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Wentworth Season 4 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale episode of Wentworth’s 4th season, Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) discovers Allie (Kate Jenkinson) overdosed in the showers. Help is brought in and Allie is rushed to the hospital. Bea returns to her cellblock and is comforted by Maxine (Socratis Otto) and the others. Jake and Vera (Kate Atkinson) attempt to piece together the event, but 6 minutes of surveillance footage happens to be missing. Vera immediately grows suspicious and insists an officer must’ve brought drugs into the prison. She learns that Allie is in critical condition, before ordering all officers to be searched and drug tested.

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Back in the cellblock, Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) tells Liz (Celia Ireland) about her friend’s body being discovered. She never says anything that could implicate her in the murder. Bea speaks with Will (Robbie Magasiva) and attempts to get transported to the hospital to be with Allie. Unsurprisingly, her request is quickly denied. Bea watches Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) from a distance and quickly becomes suspicious that Kaz might’ve been involved in Allie’s OD. Meanwhile, Vera has Joan’s (Pamela Rabe) clothes send to her cell, so she can prepare for her trial, which is scheduled to begin the following day. Kaz returns to her cell and is attacked by Bea.

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After their scuffle, Bea finally believes that Kaz had nothing to do with Allie’s overdose. She is transported to the medical unit to be treated for a possible concussion. Bea attempts to convince Vera that Allie wouldn’t have overdosed on her own, but Vera simply blows her off and departs. Next, Vera has the officers’ lockers checked, while Nurse Radcliffe (Madeleine Jevic) administers the drug tests. Will becomes worried and consults with Jake, who insists he’ll take care of it by manipulating the Nurse. He manages to do so, but only tells her to discard his sample. As Ferguson prepares to leave for the courthouse, she taunts Bea and refers to Allie as collateral damage. Afterwards, Bea struggles to obtain information regarding Allie, but is unable to do so.

wentworth finale bea and kaz

She learns from Bridget (Jacqueline Brennan) that Allie is still in critical condition. She then speaks with Will and tries to convince him that Ferguson is up to no good. She attempts to get access to a phone, but Will ignores her request. Liz returns to Detective Don Kaplan (Steve Bastoni) and tells him she believes Sonia is innocent. During their conversation, the Detective reveals that Sonia’s victim had her hair shaved and also shows Liz pictures of the skull. Nonetheless, Liz stands by Sonia and leaves Don in the dust. Will brings Bea a phone, which she used to get in touch with Franky (Nicole da Silva). Franky learns about Ferguson’s potential plan. She agrees to help and immediately go on the hunt for Shayne (Hunter Page-Lochard).

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She heads to Shayne’s house, but he isn’t home. Eventually, Shayne answers his phone, but refuses to comply with Franky’s requests and doesn’t give up his current location. Bea and Franky come to the conclusion that Shayne must be after Niles Jesper (Tony Nikolakopoulos), so Franky heads to the courthouse. Bea returns to her cellblock and tells Maxine she hasn’t heard anything about Allie. Maxine discovers he is losing his hair, so he decides to get it shaved. Sonia agrees to do the deed. Sonia’s haircutting skills trigger Liz’s suspicions immediately. Liz returns to the detective and agrees to lie to help get Sonia convicted.

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Joan is led into the courthouse, while Franky watches from a distance. Franky manages to find Shayne outside of the courthouse and drags him to an empty alley. He pulls a gun on her, but she manages to talk him out of anything stupid and get the gun. Shayne agrees to return home, while Franky hides the gun. Meanwhile, Jesper’s transport van is stopped by an armed man. The guards are taken down and the van is escorted to a hidden location. Jesper is killed and the van is set on fire. The culprit removes his mask and we see that it is Jake. Will is confronted about his failed drug test and Vera suspends him for the time being. Back at the prison, Tina (Charli Tjoe) urges Kaz to step up and take over the top dog role before someone else does.

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Bea continues calling the hospital and trying to get information about Allie, but fails to do so. Jake returns to the prison, while Vera learns about Niles. Ferguson is released from the courthouse and is scheduled to be released from prison as well. Vera and Will chat about Ferguson’s intention to return as governor. Jake enters as Will leaves and learns about his new position as deputy governor. Ferguson is returned and quickly belittles Vera. Bea gets a visit from Franky, who attempts to comfort her. Will interrupts and tells Bea that there is news from the hospital. Bea speaks on the phone to Maxine, who gives her a grim update. Bea then chats with Allie, who remains unconscious.

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Bea then speaks with Vera and tells her they can trap Ferguson and get her to confess. She shows Vera the phone and insists they can record her confession and keep her locked up for good. Vera eventually agrees to help Bea get access to Ferguson. On the way back to her cell, Bea learns that Kaz has been forced to become top dog. She tells her everything is okay with Allie, before heading on her way. Bea enters her cell and grabs a shank, while preparing for a potential showdown. Ferguson is escorted outside, where she is confronted by Bea.

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Bea attempts to attach Ferguson, but the Freak overcomes her and takes the shank. Bea then runs her body into the weapon and encourages Ferguson to stab her. She does so repeatedly. Eventually, the guards rush outside and Bea plummets to the ground. While Will and the others watch Bea, the doctors attempt to resuscitate Allie. Bea appears to go unconscious, before the credits begin to roll. During the credits, Allie’s eyes open.


Wentworth Finale Review

All in all, the fourth season of Wentworth was pretty good. The finale? A big disappointment honestly. The season built up many storylines, yet failed to bring a conclusion to the mass majority. Nothing was revealed about Maxine’s condition. Stupid Doreen simply dropped out of the picture and her spat with Nash was largely ignored. Liz finally agreed to help the detective, but Sonia’s storyline didn’t amount to much either.

And unfortunately, the relationship between Allie and Bea was ineffective. The writers obviously wanted the finale to be emotional, but I simply wasn’t feeling it. The relationship only weakened the Bea character and the final showdown was fairly predictable. The season was good, but the finale was a big letdown. A 7 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth right now.

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