Z Nation Review: Die Zombie Die

From the very beginning, it is obvious that we’re getting an episode focusing on Mack (Michael Welch) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova). The pair’s main goal is to rendezvous with Murphy and crew. Of course, their luck quickly sours, as their motorcycle runs out of gas. Addy experiences a horrific flash back, while the pair’s relationship begins to break down.

Uh oh! Are we getting a flash back or a premonition? Mack fighting an unstoppable Z? This seems very foreboding. Mack’s cheesy dreams of having a realistic, romantic dinner with Addy are somewhat bleak. The show is starting to turn Addy and Mack into Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate. They kill together and have sex together? Check! Travel together? Check! Are basically doomed? Most likely check!

Addyson Grace Carver and Mack are developing into Twilight for Zombies. Mack tries to serve Addy breakfast in bed, but she’s already long asleep. As Mack wakes up, Addy is long gone, but he can hear screams that seem off in the distance. He begins looking everywhere for her and discovers bitten zombies. Zombies biting zombies? Snake!!!!! AH! Even worse than zombies!

Talk about a premonition! Massive zombie got Addy’s bat stuck in his body. Mack tries to communicate with the zombie? Like that is going to work. Ah shoot, part of the ceiling drops onto him and the zombie eats his neck. Well….that was a terrible nightmare. What is this? The 1994 film, North, featuring Elijah Wood? MIND FREAK!!!

This time, Addy appears to be really gone. Are we in another nightmare? Everything seems to recurring again. This time we’re getting Deja Vu! Mack is superiorly confident this time around. Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug! Oh wait! Zombie is super strong! Even after a few shots to the stomach, massive zombie keeps coming. Its road rage. Mack dies again and wakes up again. Well, heck! Now, we’re in Ground Hog Day!!! ARGH! And again! This ride never ends!

This time, Mack nails the landing and begins making his escape. Welp, that felt like something out of a video game. Showdown with the zombie leads into a commercial break.

As the show returns, Mack continues trying to talk to the unstoppable zombie. Zombie takes him down and kills him again. At this rate, this nightmare is never going to end. No water or food and no where to go. Now, we’re getting Cast Away!

The time, the time the dream seems real and Mack has Addy with him to kill the zombie. Of course, the zombie doesn’t seem to be real. Mack must be suffering from PTSD. I really hope he’s got Ombiecare. There is no snake and the dead zombies are all gone. Yep, he’s definitely losing it.

As Mack returns to the fallen ceiling, its already fallen. They enter the building together and approach the building from Mack and Addy’s dreams. Are we finally going to get to see what is inside? Here we go! Awwww! Impeccable commercial timing!

Mack is beginning to have doubts about opening the door! Do it! Do it! Yes!! AH! The door leads to a wooden wall. Addy has no luck breaking through. Mack busts through like a champ. He cannot see inside. It is simply too dark. A few more whacks should do it!

Behind you! Zombie! Addy is bitten! Slow motion zombie. Time for Mack to whoop some zombie a$$! This time, he brutally kills the zombie. Looks a little like something out of Starz’s Spartacus. Oh no! Another dream?

Here we go again! Mack leaves his weapons behind his time. Everything is falling into place. At the door, Mack sees the zombie and we get another perfectly timed commercial. This has been the strangest  episode ever!

Once the show returns, Mack opens the door and enters. He is desperately looking for Addy. Are we seeing Addy’s nightmare this time? A bitten boy and Mack wearing a red Varsity jacket. Whoa, he finally kills the zombie and ends up with a pendant in his hand. Another nightmare. Addy wakes him up and explains he was having a nightmare.

Mack is prepared to unleash a secret. Or ask a question? He asks about the necklace. Now, Addy is having the nightmares? We’re seeing Addy’s interpretation of the nightmare this time, before we run into another commercial.

This is getting intense. Addy vs the massive zombie. And she swings. He’s down. Into the basement, we go. This time, Addy is wearing the Varsity jacket. Who is this little kid? Addy kills the old lady zombie and collects the pendant. Mack wakes up and is at the park. He finds Addy crying. She reveals that she now understands the flashbacks. It seems the flashbacks were the night of Addy killing her zombie mother and the little boy was her brother.


What were the writers thinking with this one? A repeat here, a repeat there and a repeat everywhere! Was it a complete waste of an episode? Quite possibly. Still, this was a fun watch. It is difficult to not give the writers and producers credit for taking the chance. This was a crazy, bizarre and risky episode. In the end, it was a fun ride, with an ending that put all of the pieces together.

Could the episode have been spent better by covering the other group? It is possible. However, I still enjoyed this freak out of an episode. It deserves at least a 7.5 out of 10 for willing to take risks in the creativity department.

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