Z Nation Recap: Season 2 Pilot

The second season’s first episode of Z Nation starts off exactly where last season’s finale ended. The tactical nuclear weapon has been trigger and all of our survivors must fend for themselves. The episode begins with all of our survivors witnessing the mushroom clouds and aftermath of the explosions. Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) is saved by what appears to be a missile defense system. Warren (Kellita Smith), Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and 10K (Nat Zang) remain together, but flip their vehicle.

DJ Qualls Z Nation

After the trio escape their overturned vehicle, they witness the radioactive fallout from the nuclear weapons. Citizen Z’s headquarters is attacked by a small zombie horde. He survives the attack, before blocking himself and his dog inside of his computer room. He sends out an emergency alert about Murphy (Keith Allan) and encourages survivors to transport Murphy to the CDC. Meanwhile, Murphy is shown entering a business naked.

Anastasia Baranova

Next, Addy (Anastasia Baranova) meets back up with Mack (Michael Welch) and explains the death of all of the women at Addy’s camp. The pair decide to team back up, before they head off. One of the Sisters of Mercy, Serena (Sara Coates) steps out of the woods and exposes her pregnant belly. Murphy finally finds some clothes, headphones and a few watches. He is confronted by a stranger (Daniel Brockley), who kills all of Murphy’s friendly zombies. He expresses his interest in taking Murphy in to the CDC.

Keith Allan Z Nation

Murphy is stunned and nearly taken in, before being saved by a sneaky Cassandra (Pisay Pao). The pair take the Stranger, who is now a zombie, as their slave, grab some clothes for Cassandra and head out. Meanwhile, 10k and crew traverse through a destruction zone. 10K is ordered to stay behind with an injured Doc, while Warren heads for help, food and water. Mack and Addy attempt to make contact with the others through a radio tower, when they overhear Spanish chatter about Murphy.

Z Nation Season 2

Warren travels a great distance, before hitting the ground and contemplating suicide. Before she can follow through, she hears a young girl attempting to fight off zombies. She saves the young girl (Sarah-Eve Gazitt), but faints afterwards. Murphy takes Cassandra and his zombie slave back to the bar, where Murphy shows off his new zombie training skills. Warren makes up in the home of the young girl, her father (Stefan Hajek), mother (Michelle Hippe) and brother.

Pisay Pao

Mack and Addy are attacked by a few zombies, before being saved by 10k and Doc, who saw their signal. Warren receives thanks, some provisions and helpful information from the young girl’s father. She makes a promise to return, before departing. She rendezvous with her team and they head into town to track the Spanish chatter and Murphy. They discover the strip club and quickly find Murphy.

Kellita Smith Z Nation

The group argues over their next move, before Murphy gives them a show with Chantrelle the Stripper Zombie (Stephanie Weldon). Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) interrupts, with his weapon drawn. He questions Murphy’s identity, before everyone argues about their ownership over Murphy. Murphy unleashes his zombies on everyone and makes his escape. After Warren and crew escape the club, they continue their search for Murphy.

Z Nation Vasquez

Meanwhile, Citizen Z climbs over his barrier and leaves his dog behind. Serena is shown speaking to her baby and telling it to guide her to Murphy, before the episode ends.


Z Nation Season 2 Pilot Review

Well, Z Nation is back and it is just as crazy as ever. Very little has changed, aside from Murphy’s skin tone and Cassandra transforming into a mentally slow zombie or something another. Of course, there was one thing that stood out. The slow motion scenes with Warren fighting off the horde of zombies were definitely cool.

What is there is to say? If you enjoyed the previous season, you’ll like the pilot here, as well. It was a fun ride, although it didn’t really reveal a lot. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. If you haven’t yet, be sure to catch up with our other Z Nation recaps. Well, what did you think?

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