Wild Boys TV Series

Wild Boys TV Series Review

Wild Boys TV Series

Wild Boys is an Australian period drama, with a big tint of comedy. The series debuted on Australian’s Seven Network on September 4, 2011. The series also aired in the UK on TMC UK and premiered on March 3, 2013. The television series revolves around a group of bushrangers, with Jack Keenan (Daniel MacPherson) and Dan Sinclair (Michael Dorman) leading the way.


During the opening, the pair pull off a string of robberies, before they encounter their big nemesis, Francis Fuller (Jeremy Sims). Francis quickly sets his goals on bringing down the gang and plans to do so using any means necessary. Mary Barrett (Zoe Ventoura) also becomes a central character, since she is the lover of Jack. As the series continues on, Mary gets into a love triangle with with Jack’s old friend and rival, Mick Scanlon (Nathaniel Dean, Underbelly, Bikie Wars). Mick is now a copper and also plans to bring down Jack and his gang of misfits.


Before too long, Jack and Dan wind up with two new comrades, Captain Gunpowder (David Field, A Moody Christmas) and Conrad Fischer (Alex England). Gunpowder and Daniel Sinclair definitely provide the show with plenty of humor. Meanwhile, Conrad is the good guy, who is never in trouble. He is labelled a criminal, after Hopetoun’s mayor, James Fife (Christopher Stollery), learns about his relationship with his daughter, Emelia Fife (Anna Hutchinson, Underbelly, Spartacus).


Throughout the series, Jack and his gang get into all kinds of trouble, while narrowly escaping capture and death each and every time. Each of the characters wind up in romances with various girls. Captain Gunpowder ends up falling for Catherine (Caroline Brazier, Rake). During the series, there are numerous special guest stars and the majority of them are dirty criminals. Brady (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) becomes one of the worst. Rake’s Russell Dykstra makes an appearances as Winston and Wentworth‘s Aaron Jeffery plays a hilarious Captain Moonlite.


Nicholas Hope, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Colin Friels, and Bridie Carter all make appearances. Overall, the show is definitely a hoot. The actors and actresses certainly have chemistry and each character is likable in their own way. The show is silly and shouldn’t be take serious, as a “period drama”, but none of this matters.


The leads, Daniel MacPherson, Michael Dorman, and David Field are interesting and funny enough to keep the show rolling throughout the 13-episode series. The evils of Jeremy Sims and the side characters keep Jack and crew on the edge, while ensuring that the viewer remains entertained throughout. Although I thought Nathaniel Dean would’ve looked the Jack Keenan better, Daniel MacPherson pulls it off excellently.


I am truly sad to finish the series, which was cancelled after 1 season. I would’ve definitely kept on watching it. If you’re looking for a silly, modern western that feels like an oldie and goodie, this one is definitely worth checking out. It is interesting, humorous and certainly entertaining. It is currently available on Hulu for all American fans. Be sure to check it out now! An 8 out of 10 is deserved.

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