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Wentworth Season 5 Episode 5 Recap

As the episode begins, we see that the Freak’s (Pamela Rabe) plan has been put into action. Tina (Charli Tjoe) and her girls have drugs pouring into the prison. After finding an overdosed inmate, Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) and Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) corner Tina in the kitchen. Kaz puts forth idle threats, but Tina doesn’t flinch. Boomer is furious that she isn’t allowed to bash someone. Next, Franky (Nicole da Silva) surprises Boomer by confirming she is returning to their cellblock. She also tells the other women about Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) returning. Boomer begins chugging Sonia’s special shampoo. Doreen (Shareena Clanton) convinces Franky to help her prepare for the transfer hearing. Franky returns to her cell and hides her freedom necklace. Seconds later, Allie (Kate Jenkinson) enters. Franky and Allie speak about Red’s belongings. Franky also asks Allie for help.

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Liz (Celia Ireland) speaks with Vera (Kate Atkinson) about her concerns regarding Sonia. She pleads with Vera to put the woman in the protective unit. Her request is denied. Vera insists Sonia has no idea about Witness X. Nevertheless, this gives Liz no reassurance. In the hallway, Sonia confronts Liz. Despite knowing the truth, Sonia remains cordial and friendly. Instead, she makes is clear her primary target is Don. Boomer confronts Tina and threatens to throw her over the rail. The fight is broken up by Jake (Bernard Curry) moments later. Jake and Tina quickly agree that Boomer was drunk. Tina also convinces Jake to remove her from the picture. Jake does so, before encouraging Will (Robbie Magasiva) to check Boomer’s cell. He finds the shampoo bottle and drugs hidden in the toilet. Boomer is slotted.

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Kaz watches as Boomer is led away. She immediately becomes convinced that Will set her up. Finally, Allie scours through Bea’s belongings. She finds lots of sketches of herself. Then, Allie meets with Bridget Westfall (Libby Tanner). She breaks down and cries. Bridget tells Allie that Bea was likely deeply in love. Allie heads to the yard and visits the memorial for Bea. She speaks with Marge Nowak (Marta Kaczmarek), who insists the dead know. Allie speaks with Tina and asks for drugs. Tina refuses to do business with Allie, due to her association with Kaz. Liz, Doreen, and Kaz confront Will. He tells them about the drugs found in Boomer’s cell. Kaz again accuses him of planting the drugs and tells the others about the reason for Will losing the deputy governor spot.

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Franky begins her work outside. She spots the white van cruising by again. Back inside, Bridget notices that her pass card has gone missing. Franky uses the card to sneak into the garage where the white van went. Then, she uses the previously stolen wrench to loosen the vehicle’s lug nuts on one wheel. Back inside, Linda (Jacqueline Brennan) helps Bridget find out where the card was last used. Before Franky can leave, Bridget enters. After a little back and forth, Bridget agrees to keep everything a secret. Allie confronts Franky and asks about the card, which she helped steal. Franky promises everything has been sorted out. Kaz visits Vera in her office and tells her that Will framed Boomer. Vera refuses to do anything. That night, Franky, Liz and Allie help Doreen prepare her speech.

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In the morning, Franky gets prepared for her hearing. However, she is stopped by Jake, who tells her the schedule has been changed. Franky realizes she has messed up by sabotaging the van. Next, Sonia is cornered by Stella (Bessie Holland) and Juice (Sally-Anne Upton). Juice threatens her, but Sonia doesn’t budge. Instead, she insists she doesn’t respond well to threats. Next, Kaz is told her hearing has been moved up. While she prepares, Will speaks with Vera. Will is asked about the drugs. He denies everything. Then, he heads outside and swaps places with Linda Miles, so he can transport Kaz to the courthouse. Doreen gives her speech to the board. Everything goes according to plan. Will forces the driver to the pull to the side of the road. He gets out and enters the back with Kaz. He complains that her lies could ruin his career.

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Kaz doesn’t seem willing to change her tune. After returning to the passenger seat, the van pulls away. The wheel falls off and the van begins to roll downhill. A fisherman nearby watches the chaos, as the van enters the water. Will exits and saves the driver. He tells the fisherman to call the ambulance before diving back in for Kaz. Will manages to free Kaz, who swims to the surface moments later. Will’s pants get stuck. Kaz worries that he isn’t going to make it. Will pops up out of the water. He sits with Kaz and makes sure she is okay. Back at the prison, Bridget scolds Franky for her stupidity. Then, Franky tells Allie about her mistake. Allie follows Franky back to her cell and reveals that everyone made it out of the accident alive. Allie uses the information to her advantage. She approaches Tina outside and pretends she sabotaged the brawler to hurt Kaz. Tina doesn’t buy the story.

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Juice speaks with Liz. She encourages her to speak with Sonia and convince her to smarten up. Doreen boasts about her performance to Sonia and Liz. Next, Sonia gets trapped in the bathroom with Juice and her guys. Sonia doesn’t back down, but she is punished for her disobedience. Tina visits Allie and admits her story checked out. She hands over the drugs and gets money in return. A bashed up Sonia is escorted to medical. Vera is forced to tell Doreen that the board refused her request. Liz visits medical and gets permission from Nurse Radcliffe (Madeleine Jevic) to see Sonia. Liz learns that Sonia’s injuries look worse than they actually are.

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Liz urges Sonia to enter protection. Sonia refuses and admits she cannot let them win. Kaz and Will return to the prison. Kaz thanks Will for saving her. She also hopes their relationship can be different in the future. The Freak watches them. She maliciously states “now is the time” as the episode ends.


Wentworth Review

The 5th episode of Wentworth’s 5th series was a little shaky at times. Franky’s daring escape attempt was slightly ridiculous. She had little to no trouble getting the pass card and loosening the lug nuts with that tiny little wrench was unfathomable. Despite the show becoming very unbelievable, the episode was pretty good. The near-death of Will was pretty intense. Now that he has proven to be trustworthy, he will most likely team up with Kaz. Who knows what Allie is up to? While she is adamant she will not use drugs again, she has been desperate to get her hands on heroin.

Is she planning to give Ferguson a hotshot? With the Freak growing ever stronger, Kaz and Allie will need to stop her pretty soon or suffer miserably. Despite a few ludicrous moments, the 5th episode was pretty good. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth right now!

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