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Wentworth Series 5 Episode 11 Recap

As the episode begins, Jake Stewart (Bernard Curry) has a nightmare in which he shoots Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson). He wakes up in terror and immediately calls out Vera’s name. He finds out that she is just fine in the kitchen. Then, Vera suggests they head to work in the same vehicle for a change. Jake agrees. Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) gets permission to visit Franky (Nicole da Silva) in solitary. Franky learns she has been locked away for 6 days. Franky tells Kaz that Ferguson is the real killer. Kaz becomes concerned with putting a stop to the Freak’s terror, while Franky is more worried about getting out in time to escape. Kaz returns to her cell and rallies her girls. She puts together a plan to prove that they’re not afraid of Ferguson.

s5 wentworth episode 11 jakeJake visits Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) and tries to free himself from her web. She tries to convince him that they’re a team and he has no way out. Then, Ferguson tells Jake to break Vera’s heart so they can finish what they’ve started. Jake confronts Vera. He tells her that they should get away from the prison and go on vacation. Vera refuses and affirms she cannot leave when things get tough. Will (Robbie Magasiva) visits Vera in her office. He learns that Vera is on her way out as governor and Channing (Martin Sacks) has taken over temporarily. Will suggests it might be time to let Franky out of the slot. Vera doesn’t agree. Channing interrupts and agrees to make the decision his responsibility. Also, Channing confirms that he has recommended Vera be removed as governor permanently. Next, Channing has Ferguson escorted to the governor’s office.

derek channing wentworth s5 e11Channing warns Ferguson that Franky could soon be released. He also reminds her that she signed a waiver to be moved into general. Therefore, the prison cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to her. Vera pulls Jake aside. She tells him she has changed her mind and would like to leave as soon as possible. Once the conversation ends, Ferguson stops Vera in the hallway. Ferguson lets her know that Jake has been playing her all along. Vera hides in the elevator and sobs. Kaz and the girls plan their assault on Ferguson when Franky walks in. Franky refuses to help. Allie (Kate Jenkinson) speaks with Franky in private. She admits she hasn’t been able to get pliers, but has gotten a spare set of clothing. Allie affirms she would like to help the girls stop Ferguson before they escape.

franky doyle wentworth prisonAt this time, Allie learns about Ferguson killing Iman. Seconds later, Jake enters Vera’s office. Vera admits she knows everything. Jake confesses, but confirms he has fallen in love with her. She doesn’t believe him and doesn’t care. She threatens to have him fired, if he doesn’t resign. Liz (Celia Ireland) gets a visit from Detective Ayoub (Maria Mercedes). Liz is shown the picture that was discovered on Sonia’s phone. She is accused to setting it all up with Sonia. This immediately convinces Liz that Sonia was working with Don all along. Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) heads to the workshop and gets an update from Boomer (Katrina Milosevic). Sonia reveals she has been forced to plead guilty for a lesser sentence. Liz asks her about the cop that set her up. Meanwhile, Franky consults with her lawyer. The woman refuses to believe anything Franky has to say about Iman.

wentworth prison actress kate atkinsonFranky heads out into the yard and takes her frustrations out on the punching bag. Allie arrives and again asks Franky to help out. Again, Franky refuses to help. That night, Liz confronts Sonia in her cell. Sonia responds by acting surprised to learn that Liz was Witness X. Vera finds Will in the break room. She apologizes and admits he was right about Jake. Jake heads to the laundry and clears the room, so he can speak with Ferguson alone. Once again, Jake tries to free himself from Ferguson. However, she reveals she has evidence to back up the claim he killed Jasper. Boomer finds Liz distraught in her cell. Meanwhile, Franky visits Nurse Lee Radcliffe (Madeleine Jevic). She flirts with the nurse, while watching her every move. When the Nurse leaves the room, Franky quickly steals scissors and other supplies. Franky takes the supplies to Allie right away. Allie finally manages to convince Franky to help stop Ferguson.

actress sigrid thornton wentworth prisonBoomer speaks with Sonia about Liz. Sonia reveals that Liz was Witness X. Boomer confronts Liz in the bathroom. She admits to being the rat and immediately freaks out. She yanks out her hair and drops to the floor in a panic. Liz is taken to the medical unit. Sonia manages to sneak in and tell her not to worry about the Witness X nonsense. Jake freaks out and attempts suicide in his vehicle. He wimps out halfway through and drags himself out of his automobile. That night, he visits Vera. He gets his belongings and also reveals he has no intention of resigning. He tells Vera he knows that she let Bea out of the prison and is prepared to use it against her. In the morning, Channing snorts coke or another drug and heads into the prison. The girls take Ferguson hostage and march her outside into the yard. They also hold Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) at knifepoint.

jake stewart suicide wentworth prisonFerguson is tied to the basketball goal. The girls begin exposing Ferguson’s crimes, while Vera and Channing argue over their reaction to the event. Ferguson eventually loses it. She insists they’re weak and need her to give them order. The prisoners turn against her and quickly determine she is guilty. They prepare to untie Ferguson, before a noose is tossed over the fence. Some of the girls grab it and prepare to hang Ferguson. Kaz tries to stop them, but Franky doesn’t care. Ferguson’s feet eventually leave the ground. Vera goes against Channing’s wishes and enters the yard. Vera brings Ferguson to the ground and resuscitates her as the episode ends.


Wentworth Review

This episode of Wentworth was fairly good. However, it feels like much of the episode should have happened way earlier in the series. The ineffective lead up and long winded series really stunted the impact of the attack on Ferguson. The show probably could’ve done itself a favor by shortening the length of each season. Nevertheless, the episode was still good. It is great that Vera has finally removed the blinders. Simultaneously, it is likely her actions could put her back into the governor’s seat.

I would assume Allie and Franky still plan to follow through with their escape. However, Ferguson will likely find a way to interrupt that. Will the Freak be able to regain her allies? Or, will he attempt to combat the girls on her own? The finale should be interesting. This episode scores a 7 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth as soon as possible.

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