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Wentworth Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

As the episode begins, Vera (Kate Atkinson) speaks to her officers. She explains that Ferguson was behind the attack on Juice, while also ridiculing her officers for pretending to see nothing. Vera threatens that heads will roll, if there is another major incident. Seconds later, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic), Doreen (Shareena Clanton), and Liz (Celia Ireland) speak about Juice’s tongue. They immediately hush when Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) looks in their direction. Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson) arrives and complains to Joan. She whines that Tina will not sell her drugs. Ferguson sends her away empty handed. Boomer tries to gain more insight into Allie’s problem, but she gets nowhere. When Allie returns to her cell, the others try to get her to open up about her problem. Again, she refuses.

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Allie promises she hasn’t forgotten Bea, before rushing off angrily. Ferguson speaks with Jake (Bernard Curry). She makes it clear she intends to make him governor. Vera watches the video footage of Ferguson speaking to Allie, before the Freak is led into her office. Vera watches Ferguson and tells her she is on notice. Then, Ferguson is escorted back to her cell. Will (Robbie Magasiva) speaks with Kaz (Tammy Macintosh). Kaz explains that Ferguson will tear the women to shreds. Will insists Kaz needs to do something about Ferguson’s rule. He tries to encourage Kaz to win the girls over. He also suggests they should start by removing the drugs from Wentworth. Vera finds Franky (Nicole da Silva) working on paperwork.

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Vera commends Franky’s willingness to always help the women. Then, Vera encourages Franky to take over as top dog. Franky refuses. She makes it clear she has no intention to return to her old ways. Allie visits Ferguson’s cellblock. After getting permission from Kim (Ra Chapman), she begs to Ferguson. Nevertheless, The Freak refuses to give the okay for Tina to sell Allie drugs. Allie rushes back to her cell and grabs Bea’s sketchbook. She rips a page out and takes the rest to Liz. Outside, Franky watches a repairman walking across the rooftop. Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) speaks with the girls outside. They are all befuddled by the other girls blindly following Ferguson. Sonia suggests the girls have little choice. Liz speaks with Franky. Immediately, Franky squashes the ideal of trying to topple Ferguson.

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Liz admits the girls would be right behind her, if she did make a move. Then, Liz tells Franky she is worked about Allie. Franky visits Allie. Franky searches Allie’s cell and finds her hidden stash. She pleads with Allie to flush the drugs. Allie pretends to do so. After Franky leaves, Allie picks up the bag and hides it again. Jake tells Tina (Charli Tjoe) she will have to wait to get more drugs. She doesn’t accept his excuses and tells him to find another way as soon as possible. Jake heads to the locker room and calls his dealer right away. Sonia visits Vera and lays out her plans for expanding the program. Vera admits the prison doesn’t have access to the resources needed. Vera seems to agree, before an emergency alert is heard throughout the prison. The officers rush to the exercise yard and find trashcans in flames. After the flames are put out, Allie searches the kitchen and finds Tina’s money.

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In the morning, new drug bins are brought into the prison. Will follows them closely. He is eventually led to a bathroom, where Tina and Kim try to pry one of the cans open. Will searches the bin, but finds nothing. Also, Tina and Kim refuse to offer any information about the drugs. Sonia returns to her cellblock and tells the others the good news. Vera enters and tells Doreen her parole has been granted. Doreen tries to call Nash (Luke McKenzie), but cannot get through. Ferguson confronts Doreen and congratulates her. Doreen tells Ferguson to stay away from her. Will speaks with Kaz again. He suggests someone tipped the girls off. Kaz insists a guard has to be involved. Jake confronts Tina. He explains that he saved her by calling off the delivery. That night, the girls celebrate Doreen’s impending release.

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After the celebration ends, Doreen tells Liz that she has not been able to reach Nash. She seems worried that he might not be there to pick her up. In the morning, Doreen says her goodbyes, before exiting the prison. Meanwhile, Franky enters Bridget’s office and climbs into the ceiling. Franky exits onto the rooftop, before waking Nash arrive and pick up Doreen. When Bridget (Libby Tanner) returns to her office, she finds Franky sitting inside. She also notices dirt from under the panel that Franky disturbed. They end up arguing, before Franky is sent out. Allie visits the kitchen and returns Tina’s money. She pleads for drugs. Ferguson promises to sell her drugs, if she burns Bea’s sketchbook. She eventually does so and gets another fix.

Charli Tjoe Ra Chapman Wentworth

Allie returns to her cell and prepares a hotshot for Ferguson. Then, she plants herself in the bathroom. Ferguson enters and sends her guards out. She immediately picks on Allie, since she believes she is on dope. Allie rams the syringe in Ferguson’s neck, but doesn’t get to inject the drugs. Ferguson smacks her around and prepares to return the favor. However, she insists Allie deserves worse. Moments later, Franky finds a wet Allie sulking her cell. Franky tells her about the view outside and both agree to escape together.


Wentworth Review

The 5th series of Wentworth has been very, very disappointing. This episode was no different. The writing has been dumbed down to the point that it is no longer believable. At the same time, the episode was very predictable. The writers put little resistance in Allie’s way. She had no trouble finding Tina’s stash and she was also wise enough to use Bea’s sketchbook to her advantage. Yet, she wasn’t smart enough to inject the drugs when she had the chance.

Allie’s laughable heartache for Bea is becoming stale very quickly. Her fights with Liz and her pleading with Ferguson were obnoxious and cringe worthy. Even worse is the fact that the Franky character is no longer relatable. The episode did one thing right. It hopefully got rid of Doreen for good. Sadly, I doubt we’ll be that lucky. The episode was bland. A 6 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth now.

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