Wentworth Season 3 Premiere Date

If you’ve been keeping up with the Australian television series, Wentworth, you’ve likely been eagerly awaiting news of Wentworth Season 3! Well, now you’ve got it! SoHo, which airs the prison drama, has announced that the third season of Wentworth will premiere on April the 7th!

There are many questions to be answered and likely numerous future confrontations between Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) and Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva)! Of course, you shouldn’t leave out The Freak, who is perhaps more dangerous than the inmates of the Wentworth correctional center. The wellbeing of Matthew Fletcher also hangs in the balance, while Will could potentially be fighting for his freedom!

How will “Red” handle the role of top dog? Will she be able to outwit Joan Ferguson? Or will Franky Doyle swoop in and disrupt the party? We cannot wait to see the latest season! Will you be watching with us?

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