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Wentworth Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

When the third episode begins, Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) is introduced to general population. The women harass her every step of the way. A confrontation ensues in the yard, but Bea (Danielle Cormack) steps in and forces the women to stand aside. Eventually, Vera (Kate Atkinson) manages to transport Ferguson to her cell nearby Karen (Tammy Macintosh) and Allie (Kate Jenkinson). Vera speaks with Bea afterwards and instructs her to keep Ferguson safe or it’ll backfire on both of them. In the hallway, Lucy (Sally-Anne Upton) speaks with Bea and asks when she is going to make her move against Ferguson. Bea insists she will when the time is right. Meanwhile, Vera and Will (Robbie Magasiva) speak about the new prisoner and how they can keep her safe, until the trial.

wentworth season 4 episode 3

Next, Ferguson’s guard forces Kaz to make the Freak some tea. Ferguson uses the opportunity to chat with Kaz, while having flashbacks of her asylum doctor. Ferguson tells Kaz she admires what she does for the women. She also offers her support. Next, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) learns she has been accepted for the conjugal program, while Doreen (Shareena Clanton) has been denied. During this time, Maxine (Socratis Otto) tells Liz (Celia Ireland) about her breast inspection and the doctor sending her for a mammogram. During lunch, the women continue chatting about the conjugal visits, until Bea is asked about her intentions for the Freak. She admits attacking the Freak would only backfire and result in their rights being stripped away. Afterwards, Bea flirts with Allie and compliments the new haircut she gave her. Bea also asks Allie about the Freak, who has just been sitting around staring at the wall. During their conversation, we see another flashback for Ferguson and see how she was taken advantage of by the asylum doctor.

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Next, Ferguson speaks with Kaz and apologizes for having the guard stand nearby at all times. She attempts to convince Kaz to keep her safe, so he can be removed. Unfortunately, Kaz refuses to guarantee Ferguson’s safety, due to her previous position in the prison. Bea runs into Will in the hallway and the pair fix the bed in the conjugal room together. They also chat about Ferguson and her potential motives. Once they exit, Bea is confronted by Allie, who asks about her relationship with Will. Bea tells her to mind her business. Doreen speaks with Vera about her application’s denial. She learns that her previous actions were the cause and is also told that Ferguson wants a visit from her peer worker. Doreen returns to the laundry and is hounded by Bea, who insists she must see Ferguson.

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Doreen eventually relents and meets with Ferguson, who tells her the truth about Joshua and Warner. She returns to Bea and admits Ferguson seems different. The other girls attempt to convince her that the Freak is simply putting on an act. Next, Ferguson meets with Vera and tells her that she wants a shower and to be allowed in the sun for a period. Vera gives in and agrees to give Ferguson 5 minutes outside. Ferguson heads outside and soaks up the son. A projectile smashes one of the guards in the face and Ferguson is nearly attacked. Doreen steps in and defends the Freak, while telling the others about Bea’s orders. Will escorts Ferguson back to his cell, where he is asked if he regrets saving Ferguson’s life. He admits he doesn’t, but intends to keep her in prison, until she can get what she deserves. Vera attempts to convince Ferguson to return to protection, but she refuses and still demands a shower.

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In the cafeteria, Doreen is ridiculed for protecting Ferguson. However, Bea insists she was just following orders. Maxine tells Liz she will get her results tomorrow. Meanwhile, Allie flirts with Bea and freaks her out. Back in her cell, Ferguson attempts to convince Linda Miles (Jacqueline Brennan) to help her out. A large sum of money does the trick, while also feeding Miles’ gambling habits. Next, Allie speaks with Bea and apologizes for freaking her out. Bea insists it was nothing, but admits she doesn’t normally do the sex thing. Ferguson is harassed and threatened all night. Miles transports Bea to Ferguson, who tells her about the upcoming shower and also invites her to beat her up. Bea doesn’t seem interested in the arrangement and says as much. Bea returns to Maxine and discusses the proposal. Maxine admits it is a lose-lose situation and someone will do it, if Bea doesn’t.

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Maxine also contemplates what it would mean if Ferguson was killed. Bea admits she sees Brayden and Jax in her head and doesn’t want the Freak to be there too. Doreen speaks with Vera in the morning and confirms the shower. Bea prepares herself and heads towards the showers, as Ferguson is led inside. Ferguson is confronted in the shower by Lucy and her girls. She is attacked and raped, before Bea can arrive. When she finally does make it, the others are gone. Bea and Miles quickly clean up the mess and Miles transports Ferguson back to her cell. She admits she wants no medical help. Bea returns to the cafeteria and Maxine notices the blood on her wrist. Bea says nothing about the incident. Meanwhile, Kaz discovers Ferguson and agrees to help her get rid of the bloody towel.

wentworth season 4 lucy


Kaz finally comes around and tells Ferguson she will keep her safe. During this time, we see a flashback of Ferguson manipulating her asylum doctor and admitting she has been in control the entire time.


Wentworth Review

Season 4 of Wentworth is finally starting to heat up. Ferguson is out and she has already drummed up the drama. Did she intentionally set herself up to be assaulted, in order to drive a bigger wedge between Kaz and Bea? What is wrong with Maxine? Will a medical scare take Maxine out of the picture for awhile and give Ferguson and Kaz the opportunity to move in?

The future isn’t look so bright for our top dog. A good episode that deserves a solid 9 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth right now!

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