn’t want to be the world’s savior and would rather die like everyone else. We flashback and witness Murphy in prison playing poker with his fellow prisoners. A newcomer joins their poker game. A shanking puts a halt to their game. The dead prisoner transforms into a zombie. Murphy uses the opportunity to make his escape, while forcing the other prisoner to remain inside and get eaten. We jump to the present and see Warren attempt to comfort Murphy. Despite Murphy’s pleas to escape, Warren admits she has to get him to California. However, she promises to keep him safe.

Z Nation Murphy Prison

The zombies finally pass and the group prepares to continue on their way. Meanwhile, Citizen Z continues tacking the hacker. He discovers that the hacker is in Hawaii. It is revealed that the hackers have been using Citizen Z to track Murphy this entire time. Citizen Z immediately destroys the server. The group continues their trek. They eventually arrive at the Pacific Ocean and discover a makeshift lab. Vasquez and Warren head inside to check the place out. They rush in and are offered tea, by Auntie (Jayne Taini).


Z Nation Review

Day One took us back to the beginning and allowed us to relive each of the character’s first day. Each of the flashbacks was equally cool and it was definitely nice to see Mack once more. It would be nice to see more of these flashbacks in the future. Now, it seems like our group has been led into a trap. Who exactly is after Murphy? All in all a 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Z Nation right now!

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