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White Gold Series 1 Finale Recap

As the episode gets underway, Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) watches David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear. Vincent speaks about his own situation and relates it to Copperfield. Then, we see that Vincent has been hanging out with Miss Lyndsey (Saffron Hocking). Moments later, Vincent meets with Ronnie (Lee Ross). Ronnie tells Vincent about the phoenix scheme and his plan for taking the store from Tony Walsh (Nigel Lindsay). Vincent is eager to help, since he believes he can become Ronnie’s business partner. Vincent heads to the store and officially becomes Tony’s business partner. He puts a plan into action to run up the store’s debt, without alerting Tony.

white gold finale david copperfieldVincent heads to Brian’s place. It isn’t hard to convince Brian (James Buckley) to rejoin the team. Despite selling tons of windows, Vincent manages to drive up the debt by purchasing vehicles, suits, and car phones. Unfortunately, the car phones do not work. Martin Lavender (Joe Thomas) is also given the opportunity to produce a radio commercial for the store. For his part in the scheme, Ronnie gives Vincent enough money to pay off his tax debts. The scheme flies under Tony’s radar all the while. Meanwhile, Martin and Sam (Linzey Cocker) try to move their relationship to the next level. Martin gets obnoxious with his radio commercial and Sam quickly puts an end to the relationship. The following day, Vincent takes the money into the store and shows Carol (Lauren O’Rourke).

vincent and ronnie white gold finaleMartin takes Vincent upstairs with the intention of telling him about Sam. Of course, he never gets that far. Miss Lyndsey enters the store. Vincent calls Carol and tells her to hide the money in a car outside, so he can escape. He quickly finds out that Carol put the money onto the hood of Brian’s vehicle. Vincent rushes downstairs, ticks off Miss Lyndsey and begins a desperate hunt for the briefcase. After a long search, Martin manages to find Brian. Together, they track down the briefcase. Unfortunately, the police suspect it might contain an IRA bomb. Vincent rushes to the scene and manages to retrieve the briefcase. He rushes over to the tax office and gives the money to Miss Barnes (Lorraine Bruce). She tells him that he is 50 pounds too short. He reminds her about the encounter with Martin and they agree he paid enough.

actress saffron hocking white goldVincent calls Sam and schedules to meet her. Robbie (Bobby Smalldridge) also tags along. Vincent reveals that has put down money to purchase a house. The real estate agent, Phillip (Kayode Ewumi), seems baffled by their conversation. Eventually, Vincent manages to win Sam over. They enjoy the hot tub, while Phillip watches Robbie. Tony receives a bill for the debt he owes. Martin visits Vincent at home and plans to tell him about his relationship with Sam. When Sam emerges from Vincent’s bedroom, Martin changes his mind. Tony visits Ronnie and is forced to give up his shop for a small amount of money. Vincent hassles Tony as he packs his belongings and leaves. Before driving away, Tony unleashes his anger by ramming his vehicle into Vincent’s.

phillip white gold finaleVincent tries to smooth things over with Martin and Brian. Nevertheless, they remain convinced that he stabbed Tony in the back. Moments later, Carol enters with papers for the store. Vincent learns that Ronnie has removed his name from the documents. Then, Ronnie’s crazy desk arrives. Brian and Martin work to get it upstairs, while Vincent visits Ronnie. Ronnie is found shooting his rifle. Vincent is given a chance to take a shot. He fails miserably. Ronnie doesn’t try to hide the fact that he stiffed Vincent. In fact, he tells Vincent that he owes him for the tax money. Tony’s belongings are hauled away as he is forced to downsize.

lee ross actor white goldVincent returns home and is embraced by Sam. He promises that there will be no more secrets between them. He looks at the camera and tells the viewers to keep quiet.


White Gold Review

The finale of White Gold was fairly predictable. Nevertheless, it definitely achieved a great deal in a short period of time. While Vincent managed to dig himself out of one hole, he subsequently jumped right into another. Now, he doesn’t owe the tax office. He owes Ronnie and that may be far worse. He has also hidden more from Sam, despite agreeing not to.

I was surprised to see that White Gold was scheduled for a second season. There is definitely more to tell and the humor is good enough to keep me watching. It will be interesting to see how Brian and Martin handle Vincent’s betrayal of Tony. Will Tony attempt to retaliate or will he fade away? What troubles will the guys get themselves into next?

The finale scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of White Gold now.

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