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Wentworth Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

As the episode begins, we see that Sonia Stevens (Sigrid Thornton) has returned home. Through flashbacks, we see Sonia shaving off her friend’s hair. Once the haircut is finished, the woman pleads for money and threatens to spill Sonia’s secret. Sonia shuts her up real quick with a smack across the head. Liz Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) tells Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson) about her testimony and everything going downhill. Vera scolds Liz for agreeing to lie. Then, Liz tells Doreen (Shareena Clanton) that she intends to take responsibility for her mistake. Both women express concern that the other women will find out. The next day, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) and Doreen speak about Sonia’s release in the yard. Franky (Nicole da Silva) speaks with her solicitor. She quickly finds out that her lawyer has no interest in investigating Mike’s death.

wentworth sonia stevens released

After the meeting ends, Franky heads outside and meets with Allie (Kate Jenkinson). Allie notices Franky watching a white van approach the prison. Liz gets a visit from Don (Steven Bastoni), who promises to help her. He is also adamant that neither of them should be worried about Sonia. Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) stops Liz in the hallway and gives her a note instructing her to call Sonia. Liz immediately freaks and asks Doreen for advice. She is told not calling would raise suspicions. Franky sneaks into the kitchen and destroys a valve of sorts. Then, Bridget (Libby Tanner) meets with Doreen. Doreen expresses her desire to transfer to Perth, so she can be closer to her family. Bridget agrees to organize everything, as long as Doreen is serious about the move. When the women return to the cafeteria, they find a plumber trying to fix the valve Franky sabotaged.

bridget and doreen wentworth

While the women flirt with the plumber, Juice (Sally-Anne Upton) comments about Liz’s indigestion. This makes Liz worried that Juice might know the truth. Franky spits up her food and causes a scene. As she exits the cafeteria, she manages to steal the plumber’s wrench. Liz takes Doreen’s advice and follows Sonia. Sonia offers to visit, but Liz suggests that would be a bad idea. She tries to convince Sonia that it would be best to forget about the prison and move on. The call ends, when Sonia hears a knock at the door. Don Kaplan enters. They embrace and celebrate Sonia’s freedom. Vera alerts the guards to the missing wrench. They’re ordered to check the prisoners’ cells immediately. Once the group splits up, Bridget confirms to Vera that she has decided to keep her distance from Franky.

Actress Kate Atkinson Wentworth S5 E4

Jake (Bernard Curry) rushes to the kitchen to tell Tina (Charli Tjoe) about the cell toss. She pleads with him to hide her stash. He hurries to her cell and grabs the drugs. He manages to hide them in his vehicle, without raising suspicion. Back at home, Sonia wakes up beside of Don. In another flashback, she washes her hands and then calls Don pleading for help. When Don wakes up, he admits he has his entire future mapped out. He also invites Sonia to tag along, but she refuses. Liz calls and Don ignores it. Sonia agrees to have his money that night. Back at the prison, Franky stops Allie and asks her to take the wrench. During this time, Will (Robbie Magasiva) begins searching Kaz’s (Tammy Macintosh) cell block. Juice returns to her cell in a hurry. Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) notices and distracts Miles.

kaz wentworth prison

Jake searches Allie, but he doesn’t find the wrench. Everything that is found is returned to Vera. Will admits they need to step up their security measures immediately. After the searches end, Franky confronts Allie and asks for the wrench. They get playful, before the wrench is finally handed over. The Freak speaks with Juice outside and calls for a truce. Again, Ferguson offers to help get drugs into the prison. Don visits Sonia and finds his money in a duffel bag. Nevertheless, he still wants to know more about Sonia’s husband and his mysterious disappearance. Don suggests Helen was Sonia’s alibi for her husband’s disappearance. Now that both are gone, he needs cover in case things go awry. She agrees to take him for a drive and tell him the truth. Back at the prison, Ferguson asks Juice if she wants to take back what Kaz has taken away.

will jackson wentworth prison

Doreen speaks with Franky, who agrees to help her with the transfer paperwork. Franky encourages Doreen to simply tell the truth, when she speaks to the board. Then, Franky visits Vera and requests to be allowed to work outside. After a little back and forth, Vera eventually agrees. During the car ride, Don becomes woozy and falls asleep. Sonia maneuvers the vehicle down a dark road. Liz tries to get in touch with Don, but again he doesn’t answer. Sonia stops the vehicle and puts a trap outside of the passenger side of the car. She is attacked from behind by Don. She wakes up alone and is forced to hitch a ride back into the city. In the morning, Jake prepares to sneak drugs into the facility, until he spots the drug dogs inside. Then, he speaks with Will and learns that they’ll be on site for at least a week. Liz pleads with Vera to contact the police about Don.

Kate Atkinson Wentworth

In the yard, Kaz pays Miles to find out about Will’s dirty drug test and suspension. Ferguson speaks with Jake about the drugs. She tells him to go to Tina and convince her to cooperate. Sonia finals makes it home and immediately begins packing her clothes. Before she can leave, the police arrive and take her into custody. After contacting the department, Vera tells Liz that Don has taken a stress leave. Tina and her girls visit Ferguson. Then, they round up Juice and her girls. Ferguson explains the situation and her solution. She insists she only wants a partnership. Allie confronts Franky and asks what is going on. She tries to convince her that escaping would be a terrible decision. Sonia is returned to Wentworth. Liz spots her as she enters.


Wentworth Review

This series of Wentworth has been a bit mediocre. However, this episode was far, far better. We finally learned the truth about Sonia and her relationship with Don. Liz is still oblivious to their relationship and her betrayal. While Franky plans an escape, Ferguson begins building an army to fight against Kaz. Meanwhile, Jake continues digging himself deeper into a dangerous situation.

It feels like we’re building up to something big. Will it be a prison escape, an all-out war or a combination of both? The upcoming episodes should be interesting. This one scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with older recaps of Wentworth now!

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