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Wake In Fright Episode 2 Recap

As the 2nd episode begins, John Grant (Sean Keenan) goes shooting with Mick (Anna Samson) and Joe (Lee Jones). He remembers shooting at pigs. Grant drinks and does drugs all the while. It seems that Grant has a great time with the couple. Eventually, they come to a stop. Everyone gets out. John is given night vision goggles. Doc Tydon (Alex Dimitriades) says something to John. Then, he wonders into the darkness. He spots a huge pig and stumbles backwards. He trips over something and hits his head on the ground. Grant wakes up in the morning all alone. He looks around and eventually spots Doc’s lifeless body on the ground. In a flashback, John remembers Doc telling him that Mick and Joe are worried that their secrets aren’t safe with him. John remembers the meth factory and runs for the road.

john grant wake in fright episode 2John spots Mick’s truck behind him. He sees a police vehicle in front of him. He runs forward and meets with Jock (David Wenham). He immediately tells Jock about Mick and Joe killing Doc. They travel back to the scene and Doc’s body is nowhere to be found. Jock believes that John might have taken some hard drugs. He takes him to the scrap yard. There, they speak with Mick and Joe. Mick and Joe deny everything. Jock is allowed to search the place, but the meth lab is already gone. On the way back into town, Sandy searches Doc’s place. She finds a mess and broken glass. John is allowed to shower and change clothes. Then, Janette Hynes (Caren Pistorius) arrives to take his blood. John pleads with her to help him escape. Next, John spots Mick and Joe outside. He grabs his phone and escapes out of the window. He sneaks over to the police station.

john and doc wake in frightAt the station, John sees pictures of Sandy with Mick. He becomes suspicious and leaves in a hurry. He heads to the medical clinic, but Janette is nowhere to be found. He heads into the alley and gets into Ursula’s (Robyn Malcolm) vehicle. She drives him to her house and locks him in a room. Then, she tries to seduce him. She also gives him the keys to her vehicle. Tim (Gary Sweet) arrives home. Ursula speaks with Tim about the John and Doc incident. John sneaks out of the house and sets the car alarm off outside. He makes a run for it. John finds a payphone. He tries to call his girlfriend’s father. He speaks to his for seconds, before getting a busy signal. His cellphone doesn’t work, so he throws it across the road. John spots Jock and is forced to hide. He finds Janette and once again asks for her help.

anna samson wake in frightWhile Janette is away, John looks through her book. He finds a picture of Janette with Doc and a baby. When Janette returns, he learns that she had a baby with Doc. She accuses John of killing Doc and runs him off of the property. John finds water to drink, but is forced to vomit is back up. Then, he lays down and sleeps briefly. He remembers Doc telling him that his secrets are safe. John eventually gets a ride. He is taken to a nearby gas station. There, he speaks with a trucker, who has Sydney on his truck. He asks the man to take him home to Sydney. In return, he gives the man the engagement ring. The man agrees to take him. While John waits, he falls asleep. He wakes up and finds Jock outside. John sneaks around back and waits for Jock to leave. He is forced to ride in the back of the truck. When John wakes up in the morning, he finds himself back in Yabba. The man returns the ring. John returns to the police station. He is placed in a cell with Mick and Joe.

john and sandy wake in frightMick tells John that he has caused the situation to spiral out of control. She explains that they moved the body and had everything under control, until John caused a fuss. They also explain that their parents owned the scrap yard and they were doing everything possible to keep their land. Doc owed the couple money for drugs and threatened to tell on them. Jock gets John out of the cell just as Doc’s body is rolled in on a stretcher. Jock shows John a video of the night before. It shows that John was responsible for shooting Doc. John insists he didn’t do it intentionally. Then, he is allowed to leave. He heads outside and spots the taxi. He gets the shotgun from the truck and heads onward. He finds a place to sit down. Then, he remembers proposing to Robyn (Hannah Fredericksen). She says no. He continues drinking, while she goes swimming. He passes out on the beach. When John wakes up, he discovers that Robyn has drowned. In the present, John shoots himself.

jock crawford wake in frightJohn wakes up in a hospital bed. He is told that he is a bad shot. Jock visits and explains that Yabba cannot afford to get a bad reputation. Mick and Joe have been forced to leave town. Jock shows John a statement he has written up about the shooting. It states that John found the gun and intended to remove it to protect the local children. He tripped and the gun discharged. He signs it. Afterwards, John visits Janette. He learns that Janette’s daughter was named Olivia. The girl drowned when Doc was supposed to be watching her. Janette admits she cannot leave town, because she doesn’t want to leave Olivia behind. John is shown a note from Doc. Doc and John didn’t sleep together. Instead, Doc gave him medical attention throughout the night. Doc also explains that he wanted everyone to know that he loved Olivia too.

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As the episode ends, we see that John Grant has returned to his previous teaching job. One of the students asks John about killing someone during the break. John makes a joke about it. Then, he asks the other students about their break.


Wake In Fright Review

I thoroughly enjoyed Wake In Fright from start to finish. The casting was definitely perfect. Each actor and actress did a spectacular job in their respective role. The series is definitely bleak and depressing. Despite being slightly unbelievable, the story still manages to deliver a deep, meaningful message. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Wake In Fright was one of the most enjoyable shows I have watched this year. It might only be two episodes, but it was still more powerful and gripping than much longer series.

What can I say? I enjoyed the show. It was slightly quirky, somewhat depressing and very intriguing. If you’ve got a few hours to kill, spend it watching Wake In Fright. It is well worth your time. The finale scores a solid 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with the previous recap of Wake In Fright now!

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