Zombie Baby Daddy

Z Nation Recap S2 Episode 6

The 6th episode opens in Springfield, Illinois and it appears that 10k (Nat Zang) is back to his normal self. Murphy’s (Keith Allan) abilities fail him, while holding the baby, so he throws it to Doc (Russell Hodgkinson), who runs into a school bus. Unfortunately, the bus is overrun with Abraham Lincoln zombies. Warren (Kellita Smith) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) manage to get the bus door open in the nick of time. The group plays hot potato with the baby, while working to kill the zombies.

10k Z Nation

Doc expresses his concerns about the baby. Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) agrees and insists the baby will be the death of them, but Warren suggests they find out what the baby is going to be in the future and do what they need to do. Vasquez escapes to privacy. 10k spots him, before returning to the group with fish. Warren tells the group that they need to get a good look at the baby. She notices Vasquez disappearance and goes after him.

Z Nation Doc

Vasquez is shown speaking Spanish on his radio, with Warren sneaking up behind him. She follows him into town, where he meets up with some of the Zeros. Doc approaches Murphy and offers to hold the baby for awhile, but his offer is denied. Vasquez attacks one of the Zeros, but is overwhelmed by others. Murphy wanders into the woods and awakens some zombies. Warren manages to help save Vasquez, but both get shot. Murphy’s problems worsen, as he stumbles across several zombies and Lucy refuses to stop crying.

Z Nation Murphy and Cassandra

While Vasquez and Warren try to find covers, Addy attempts to convince Doc and 10k to go after Murphy. Warren leads Vasquez into a hospital., where they wake up a whole horde of zombies. Both discover that they’re unfortunately out of bullets. After the zombies are dealt with, Vasquez hits the ground and calls off a list of needed supplies. His condition is slowly deteriorating. 10k convinces the others to run in opposite directions, so they can escape Cassandra. He also insists they’ll deal with Cassandra (Pisay Pao), if need be.

Matt Cedeno Z Nation Vasquez

They make a break for it and Cassandra gives chase. She catches Addy and begins cranking on her arm. 10k and Doc return, as 10k insists the old Cassandra is gone. Meanwhile, daddy Murphy is forced to change zombie diapers. Vasquez and Warren make it up stairs. Matters only worsen, when they stumble across an eyeless zombie. They manage to step right around it and continue on their way, or so they think. Vasquez easily dispatches it, before they discover the supplies. Vasquez works to stitch up Warren.

Zombie Baby Daddy

Warren is patched up and begins working on Vasquez. 10k and the others are again stalled by Cassandra. 10k insists he can speak with her and tells the others to get ready to run. 10k attempts to talk some sense into Cassandra, as the others run for it. 10k and Cassandra begin to struggle. Vasquez tells Warren about his DEA days, while being sewed up. He reveals that the Zeros attempted to buy him, but he refuses. However, he reveals that the cartel kidnapped his baby and wife. Despite saving his wife, she was the first one to transform into a zombie.

10K and Cassandra Z Nation

Vasquez reveals his plan to kill the Zero, who killed his wife. He passes out, before Murphy manages to find a house. A man, Pa Kettle (D.C. Douglas, exists and kills Murphy’s zombie followers. The pair head inside, where Murphy is introduced to Ma Kettle (Kim Little). Pa questions Murphy about his blueness and Murphy explains it away as a vitamin deficiency. Murphy attempts to pawn off Lucy on the Kettle family. The Kettle couple agree and Murphy is freed from his burden. Once they get a good look at Lucy, Ma and Pa change their mind and threaten to blow Murphy to bits.

Lucy Z Nation

Murphy asks for a small favor for Lucy, while Warren performs CPR on Vasquez. She prepares to kill him just before he awakes. Addy and Doc scour through the woods for Murphy, while 10k takes a beating from Cassandra. Cassandra gets on top of 10k and attempts to break his neck. He manages to grab his knife and stab her. 10k manages to bury Cassandra’s body, before the crew shows up without Murphy. Murphy arrives and asks about Cassandra.

Cassandra Dies Z Nation

Murphy grows angry, but Warren stops him and asks about Lucy. Meanwhile, the Kettles are shown with bite marks on their face happily caring for their new daughter.


Z Nation Review

Z Nation’s Zombie Baby Daddy was, without a doubt, the best episode this season. The episode focused on the main characters and didn’t bring up any crazy side stories. Vasquez’s backstory was explored and Cassandra finally met her end. Although Z Nation can be crazy at times, it can be fantastic as well and this episode exemplifies that perfectly.

The episode had a little bit of everything and the conclusion was great. Cassandra met a fitting end at the hands of 10k. How will this change Murphy in future episodes? Who knows, but this one deserves an 8 out of 10.

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