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Wentworth Series 5 Finale Recap

As the finale begins, Derek Channing (Martin Sacks) and Jake (Bernard Curry) visit Joan Ferguson. Channing asks Ferguson whether or not she is ready to return to general. Ferguson insists she wants to go to protection. Channing refuses. Joan (Pamela Rabe) threatens to expose Channing and his involvement in prostitution. This time, Channing doesn’t seem worried. Franky (Nicole da Silva) bags up her goodies and prepares for the upcoming escape. Allie (Kate Jenkinson) does the same. The two meet up in the workshop. Franky tells Allie she needs to make a detour to Iman’s place to search for evidence. Ferguson confronts Jake and demands he get her out of the prison. Vera (Kate Atkinson) argues with Channing about his decision regarding Ferguson. She threatens to report the decision to the board.

derek channing wentworth series 5 finaleAgain, Channing doesn’t care. Then, Will (Robbie Magasiva) confronts Vera and asks why Jake is still around. She reiterates the fact that she is no longer in charge. Vera explains that Ferguson has been pulling Jake’s strings all along. In the yard, Franky finds Liz (Celia Ireland) crying. She learns about Liz’s animosity with Sonia (Sigrid Thornton). Vera speaks with Ferguson. The Freak thanks Vera for saving her. Back in the workshop, Franky tells Allie that she cannot escape, until Liz is safe. Then, she threatens Sonia. Will speaks with Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) in the break room. Linda expresses her suspicion that Joan has someone on the outside working for her. Will immediately checks out stories about Nils Jesper online.

pamela rabe wentworth finaleWill also checks security footage on the day of Nils’ murder. Jake enters seconds later. Will confronts Jake with the evidence. A scuffle ensues and Jake begins to cry. Will eventually lets him go and leaves. Will speaks with Ferguson. He tells her that she is screwed up in the head. She wonders why he didn’t stop her when he had the chance. Then, she ridicules his behavior after his wife’s death. Liz finds out that Sonia is allowing drugs to flow into the prison. Allie speaks with Liz and makes it clear she is getting in the way of Franky’s only chance. Jake tries to make things right with Vera. However, she isn’t having it. She tells him that he is the worst mistake she ever made. Will takes the new evidence to Kaz (Tammy Macintosh).

kate atkinson wentworth finaleLiz tells Franky she is going to head into protection. She uses the excuse to try and convince Franky to move forward with her plan. Kaz tells Allie she plans to take action against Ferguson. Allie tries to convince her otherwise. Ferguson is transported back to general population. Franky tells Allie she is ready to leave. They head outside and put their plan into action. In the cafeteria, Liz gives Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) a cup of tea. The drink is eventually passed to Sonia. Allie climbs into the box, before Jake enters and interrupts their plan. Back in the cafeteria, Sonia begins to freak out. It seems she has been poisoned. A call over the radio sends Jake rushing to the cafeteria. Franky and Allie also agree that they cannot escape just yet, since Liz could be in trouble. Liz escapes with the evidence.

sonia stevens wentworth prison episode 12Franky makes it back to her cell. She finds Boomer worried about Sonia. Liz destroys all of the evidence. Allie returns seconds later. Jake confronts Will and reveals he has discovered an escape plan. Allie tells Franky they should split up this time, since Jake might be watching her. Linda tells Boomer that Sonia is critical and might not make it. Kaz teams up with her girls and prepares to carry out their plan. Boomer tracks down Franky outside and admits she knows all about the escape. She threatens to rat her out. However, when it comes down to it, Boomer creates a distraction and helps Franky. Franky is transported outside of the prison. She checks the other containers, but Allie is nowhere to be found. She finds a letter from Allie in her jacket. In the letter, it is revealed that Jake learned about the escape. Allie agreed to let Jake use the escape plan to get even with Ferguson. Franky pays a quick visit to Bridget (Libby Tanner), while the guards learn about her disappearance.

franky escape wentworth prisonWe also see that Ferguson has been buried alive by Will. The sketch of Bea has been placed directly in front of Ferguson’s face.


Wentworth Review

This season of Wentworth drug on and on and on. The finale wasn’t much different. Franky and Allie ran around in circles for the first 30 minutes. Nothing really happened until the last 10. The Liz character finally aligned herself with the original and opted to poison her nemesis. It is unknown whether or not Sonia has died. After an excruciating wait, Franky finally made her escape, but she did so without Allie.

Allie gave up her chance at freedom in return for revenge on Joan Ferguson. The finale itself wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t terrible either. The problem is the fact that much of this could’ve happened five episodes ago. It feels like this season sucked the remaining bit of life out of the series. Where does it go from here? Do I even care at this point? I’ll probably watch the next season, but my interest in Wentworth is beginning to wane.

The finale scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth now.

  1. Kevin Rollins says:

    I couldn’t disagree more, respectfully. With Bea gone, I went into this season prepared to be disappointed. I debated whether or not to even watch it. I just finished the finale and oh my, it was friggin awesome. I love the multi-threaded plots all building simultaneously, the crescendo of The Freak’s power, and the writers’ ability to throw in multiple unexpected twists in each story at the very last minute.

    My only wish would be to have known a few more details about the various plots, but I know that will come.

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