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Z Nation Recap Season 2 Episode 11

When the 11th episode begins, we see our heroes killing zombies together in an orange forest. Once the zombies are eliminated, the group approaches a building, which appears to be a motel. Warren (Kellita Smith) works to pry the door open, while the others fight off a horde of zombies. Murphy (Keith Allan) manages to send the zombies in the other direction, as we see a group of survivors inside contemplating their next move. Despite concerns from the others, Iggy (Justin Shenkarow) rushes ahead and prepares to open the door. Once inside, the group s welcomed by Gideon Gould (Anthony Michael Hall).

Z Nation S2 E11

The confrontation quickly turns awkward, as Dana (Jana Lee Hamblin) grabs the talking stick and forces the others to use it. They quickly discover that Gideon is a worldwide expert in corporate communications and the talking stick scheme is his idea. Gideon proceeds around the room and analyzes each member of the group. Gideon quickly discovers the animosity between Murphy and 10k (Nat Zang). He also speaks about Murphy’s overwhelming responsibility. Once Gideon stops speaking, Warren agrees to drop her weapon and Murphy pleads for food. Addy (Anastasia Baranova) is tasked as being the group’s speaker, while Gideon and Dana agree to speak for the others.

Z Nation Gideon Gould

The four speakers begin to negotiate. Warren agrees to leave, as quickly as possible. Iggy shows around Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and 10k. He takes them to the kitchen and offers them some food. Iggy admits he thought about leaving, but the others always talk him out of it. He also shows the pair where the food is stored. Meanwhile, Dana and Addy head to the roof and inspect the satellites, which seem to be useless, at this point. The pair chats about their histories and Dana admits some of the previous members were banished from the hotel. Next, Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) checks the zombies pounding at the door, while Murphy makes his escape. Unfortunately, he is followed by a member of the other group.

Z Nation Corporate Retreat Dana

Meanwhile, Dana tells Addy about her desires to be outside. Addy admits she keeps going, due to her promise to get a friend to California. Moments later, a shot rings out. The group finds Murphy and Greg (Todd Kehne) shot. Doc inspects Murphy and also finds a bad head wound. Murphy has a dream and imagines himself falling off of the cliff. Warren and Vasquez chat in private. Vasquez walks her through the shooting and points out that it had to be someone other than one of the victims. Doc puts two and two together and discovers that Greg will likely turn into Cassandra, since the bullet went through Murphy first.

Z Nation Corporate Retreat Gideon Gould

Meanwhile, Gideon attempts to calm the situation. Warren quickly blames them for shooting Murphy, while Meg (Tiffany Rodriguez) questions why Vasquez would refer to Murphy, as their prisoner. Paul (Norm Johnson) and another quickly try to place the blame on 10k. Dana passes the talking stick to Addy, who insists 10k doesn’t miss. Next, 10k takes the stick and admits Murphy isn’t his friend, but he wouldn’t kill him right now. Vasquez emerges with a large collection of food and places the blame on one of the others. Vasquez insists Murphy must’ve stumbled upon someone’s food stash and got shot for his curiosity. Gideon immediately places the blame on Iggy. The others immediately gang up on Iggy.

z nation season 2 episode 11 Justin Shenkarow

Iggy denies their accusations. He winds up tackling Gideon, before he is stripped of his keys. Washington (Don Ackerman) is given the keys and tasked with watching over the food. Vasquez isn’t so sure Iggy is guilty, but the others push him out into the horde of zombies anyway. Meanwhile, Murphy remains unconscious. Warren insists they’re going to have to hurry up and leave. Doc admits he has been giving Murphy blood to the other victim, who has yet to turn. Next, 10k overhears Paul and Meg chat about the changes and Iggy’s banishment. Meg and Paul seem to be on the verge of stealing the food and doing away with 10k and his group. Meanwhile, Gideon apologizes to Warren and insists some people leave them no other options.

Nat Zang Z Nation

Gideon insists the decision was made as a group. They’re interrupted by Meg and Paul seconds later. Warren and Gideon travel the hallways and Warren questions about an empty corridor, which Gideon insists is where the outbreak occurred. Gideon apologizes for the shooting again, before he agrees to get the group some food. Once they approach the kitchen, they find the place a mess. Washington emerges as a zombie and attacks. He manages to kill Sheila (Kay Whitney), who transforms, before she is eventually brought down by Vasquez. Doc confirms he has been attacked, by someone he couldn’t see. The others go on the hunt.

Addy and Dana Z Nation

Addy and Dana traverse a dark hallway and hear someone ahead. Someone walks across the hallway with a handful of items, before two zombies force Addy and Dana into a nearby closet. Dana pleads with Addy to take her with her. Moments later, Warren and Vasquez arrive and kill the zombies. They give chase, while avoiding gunshots. They run into Gideon, who implores Dana to go with him. Meanwhile, Doc slashes Murphy’s thumb and puts it in the other victim’s mouth. The zombies outside begin making progress. The glass begins to crack. Warren confronts Doc and discovers that Murphy has yet to wake up. Eventually, the zombies break in and everyone gets trapped with Murphy.

Z Nation Murphy Blood

Moments later, an argument ensues. Warren manages to shut everyone up and Gideon attempts to convince them that they can work this out. Doc manages to wake Greg, who admits Travis (Michael Draper) shot him. Travis calls for Dana and tells her it is time to get out of here. Dana admits he didn’t want anyone to get hurt, before Travis and Greg are killed. Gideon attempts to force Warren to leave, but she refuses to go, until Murphy is ready to go. Someone begins knocking at the door. Once it is opened, a bloody Iggy enters. Gideon apologizes to Iggy, who remains angry.

Z Nation Corporate Retreat Iggy

Iggy attacks Gideon with the stick, before Murphy finally awakes. The zombies outside turn away and head in the other direction. On their way out, Iggy thanks Warren and the group. Dana and Meg agree they’re going to head out on the road and take their chances. Dana tells Addy goodbye and tells her she hopes she gets to see her face once more.


Z Nation Corporate Retreat Review

Corporate Retreat had some cheesy moments, but it was quite possibly the best episode of the season thus far. It was incredibly difficult not to connect with Iggy and Dana and sympathize with the characters. The addition of Anthony Michael Hall was well received, as well. Z Nation seems to have a knack for pulling off the guest star scheme.

All in all, the episode was great and deserves an 8 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Z Nation right now!

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