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Wentworth Recap Season 4 Episode 4

When the 4th episode of Wentworth’s 4th season begins, Kaz (Tammy Macintosh) is seen caring for Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) throughout the night. Kaz informs Allie (Kate Jenkinson) that someone will have to pay for the attack. In the morning, Joan wakes up bloody. She changes clothes and manages to hide her wounds. In the cafeteria, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) informs the others that conjugals are back on, since Kel took the blame for the attack on the screw. Bea (Danielle Cormack) and Maxine (Socratic Otto) agree to do Boomer’s hair and makeup, while Doreen (Shareena Clanton) stews in her own self pity. Moments later, Kaz and Ferguson join the women. It doesn’t take long for Lucy (Sally-Anne Upton) and her girls to begin harassing the Freak. Ferguson gets up and rushes out, before Bea speaks with Allie about the attack.

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Bea tells Allie not to protect Ferguson and that she is a psycho. Nonetheless, Allie refuses to listen and insists she can handle the old woman, who can barely move around now. Kaz returns to the cell block with Ferguson and questions her about the attacker’s identity. Ferguson has no problem offering up her attack’s name, Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva). Kaz admits he needs to be dealt with. Meanwhile, Maxine gets a visit from the doctor. She receives some bad news. Some of the cells are malignant. Maxine is quickly worried that he’ll have to stop taking his hormones. Vera (Kate Atkinson) and Will attempt to discover what has happened. Vera receives a radio call that Ferguson is refusing to allow a strip search. She joins the other officer and they perform the search together. During the search, Vera learns about Ferguson’s attack. Still, Ferguson refuses to gives up any information and insists she fell.

joan ferguson wentworth season 4Afterwards, Kaz confronts Bea outside and openly asks her about Will’s involvement in Ferguson’s rape. Bea laughs and insists Kaz is being played. Kaz continues spouting off at the mouth, until she is socked in the jaw and knocked to the ground. Bea heads on her way and leaves Kaz in her own blood. Bea returns to her cell block and is quickly hounded for answers by Liz and Doreen. She finally tells them about the gang rape, but admits she doesn’t know who is responsible. However, she remains adamant that Will had nothing to do with it. Nonetheless, Liz insists it would be a bad idea to protect a screw. Maxine arrives and admits the Asian crew knew nothing. Liz learns about Maxine’s test results in private, but Maxine makes them sound better than they really were. Ferguson gets a visit from Bridget (Libby Tanner), who accuses her of setting up the attack on herself. Ferguson hits back, by sniffing of Bridget and insisting she must miss Frankie.

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As soon as Ferguson rejoins general population, she returns to her feeble act. Vera speaks to the other officers about the attack, but Miles and nobody else provides information. After the speech, Bridget asks Vera, if she considered Ferguson setup the attack herself. Vera orders Kaz into her office and speaks with her about Ferguson and the attack. Vera insists Kaz is being manipulated by Ferguson, but she refuses to admit it. Kaz also alludes to the fact that a guard was responsible for the assault. Meanwhile, Bea meets up with Jackson and tells him about the rumor being spread by Kaz and her gang. Allie observes the conversation and is quickly escorted to the showers by Bea. She is ordered to keep her mouth shut and saying nothing. Allie agrees. Allie also learns about Will doing Bea a favor, when her daughter died. Will takes the information to Vera, who immediately asks why Will was in her cell previously. Will insists he has done nothing and promises to get to the bottom of it. Vera tells him to stay away from Ferguson until then.

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Next, Doreen pays a visit to Ferguson, who asks about her conjugal visits. Ferguson provides her with advice for forcing Vera to cave and approve her application. Meanwhile, the women receive their pills, but Boomer spits hers out. Kaz returns to her cell block and begins planning an attack on Will. Allie mentions the cameras, but Ferguson admits she knows where they all are and which areas aren’t covered. In the morning, Boomer gets her hair fixed and prepares to meet with Daz (Tom Budge). Initially, Daren wants nothing to do with Boomer, but she manages to talk him into it. Doreen takes Ferguson’s advice to Vera and attempts to receive her conjugal visits. Vera immediately recognizes that Doreen has been speaking with Ferguson and refuses. Meanwhile, Daz learns about Boomer’s intention to get pregnant and rushes out. Afterwards, Kaz prepares for her attack on Will.

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Allie breaks away from the others and alerts Bea to Kaz’s plan. Will is in the kitchen, while Kaz and her girls wait outside to attack. Bea grabs Miles’ radio and tells Will to get out of the kitchen just as the girls storm inside. A fight ensues and Will is knocked to the ground. He eventually manages to get up and escape, while locking the others inside. Kaz and the girls get rid of their masks and make their escape. Will speaks with the Governor and is told to calm down and not provoke violence. Allie returns to her cellblock and is confronted by Kaz. Ferguson steps in and admits they’re in a good situation, since Bea stood up for a screw and that will hurt her severely. Vera speaks with Bea and contemplates slotting Kaz to break up her alliance with Ferguson. Bea refuses to say anything.

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Bea is escorted back to her cell. Along the way, she is harassed and called a screw lover. When she returns, she is belittled by Liz, who admits she told her so. She also learns about Maxine’s lumps. Will and Vera speak once more. Will admits they cannot punish Bea for warning him. Maxine admits they need to keep it secret from the others, since it would weaken them. Will interrupts and thanks Bea for warning him. He admits she isn’t going to be punished. When he turns around, Bea attacks. Will hits his head on a column and is brutally beaten by Bea. After the attack ends, Bea is hauled away, while the women chant her name. Kaz and Ferguson witness the event and do not seem very satisfied.


Wentworth Review

The 4th episode was by far the best of the season. The conflict between Kaz, Bea and Ferguson is beginning to transform into a chaotic chess match. Ferguson has proven she is willing to do anything and everything to regain the upper hand. Maxine’s condition may put him out of the picture for awhile and that would severely hurt Bea and her crew. Nonetheless, she still has Allie in her back pocket, but how much will Kaz trust her now?

A solid 9.5 out of 10 for the 4th episode. Catch up with previous recaps of Wentworth right now!

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