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Z Nation Recap S2 Episode 5

When the episode begins, Doc and the group has moved on to the world’s biggest block of cheese. The town is overrun with zombies. Despite Murphy (Keith Allan) and Doc’s concerns, Warren (Kellita Smith) uses the cheese to kill the zombies. After they depart the town, the group is consistently slowed down by Serena (Sara Coates) and her morning sickness. Addy (Anastasia Baranova) attempts to convince Murphy to comfort Serena and he eventually agrees, with a little convincing.

Z Nation Series 2 Warren

During Vasquez’s (Matt Cedeno) conversation with Warren, a shot rings out and the group scatters. 10K (Nat Zang) identifies the shooters and insists the girl shooting at them has a gun identical to his. Serena manages to lose her mind and kills all of the enemies. The group commandeers their attacker’s vehicle. The cheese wheel is shown rolling along. The group stops at a farm and Vasquez pulls out his walkie talkie. He listens intently to the Spanish speaker. 10K discovers a group of Amish survivors and protects them from several zombies. The zombies cover him with white powder. Unfortunately, the Amish are ungrateful and hide from him.

TV Show Z Nation Season 2

Meanwhile, Cassandra (Pisay Pao) begins to grow jealous of Serena and Murphy’s relationship. Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) welcomes 10K back and learns about the zombie sheep. Vasquez meets back up with the crew and gives them a ham and some strawberry jam. Vasquez is questioned about the lack of white powder, before a group of zombies emerge and attack. The gang receives help from several Amish farmers, before they explain the situation about Serena and her pregnancy. The group learns that the zombie powder is Anthrax, before 10k drops to the ground.

Serena and Murphy

Doc goes on the hunt for antibiotics, while Serena’s water breaks. 10K is lodged with several other disease sufferers and is given some medication. Serena is taken to the barn, where she screams like a lunatic. Vasquez takes Warren aside and insists 10K won’t survive, if the Amish are allowed to split up the antibiotics. Doc joins Serena and prepares for the birth. One of the local farmers tells the group about a local pharmacy. He agrees to help them find more medication. Meanwhile, Serena grows more and more annoying by the minute.

Z Nation TV Series 2 Cassandra

Vasquez, Addy and the farmer make it to the pharmacy. The farmer boy learns about condoms and sex from Addy. Vasquez corners a junkie (Jesse Keeter), who has been shooting drugs. Junkie pleads with the group to kill him. The junkie admits he took everything from the pharmacy, before he forces Vasquez to kill him. The farmer, Jacob (Dylan Kane) freaks out and questions their morals. Back at the barn, Serena continues huffing and puffing, while Murphy chews nicotine gum. Addy and Vasquez return empty handed, before Addy hits the ground, as well.

Z Nation Keith Allan

Vasquez transports Addy inside, before Warren questions Doc about his status, since he also inhaled the anthrax. He insists he is fine and the group contemplates their options. Vasquez and Warren consider taking it from the Amish. Warren attempts to convince herself that the decision is the right one. Doc is left behind with Serena, while Warren and Vasquez prepare to rob the Mennonites. Doc considers cutting the baby out of Serena.

Jesse Keeter Z Nation

Warren and Vasquez attempt to rob the Mennonites, but Warren stops and explains the situation to them. Jacob prays, while Warren takes the antibiotics and Vasquez carries 10K out. Warren apologizes and asks forgiveness on her way out. 10K joins Addy in the barn, while Serena’s baby begins pulling itself out. A group of zombie shepherds and zombie animals arrive outside of the barn. The zombies enter, while Addy and 10K remain defenseless. We also catch a glimpse of the zombie baby.

Jacob Z Nation

Murphy is given a chance to hold the baby, before the zombies enter and attack. Murphy’s powers no long work, as the zombies have an insatiable desire for the baby. Serena fights with the zombies, in order to give the others time to escape. She is transformed, during the chaos and Warren is forced to kill her. Addy and 10K manage to pull through. Warren checks on Murphy and the baby. Addy gives 10K the condoms from the pharmacy and promises he won’t die a virgin. Murphy calls his daughter Lucy. Meanwhile, the cheese wheel keeps rolling on and leaving more destruction in its path.

Z Nation Lucy

Z Nation Review

This episode of Z Nation was better than the last. Unfortunately, the sheer annoyance of Serena nearly ruined it. It was a relief when she was finally killed off, so we no longer have to hear her scream. The biggest surprise of the episode was the Junkie in the pharmacy. What a great moment and a good opportunity to bring a little humanity and realism back into the show. Who knew Z Nation could be so symbolic?

Overall, the episode was good and deserves a 7 out of 10! Be sure to catch up with our previous Z Nation episodes now!

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