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White Gold Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode gets underway, Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) argues with Tony Walsh (Nigel Lindsay). Vincent wants a company car, but Tony isn’t willing to budge. Vincent resigns. Moments later, Vincent heads to the pub with Martin (Joe Thomas) and Brian (James Buckley). They’re introduced to a few magazine advertising salesmen. Vincent listens intently as the men speak about the money they’ve been able to make from selling advertising. Then, Vincent is briefly introduced to man in charge, Andrew Davies (Jack Doolan). Brian and Martin ridicule the men, after they’ve left. Vincent seems taken by their business.

nigel lindsay white gold episode 2Back at the office, Tony puts Brian in charge while Vincent is away. It becomes clear right away that Brian is going to let the power go to his head. At home, Sam (Linzey Cocker) gives Vincent a hard time for resigning. He tries to calm her, while pretending to have a new job with the magazine guys. She quickly figures out he is lying. Vincent heads back to work and gets Carol (Lauren O’Rourke) to help him write a resignation letter. Then, Vincent runs into Brian and Martin. He doesn’t seem too impressed with his replacement. Brian agrees to setup a party for Vincent’s departure. Brian looks in a dirty magazine and discovers dogging. He heads to a large park and believes he has found the perfect spot for the party.

brian and martin white gold episode 2Vincent heads to the magazine office. There, he has a brief interview with Andrew. They agree to meet up a little later for golf. Meanwhile, Brian tries to upgrade the office with a new computer. Carol doesn’t seem interested in learning how to use it. The technician enters and asks for an address. Brian pretends to get it from the computer, but winds up giving the man the wrong address. While Vincent hits the golf course, Brian learns about his big mistake. Brian speaks with the homeowner and tries to give her a 15% discount on the window, which has already been installed.

brian and carol white goldThe woman refuses. Brian makes matters worse by insulting her young daughter. She threatens to contact her brother, but Brian doesn’t seem to care. When Brian returns to the vehicle, he tells Martin that he is a dead man. Brian admits the woman’s brother, Ronnie Farrell (Lee Ross), will likely rip him to shreds. Moments later, Ronnie confronts Brian at the office and intimidates him pretty easily. Brian has no choice but to give the woman free windows. Vincent arrives moments later. The guys begin preparing for Brian’s big party. Brian takes them to the park. He explains that they’re about to experience a new sexual movement, dogging.

brian and ronnie white gold s1e2The guys get out of the vehicle with the intention of watching other couples have sex. Unfortunately for them, Friday night is gay night. They rush back to their vehicle, but it is quickly surrounded. They manage to make their escape, but only after the vehicle is covered. Vincent plays golf with Andrew. Vincent is terrible. Once the game has ended, Andrew makes it clear that he had no intention of hiring Vincent. Instead, he ridicules him. Vincent handles it well and leaves without retaliating. When he returns home, Sam encourages him to return to work with Tony. The following day, Vincent visits Tony with the intention of demanding a company vehicle again.

linzey cocker white gold episode 2Tony prevents him from doing so. He reveals he has already purchased a vehicle. Vincent negotiates for a BMW and Tony agrees. Vincent quickly goes back to work for Tony. He solves Ronnie’s problem, by allowing him to have the windows for free. Vincent explains that Tony is being punished for putting Brian in charge. Vincent also gives away the computer to Ronnie. With Ronnie’s help, Vincent gets a membership at the golf course. He uses it to harass Andrew.


White Gold Review

White Gold definitely doesn’t hit a homerun. Nevertheless, it is certainly a good time killer. It isn’t great, but there is something strangely interesting about it. Perhaps it is the politically incorrect dialogue or the over-the-top humor? Who knows? Nevertheless, White Gold keeps me entertained for the entire 30 minutes. I keep lingering around to see what will happen next. For that, the episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of White Gold now!

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