wentworth s4 e8 recap

Wentworth Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

At the beginning of the 8th episode of Wentworth, Bea (Danielle Cormack) continues strengthening her relationship with Allie (Kate Jenkinson). They nearly take their relationship to the next level, but stop and agree to just kiss. Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) overhears their conversation with a big smirk on her face. Ferguson heads outside and tells Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) that she has a plan for taking out Bea. Kaz seems hesitant to continue and admits the Red Right Hand has never actually killed anyone. Nonetheless, Ferguson isn’t having it and is adamant that they’ve already had a plan. Ferguson prepares to put her plan into action and makes contact with Tina (Charli Tjoe) and the Asians. She convinces them to sell her ruffies.

wentworth bea smith s4 e8

Next, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) meets with Bridget (Libby Tanner) and Vera (Kate Atkinson). She attempts to convince the screws to allow her to be by Maxine’s side during the surgery. Vera agrees to take it to the board and do the best she can. Boomer reports back to the others, before Liz (Celia Ireland) speaks with Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) in private. Sonia reveals she lost her husband to cancer. She tells Liz that he disappeared seven years ago and left so she wouldn’t have to watch him suffer. Bea meets up with Allie once more, while Ferguson acquires more ruffies. Allie tells Bea that Kaz and her crew believes Bea is responsible for them getting locked up. Allie admits she doesn’t know who is responsible, but doesn’t see how it could be anyone besides Bea.

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The women separate on a sour note. Bea meets with the detective and agrees to testify against Ferguson, as long as she goes into protection. She also has one more stipulation. She wants information on the tip that led to the arrest of Kaz. The detective agrees, despite a little hesitancy. That night, Ferguson crushes up the ruffies and mixes them into a drink. She sets her watch and chugs it down. Before she passes out, she stops the watch’s timer. In the morning, Maxine (Socratis Otto) and Boomer pack up and prepare for their trip to the hospital. Ferguson interrupts and tells Boomer she won’t be allowed to go, since Vera is in charge and won’t push the issue. Maxine convinces Boomer to keep her cool for the time being.

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Ferguson heads outside and tells Kaz she has arranged for the plan and is ready to put it into action. Kaz admits she cannot kill a woman and is reassured that she won’t need to. Bridget pays a visit to Sonia and they chat about Sonia’s ability to adapt to her new surroundings. Sonia also admits she has come to like Liz. Meanwhile, Liz chats with the detective, who tells her Sonia was a suspect in her husband’s disappearance and that he was never diagnosed with cancer. Will (Robbie Magasiva) stumbles into a near naked Jake (Bernard Curry) in the staff room. Jake attempts to gain insight into Vera and her sexual preferences, before Will rushes off.

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In the morning, Maxine prepares to depart for the hospital. Vera enters the cellblock and informs Boomer that she has not been approved to leave the prison. Ferguson confronts her in the hallway and convinces Boomer that Vera is solely responsible for the rejection. Boomer lashes out at Vera and gets slotted. This effectively removes all of Bea’s protection and puts her in the line of fire for Ferguson. During the outburst, Jake learns about Vera’s vinegar tits moniker. Liz returns to Sonia and learns more about her husband. According to Sonia, she took some sleeping pills with her husband and upon awaking in the morning, her husband has disappeared. Bea meets with Bridget and questions the shrink about bi women. Bridget tells Bea people should love one another and ignore the labels.

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Bea gets the answer she desires and joins Liz in the cafeteria. While there, Kaz causes an outburst and calls Bea out for sending Maxine to the hospital alone. During the chaos, Ferguson manages to swap Bea’s orange juice with her deadly mixture. For a moment, it seems like Bea isn’t going to drink the juice, but she does and falls right into Ferguson’s trap. After a chat with Sonia in the yard, a groggy Bea heads to the kitchen to meet with Allie. At this time, Kaz enters and ushers Allie away to join their protest for Maxine. This leaves Ferguson and Bea alone in the kitchen. Doreen attempts to convince Liz to join in the protest, but Liz refuses. Liz tells Doreen she doesn’t like the way Kaz is using Maxine.

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Bea enters the storage room and gets locked inside, while Vera and Jake attempt to conjure up a plan to deal with the protest. The protest continues, while Ferguson waits for Bea to turn defenseless. The door enters and Ferguson confronts Bea, who is unable to put up a struggle. Ferguson tosses Bea to the ground and tells her to let the drugs consume her, while the detective enters the Governor’s office and speaks with Will. The detective is adamant that he needs to speak with Bea and winds up letting Will listen to the call, which landed Kaz inside. Will immediately recognizes the voice as that of the Freak. During this time, Ferguson throws Bea on the sink and prepares to drown her. Ferguson chats with Bea, while Vera attempts to get the protest under control.

wentworth s4 e8 recap

Will takes the detective’s phone and allows Kaz to listen to the phone call. They immediately rush to the kitchen, where Bea is pulled out of the water. Allie and the others attempt to save Bea, while Kaz fights with the Freak. Kaz attempts to push Ferguson’s face into the hot grease, but only manages to get her hand inside. The guards enter, Kaz is pulled away, the paramedics are called, and the episode ends.


Wentworth Review

The 8th episode of Wentworth’s 4th season was definitely great and thoroughly effective. Ferguson finally made her move, but likely failed to fulfill her promise. The entire murder or attempted murder scene was drug out a little too long, but it was intense nonetheless. With just a few episodes left and Kaz now knowing the truth about Ferguson, it is likely Kaz and Bea will team up for revenge.

Truly an excellent episode. A 9.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with our previous recaps of Wentworth right now!

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