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Z Nation Recap S2 E8

When the episode opens, the team scours through their belongings. When Doc checks on Murphy (Keith Allan), Murphy dreams of Doc’s brains. Murphy wanders into the woods and gets caught in a zombie trap. He isn’t alone. Murphy screams for the others, but it does no good. Warren (Kellita Smith) and the team go on the hunt, while Murphy trains his new colleague. A heavy clothed man, The Collector (Tom Beyer) enters and attempts to take Murphy, but his new zombie friend defends him. Unfortunately, The Collector wins out, with a knife to the neck. When the others return to the vehicle, they discover Murphy is still missing.

series 2 z nation recap

Murphy awakes and discovers himself strapped to a gurney. He watches as the Collector cuts the scalp from his friend and extract his brains. Murphy manages to obtain water from the man, who seem thoroughly intriguing by Murphy. The Collector brings out a recorder and plays Citizen Z speaking about Murphy. The Collector confirms the story, by inspecting Murphy’s body. The man tortures Murphy, while insisting the CDC are idiots. He shows Murphy a large collection of letter he’s sent to the CDC over the years. Once Murphy sympathizes with the man’s hatred for the CDC, he is untied and the pair speak about Comic Con.

Z Nation The Collector

The pair tours the Collector’s zombie museum. Murphy continues buttering up to the man and trying to gain his trust. They finally arrive at the Dawn of the Dead and The Collector doesn’t seem to like Murphy’s interpretation of the film. He gives Murphy a good shock to shut him up. Murphy complains about the filthiness of the apocalypse and surprisingly receives a shower from his new friend. Meanwhile, 10K (Nat Zang) and the others continue their hunt. Once he gets out of the shower, Murphy changes into some new clothing. He finds The Collector fighting with a zombie. He attempts to use the opportunity to escape, but winds up getting shot and quickly recaptured.

Z Nation The Collector Tom Beyer

The arrow takes its toll and Murphy grows drowsy, while his new friend quickly grows angry. The Collector records a television show, Dead Live, with Murphy. The man takes a DNA and plasma sample from Murphy. He also pulls out a massively large needle and prepares to take a bone marrow sample. Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) and Addy (Anastasia Baranova) run into a few zombies, during their hunt. Meanwhile, The Collector asks Murphy about his encounter which transformed him into a zombie. Murphy reconfirms his promise to the CDC doctor that he’ll kill him.

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Moments later, The Collector whips out a brain and forces Murphy to consume it. A reaction takes place in Murphy’s brain and he devours the brain. The Collector attempts to figure out what happens, when Murphy bites a human, before turning to Murphy’s connection with the other Zs. Murphy opens up about his daughter, before The Collection leaves with the sample. A zombie approaches and Murphy sees his opportunity to escape. Unfortunately, the Collector returns too soon and discovers Murphy’s mind control abilities. Vasquez (Matt Cedeno) and the others continue hunting for Murphy.

z nation recap vasquez

The group decides to split up. Next, The Collector shows Murphy his collection of zombies. The Collector shows off his celebrity zombie, George R.R. Martin. Despite The Collector’s praise, Murphy insists he has no idea who the man is, since he never got HBO. Murphy grabs a book and slaps The Collector. On his way out, he discovers a throne, where he is supposed to sit for eternity. The Collector grabs the shock collar’s controller and continues his pursuit. Murphy makes it to the front doors, which he discovers to be locked.

z nation zombie george rr martin

Murphy demands that The Collector open the door. He does, but Murphy receives a big shock and drops to the ground. 10k follows a zombie, while The Collector comes to the understanding that he has been betrayed. He decides that he’ll drain Murphy’s blood and freeze it. The zombie, which 10k was following, arrives outside of the door. 10k arrives and the Collector instructs Murphy to be quiet. When questioned, the Collector tells 10k he hasn’t seen anyone. 10k prepares to leave, but remains suspicious. He sneaks inside of the building and begins looking around.

z nation season 2 episode 8 recap

10k discovers The Collector’s museum and finds Murphy on his throne. The Collector sneaks up behind 10K and shocks him. The Collector attempts to persuade Murphy to bite 10k. Outside, the others meet up at the public library. They hear a gunshot and follow the sound. Addy finds 10k’s gun, before they prepare to break inside of the building. The Collector instructs Murphy to bite 10k on the chest. Instead, The Collector gets distracted and Murphy uses the opportunity to attack him with the other zombies. A weakened Murphy is hauled out in a wheelchair.

murphy and 10k z nation

Without Murphy’s guidance, the other zombies turn on 10k. Meanwhile, the others make their way inside of the complex. The others arrive in the knick of time and kill the zombies. Eventually, they make it back to the vehicle and remove Murphy’s shock collar. Murphy makes Warren promise that she won’t leave him alone, when they get to California.


Z Nation Review

The 8th episode of Z Nation was pretty good. Although the Collector was slightly annoying, he was also somewhat humorous. Plus, it was interesting to see a zombified George R.R. Martin. Also, it would be safe to say that 10k and Murphy are now back on good terms. For that, the episode deserves a 7 out of 10. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Z Nation right now!

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