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Victoria Series 2 Episode 8 Recap

At the episode begins, Vicky (Hallie Woodhall) dances while Albert (Tom Hughes) plays the piano. King Leopold (Alex Jennings) interrupts. Albert is not happy to see him. Leopold explains that he wanted to see his family. He gives Albert a late birthday present. Albert leaves with Vicky seconds later. Leopold explains to Victoria (Jenna Coleman) that he does everything for his family. Victoria lashes out at Leopold for telling Albert that he might be his father. The Duke of Wellington (Peter Bowles) and Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) speak to the party about breaking the Corn Laws. Several members refuse and walk out. The Duke of Wellington explains that a good prime minister must put his country before his own inclinations.

leopold victoria series 2 episode 9Seconds later, Albert enters the nursery. He finds that Victoria and Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) have the windows open. Albert quickly shuts them and scolds the women. He is concerned that Vicky could catch the flu. Ernest (David Oakes) speaks with Harriet (Margaret Clunie) in private. They seem to be hitting it off once again. Leopold enters and requests to speak with Ernest in private. Next, Peel defends free trade in chambers. George Bentink (Roger May) ridicules Peel. Penge (Adrian Schiller) reads the newspaper to the staff. The papers have turned against Robert Peel. Albert and Victoria get a visit from Peel. Victoria insists they would be astonished if the Repeal Bill did not pass. Albert seems convinced that it will pass. He also believes that Peel will continue as prime minister when the new parliament building opens in five years. Alfred (Jordan Waller) speaks with Wilhelmina Coke (Bebe Cave) in the hallway.

tom hughes victoria series 2 finaleAlfred confirms that he is going out for dinner. He meets with Drummond (Leo Suter). Drummond admits he is thinking about breaking off his engagement. Alfred urges him not to do so. He insists a good politician needs a good wife. Lehzen tells Victoria that Vicky needs a little fresh air. Leopold tries to speak with Albert in private. Leopold admits he shouldn’t have spoken as he did in Coburg. Lehzen takes new dinner orders to Penge. He tells her that she should not try to come between Victoria and Albert. Albert visits Peel and learns that Peel’s party has turned against him. Albert admits that they’re both thin skinned. Albert tells Peel that he must persevere for his own sake. The Duke of Wellington speaks with Victoria about Bentink. Victoria pleads with the Duke to speak with them. He is concerned that Bentink and his men will bring Peel down. Albert reads to Vicky. He quickly discovers that she is sick.

penge victoria s02e08 recapThen, Albert admits he intends to attend the parliament debate. Victoria tries to change his mind, but he ignores her. Ernest is told that he may propose with a clear conscience as long as he remains symptom free. Albert’s presence at the debate is used against Peel. Albert enters the hallway and slams his fist into the wall. He returns home and demands that Victoria send for the doctor, Sir James. Lehzen takes Vicky. Then, Albert and Victoria get into an argument. He tells Victoria that she needs to choose between him and Lehzen. Drummond speaks to Peel. He is concerned that Peel might get shot like Spencer Percival. Peel insists he is not worried. In the morning, Albert meets with Peel. He tells him what Lord Melbourne once told him about the House of Commons. Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley) invites Skerrett (Nell Hudson) out on a boat ride. She agrees. Victoria learns that Vicky does have a fever. The doctor admits it could be bad, if the fever does not break. She tells Harriet about her problems moment later. Harriet explains that it can be difficult to hold two people in your heart.

victoria series 2 episode 8 recapAlfred sends a note to Drummond. He explains that he has no right to determine his future. He also arranges to meet him later that evening. The members of the parliament debate again. Peel is forced to hold his tongue. He rushes out and is calmed down by Drummond. Harriet and Ernest get romantic back at the palace. Leopold interrupts and tells Ernest that he already has a wife candidate. Ernest refuses to marry Leopold’s choice. Ernest leaves and Albert scolds Leopold. Leopold explains that Albert will eventually learn that it is not always necessary to be right. The family sits with Vicky throughout the night. The parliament prepares to vote on the Repeal Bill. Peel wins the vote. Meanwhile, Vicky’s fever breaks. Outside, Peel thanks Drummond for calming him down. A man emerges from the crowd with a gun.

peel and drummond series 2 finale victoriaDrummond protects Peel and is shot in the chest. He doesn’t make it to Alfred’s dinner date. Albert and Victoria get a visit from the Duke and Robert. They break the good and bad news. Peel leaves to inform Drummond’s family. The Duchess of Buccleuch (Diana Rigg) pulls Alfred aside and tells him. She offers him advice and support. Ernest agrees to meet with Harriet later that night. Skerrett and Francatelli enjoy their boat ride. They eat tarts and share a kiss. Robert tells Victoria that he intends to resign. He says his goodbye to Albert moments later. Brodie (Tommy Knight) helps Ernest out of the tub. When he does, he notices a rash on Ernest’s back. Brodie steps outside and tells Harriet that Ernest has canceled their meeting.

francatelli and skerrett victoriaMoments later, Victoria does her best to send Lehzen back to her family. It isn’t easy, but she manages to get it done. Drummond is laid to rest. Alfred meets with Florence (Grace Link) briefly. Before Lehzen leaves, Penge gives her a bottle of wine. Leopold surprises Vicky with a horse.


Victoria Review

Victoria’s second season has been fantastic. The overall storyline for the season was a little shaky, but each episode was great in its own way. The finale was no different. It delivered a conclusion for some storylines, while expanding on others. Ernest’s past mistakes have come back to haunt him. Now, he may never be able to settle down with Harriet. Lehzen has been sent away. Is she gone for good? Peel accomplished his objective of getting the Corn Laws repealed, but it also brought about the end of his political career.

Drummond was shot and killed for his troubles. What will happen to Alfred now? The episode also pushed Skerrett and Francatelli together finally. The finale was great. There is definitely plenty of room for future episodes. I cannot wait for the Christmas special. This episode scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Victoria now!

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