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White Gold Series 1 Episode 5 Recap

As the episode gets started, Vincent (Ed Westwick) and Sam (Linzey Cocker) speak to the kids about their potential divorce. The kids are not happy. They want an affair, so they’ll have someone to blame. Robbie (Bobby Smalldridge) quickly changes his tune when he is offered an Atari. Then, Vincent returns to his new apartment, which was once used by a dominatrix. He gets plenty of calls from perverts throughout the city. Seconds later, Brian Fitzpatrick (James Buckley) pays Vincent a visit. Brian gets permission to visit the store the following day. Vincent decides to move out. He spooks Tony Walsh (Nigel Lindsay) in the morning by flipping off the nights when Walsh enters the store and prepares to open.

sam and vincent white goldThen, Vincent sneaks up on Walsh and tries to bum 50,000 from him. Vincent’s offer is refused. Vincent runs into Martin Lavender (Joe Thomas) in the hallway. He learns that Martin has scored a lucrative deal with a retirement center. Vincent takes the responsibility of telling Walsh with hopes of getting the commission to pay his taxes. Meanwhile, Sam visits Millman Young Magazines in hopes of getting a job. Brian travels to the store and tries to peddle diet pills. He winds up giving his former colleagues a trial sample. Vincent takes Martin to the pub. He promises to give him his fair share of the commission. Then, Vincent sees Sam with Andrew Davies (Jack Doolan). After an argument, an angry Vincent leaves.

brian white gold s1 e5Vincent visits Brian and confirms that the diet pills are nothing more than speed. He buys a bottle. Afterwards, he runs into a group of kids that block his automobile. The following morning, Vincent scares Carol (Lauren O’Rourke), as she opens the store. She makes it clear she is going to hire a white witch to get rid of the poltergeist. Martin joins a new band with hopes of escaping the window business. He doesn’t fit in well with the left wing Ben Billings (Dylan Edwards), but goes along with the scheme anyway. Back at the store, Brian is harassed, because his pills are causing stomach problems. Vincent enters and leaves Robbie in Brian’s care. Then, he heads to the council with hopes of getting the contract signed for the retirement center.

white gold vincent swan s1 e5After a long wait, Vincent speaks with the man in charge. He learns that the council has decided to close the retirement center. Vincent immediately changes his strategy and tries to sign up for a council house. Meanwhile, Martin learns that Brian has given Robbie diet pills. Sam arrives on a bike. Since she has sold the car, Martin agrees to let her drive his. He takes the bike. Martin follows his car to Sam’s place. When Sam sees the for sale sign in the yard, she slams on the brakes. Martin crashes into the back of the car. Before leaving, Martin invites Sam to his upcoming left-wing rock gig. Meanwhile, Vincent visits Miss Lyndsey (Saffron Hocking) with hopes of forgetting his mess. He sees paperwork with his son’s name on it and freaks out. Martin’s gig goes well. Sam seems to have enjoyed it.

white gold s1 e5 recapBen Billings nearly ruins it with his ramblings. Martin overhears members of the National Front talking about Ben. Ben eventually gets under Martin’s skin and he tells the National Front where to find Ben. Sam and Martin laugh about it on the way home. Then, they begin making out in the car. They prepare to enter Sam’s house, but Vincent opens the door. He has no idea what has just happened. He removes the for sale sign and gets support from Martin. In the morning, Vincent is awoken by the white witch. She performs the ritual, before Vincent heads to church. Vincent prays for help, before Ronnie (Lee Ross) arrives. They agree to go into business together. On the way out, Vincent runs into the troublemaker kids again. This time, he runs one of them down.


White Gold Review

The 5th episode of White Gold delivered a few good laughs. It was pretty clear early on that Martin and Sam would probably get together or at least attempt to. As for Vincent, things have only gotten worse. He is no longer able to make the big sales and he is on the verge of losing his family and friends. Now, he has teamed up with Ronnie. That is sure to go terribly wrong very quickly.

Will he be able to unite the team and get the 50k he needs? The episode was good. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of White Gold right now!

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