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Z Nation Recap Series 2 Episode 12

When the episode begins, we see a zombie catching a drone and smashing it to the ground. Moments later, Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) and the rest of the group emerges and rush through the zombies. We see that Murphy (Keith Allan) is still injured and slightly slowing down the team. The group gets surrounded and Murphy attempts to try and divert the zombies, but he fails. Zeros emerge and save the group, before Escorpion (Emilio Rivera) guides them to safety. Despite their good lucky, the group is quickly taken hostage by Escorpion. Warren (Kellita Smith) attempts to prevent Escorpion from stealing Murphy and she somehow manages to succeed.

z nation recap party with the zeros

Murphy shows off his scars and confirms his identity. Escorpion guarantees the group’s safety, as long as they lower their weapons. They obey. Escorpion shows off his new energy generation system and it gives Murphy bad vibes. Moments later, Escoprion leads the group to Mexico and confirms he has been spying on the group for a lengthy period of time. Warren takes herself into a meeting with the Queen, La Reina (Gina Gershon). When introduced to the group, the Queen quickly thanks Warren for bringing her Murphy. She admits she sent a large group of men to capture Murphy, but they all failed. The group is forced to give up their weapons.

Z Nation Party with the zeros Escorpion

Addy (Anastasia Baranova) and Warren decide to stay alive and attempt to escape with Murphy in tow. La Reina shows the group around and informs them she has an abundance of resources. She tells Murphy they have managed to survive for a reason. She insists she will deliver the vaccine to the people and her doctor is very close to discovering a breakthrough. She is only missing a single ingredient, Murphy’s blood. The group arrives in a makeshift clinic and is quickly reunited with Dr. Kurian (Donald Corren). Kurian admits he has been brought here to atone for his mistakes in Colorado. Warren agrees not to kill the doctor, since she no longer has her gun. La Reina speaks about the group’s prowess and asks Warren why she will not take her revenge against Kurian.

Z Nation La Reina

Warren admits Dr. Kurian may be the only one, who can potentially produce a cure. La Reina sympathizes with Warren’s situation and her desire to kill Dr. Kurian, before insisting Murphy is going to sacrifice himself to save all of humanity. Murphy doesn’t like the sound of that and makes his concerns known. Dr. Kurian agrees to work a little more carefully. Eventually, they’re left alone and and Kurian admits he told them to look for Murphy. Meanwhile, La Reina attempts to negotiate with Warren and her group. She offers to send them back out into the world or shelter here with the Zeros. Warren contemplates whether her offer is too good to be true. La Reina insists the choice is entirely up to them, before turning around. When she does, Vasquez tells Warren to take the offer.

Dr. Kurian Z Nation Party with the Zeros

With Vasquez’s advice, Warren tells the Queen they have agreed to stay. La Reina admits they first have to proceed through an examination, before bags are thrown over their heads. Meanwhile, Murphy gets Dr. Kurian to admit he isn’t capable of making a vaccine. The others are thrown into a pit and Escorpion tells them they’re going to be forced to fight zombies. He admits the last one standing will be allowed to join their ranks. Round one begins and a zombie emerges. Addy quickly takes it down. Escorpion announces the final round and a large horde of zombies approaches the gate. Before they’re released, Escorpion offers to do them a favor and Vasquez has a flashback.

Z Nation Vasquez and Zeros

The flashback shows Vasquez’s family being killed. He also sees a tattoo on the assassin’s arm. Escorpion shuts off the lights and orders the gate to be opened. When the lights turn back on, the zombies are all dead and Warren and the group are finally allowed to join the club. Next, we see Dr. Kurian sneak up on a Zero and inject him with the vaccine. He returns the man to the clinic and he attempts to attack Murphy. Murphy manages to control the man, who mimics his every move. Seconds later, he hits the ground and Kurian kills him. Meanwhile, the others are treated like gods and goddesses. Once the group is cleaned up, Escorpion pays them a visit and orders them to come with him.

Z nation Season 2 episode 12

Vasquez discovers that it is Escorpion, who killed his family, by identifying his tattoo. The group has their heads covered by bags, before they’re transported to a party. The Queen takes to the balcony and speaks to her people. She presents Murphy and praises him as a miracle, before thanking Warren and her group. She also confirms that they’ll be made members of the group tonight, as they’re weapons are returned. When left alone, Warren asks Vasquez about the tattoo and he admits he must take revenge. Vasquez refuses to continue on the mission and is adamant about killing Escorpion. The party continues, while Vasquez stalks his prey.

Z nation party with the zeros murphy

Warren finally makes her way to Murphy and asks what Kurian did. Murphy admits they might as well drink and be merry, since they’ll likely die tomorrow. Vasquez sneaks up behind Escorpion and prepares to fire. Each member of the group watches as Warren disarms Vasquez and he is subdued. Warren is quickly hailed as the Queen’s savior. Escorpion agrees to make Vasquez talk, as he is hauled away. Vaquez is taken away and tied up by his wrists. Escorpion confronts him and immediately wails away. Vasquez admits twice that he wasn’t trying to kill the Queen.

Z Nation Party with the Zeros Vasquez

Escorpion is interrupted and provided with good news. Unfortunately, he remains relentless and continues torturing Vasquez. Meanwhile, 10k (Nat Zang), Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and Addy attempts to come up with a plan. Addy agrees to speak with Warren, but she is stopped, when Kurian enters and announces he has the cure. He reveals the H1Z1 zombie cure. Vasquez is brought in as a volunteer for the vaccine. Kurian prepares to inject Vasquez, as the episode ends.


Z Nation Party With The Zeros Review

The majority of Z Nation episodes do not end with cliff hangers. This one did and it did it well. Despite the ridiculous nature of the Zeros and their party, the episode had a good story buried underneath. Murphy and Dr. Kurian are obviously up to something, while Vasquez’s storyline has taken center stage. The ending was very fitting and will definitely leave you grasping for straws. Although it is almost certain Vasquez will make it out alive, it’ll be interesting to see it all unfold.

All in all, a good episode, which deserves a 7 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Z Nation right now!

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