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Wentworth S4 E9 Recap

When the episode begins, Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) envisions herself in the ocean. She sees her daughter, Debbie (Georgia Flood), waving on the beach. Bea attempts to swim towards her daughter, but she disappears and Bea finds herself surrounded by more water. Allie (Kate Jenkinson) is brought into Vera’s (Kate Atkinson) office and questioned by the governor and Will (Robbie Magasiva). Allie gives up nothing and remains adamant that she is innocent. Vera pays a visit to Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) in solitary and attempts to convince Kaz to squeal on Ferguson (Pamela Rabe). Kaz remains silent. Bea is brought back to the prison and put in medical. There, she is questioned by Bridget Westfall (Libby Tanner). Bridget asks about Bea’s cuts, but doesn’t receive a definite answer.

wentworth season 4 georgia flood

Bridget reports the information to Vera and admits Bea’s apparent memory loss is consistent with her injuries. Once Bridget stops speaking, Will attempts to get permission from Vera to speak with Kaz, but his request is refused. Next, Doreen Anderson (Shareena Clanton) pays a visit to Bea. Bea lets her have it and tells her to get out. Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) and the girls confront Allie in the bathroom and nearly bash her. Liz Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) manages to talk her out of it, by insisting Bea would want to make her own decision. As the women begin to leave, Allie asks Doreen about Bea’s condition. Allie attempts to sneak into medical, but gets stopped on the way. Nonetheless, she manages to scream and profess her innocence to Bea. Vera attempts to talk some sense into Kaz once more, but fails.

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Once Kaz returns to her cellblock, she is confronted by Allie. Kaz admits she knew about the attack, but didn’t know it was going to go that far. Allie tries to pressure Kaz into telling Bea the truth about her involvement. Kaz also learns about Bea and Allie’s relationship. Kaz pays a visit to Bea and apologizes. She also takes the time to tell Bea that she is sorry for using Allie to bait her to the kitchen. Bea gets a visit from Vera and Bridget. She expresses her desire to return to her cell, but is first forced to tour the kitchen in hopes of restoring her memory. Although it does the trick, Bea remains silent and doesn’t give up any helpful information. Bea is then allowed to join the others in the yard. She is welcomed back by Liz and Boomer, while giving Allie dirty glances. Boomer gives Bea an update, while they return to their cellblock. Once Bea escapes to her cell, Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) tells the women about her friend, who suffered from depression.

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Next, Vera tells the guards about Ferguson returning. Jake quickly speaks up and agrees to watch Ferguson during her stay in medical. They confront Ferguson moments later and Vera expresses her intent to keep Ferguson locked up until her trial. Allie pays a visit to Bea’s cellblock and once again tries to profess her innocence. Bea refuses to believe Allie and reveals that Kaz said otherwise. Allie returns to her cell and fights with Kaz, before breaking down in tears. Bridget checks on Bea and learns about her depression. Meanwhile, Jake attempts to pry information from Ferguson. Ferguson doesn’t give up information, but does tell Jake that Vera only rose to the top, because she threatened to sue the board after getting hepatitis C. Ferguson also requests a visit. Jake takes the information to Vera, who neither confirms or denies it. Next, Maxine (Socratis Otto) is returned to the prison and placed in medical. He gets a visit from the girls.

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Maxine is greeted back with candy and Sonia also offers to pay for Max’s reconstructive surgery. Boomer doesn’t like the deal and storms off angrily. Next, Bea gets a visit from Franky (Nicole da Silva). Bea chats about her troubles and also reveals her true feelings about Allie. Franky ridicules Bea and peps her up during the conversation. Meanwhile, Allie sobs in the yard. Vera visits the Freak and tells her that her visitor, Shayne Butler (Hunter Page-Lochard), has arrived. Ferguson speaks with the boy about his mother and attempts to convince him that she wasn’t a drug addict. Shayne seems to fall for Ferguson’s scheme. While Ferguson chats with Shayne, Will tells Vera that the Freak must be up to something. He again requests to speak with Kaz, but is denied once more. Will speaks with Bea and tells her that Ferguson is still making plans, since she is making contact with those on the outside.

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Will tries to enlist Bea’s help in acquiring information from Kaz. Bea speaks with Kaz outside and asks her about Shayne, as well as the Freak’s other plans. Kaz tells Bea about Ferguson’s request. Bea calls Franky and tells her to gain information regarding Shayne and any connection he may have to Jasper. Will speaks with Kaz in the hallway, before the conversation turns hostile. Will pulls Kaz into a private room, where he is attacked by Kaz’s friend. Will is tied up and recorded. Kaz tells him to leave the women alone or the video will be posted online. Jake discovers Will a bit later and unties him. Jake agrees to keep the situation a secret. Boomer pays a visit to Max and tells him she is sorry for going off on Sonia. During their conversation, Maxine finally relents and agrees to have a baby with Boomer.

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Boomer returns to her cellblock and breaks the news to Liz and Sonia. Once Boomer leaves, Sonia confronts Liz and asks her about all of her questions. Sonia seems to be onto Liz’s true intentions. That night, Vera is approached by Jake outside of the prison. She confirms her hepatitis C and Jake admits he doesn’t care. He prepares to kiss Vera, but she stops him and tells him they cannot do that here. Next, Bea pays a visit to Maxine, who admits he thinks Allie really loved her. Bea attempts to find Allie in her cell, but she is nowhere to be found. Kaz tells Bea that Allie is all hers now. Allie is shown in the kitchen snorting drugs.


Wentworth Review

Although this episode of Wentworth was a little bit predictable, it had some excellent moments. Franky’s return was surprisingly emotional even though she hasn’t been gone too long. Despite Kaz’s predicament, she has remained deceitful and continues to stir up strife between Allie and Bea. And of course, Maxine has returned without breasts. All in all, a good episode, which leaves a lot to be answered.

An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth right now!

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