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Victoria Series 2 Episode 4 Recap

As the fourth episode gets underway, Victoria (Jenna Coleman) gives birth to another baby. Albert (Tom Hughes) addresses the crowd and lets them know that they now have a Prince. While everyone seems happy, Victoria is not. In Coburg, Germany, the Duke (Andrew Bicknell) meets with one of his favorite ladies. He passes away during the encounter. Albert finds Victoria near the piano. He sings, while she plays. Skerrett (Nell Hudson) meets with Eliza (Samantha Colley). She tells Eliza about her raise and gives her a little money. Eliza is ungrateful. Victoria and Albert sit with the baby. Victoria remains standoffish with the boy. Brodie (Tommy Knight) tells the other palace workers that the intruder has made news headlines.

tom hughes victoria s02e04Penge (Adrian Schiller) suggests that someone has passed the information along to the press. He looks at Skerrett suspiciously. Albert and Victoria discuss the news. Albert seems worried, but Victoria does not. Seconds later, Brodie brings news about Albert’s father. Drummond (Leo Suter) and Alfred (Jordan Waller) speak about the Queen. Alfred admits she has been awkward ever since the birth. Albert puts Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) in charge of finding out who tipped off the newspapers. He insists all of the staff will have to be replaced, if she cannot find the one responsible. Albert tells Victoria that she is not yet ready to travel. He departs for Coburg moments later. That night, Skerrett runs into Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley). She notices that he has purchased some expensive items.

albert and victoria s02e04Albert arrives and speaks with Ernest (David Oakes). They agree that their father seems peaceful for a change. The Duchess (Diana Rigg) and Wilhelmina (Bebe Cave) sit with Victoria. Lehzen and takes the baby. Albert speaks highly of his son to Ernest. Albert explains that he was rude to his father during their last meeting. Ernest tells him that their father died doing what he loved. Drummond and Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) visit Victoria. They tell her about the upcoming opening of a revolutionary tunnel. She is impressed with the project, but she admits she cannot attend. Seconds later, the Duchess of Kent (Catherine Flemming) finds Victoria outside. The Duchess admits she is surprised that Victoria isn’t in the nursery. Then, she explains that she never wanted to leave Victoria when she was a baby.

duchess of kent victoria s2 e4Meanwhile, Albert and Ernest lay their father to rest. Skerrett speaks with Eliza, who admits she told the newspaper about the palace’s intruder. Eliza shows no remorse and doesn’t care that Skerrett could lose her job. Leopold (Alex Jennings) tells Albert that he slept with his mother. After Albert’s birth, the two separated. Albert seems dumbfounded by the revelation. That night, Victoria sneaks to the nursery and watches the nurse with the baby. Albert and Ernest speaks about Ernest’s marriage options. Ernest admits Leopold wants him to marry Princess Alda (Hebe Beardsall). Alda immediately complains about everything. Ernest tries to make nice with her, but it doesn’t go well. Next, Peel visits Victoria and tells her that there was an explosion at the armory.

hebe beardsall victoriaHe urges her to visit the clinic and speak with the injured. She does so. She meets one man, who admits he named his daughter after her. Afterwards, Peel insists Victoria’s presence made a difference. Lehzen confronts Francatelli and accuses him of tipping off the newspapers. Albert joins Ernest and begins drinking plenty of alcohol. The Duchess of Buccleuch speaks with Victoria. She praises her decision to meet with the injured. She also admits she also experienced depression after giving birth. She promises that those feelings will pass. For once, it seems like the Duchess has actually helped Victoria. Coke speaks with Alfred and Drummond. She admits she wonders about Ernest in Coburg. Albert becomes drunk and breaks a few glasses. He tries to tell Ernest about Leopold, but they both agree to next pay attention to him. As for Ernest, he makes it clear that he has no intention of marrying Alda.

victoria albert and ernestWhen Albert returns to the palace, he puts on armor and tries to defend himself from Leopold. He becomes enraged and complains that Leopold has now made him illegitimate. Leopold explains that nobody needs to find out. He also suggests he was just trying to give him comfort. In the morning, Victoria receives a new dog from the Sultan of Muscat. It quickly makes a mess on the bed. Before Albert leaves Coburg, he encourages Ernest to visit soon. Cleary (Tilly Steele) tells Skerrett about the accusations against Francatelli. Alfred finds Drummond. At this point, he learns that Drummond is engaged to be married. Skerrett tells Lehzen and Victoria everything she has been hiding all along. She admits she wasn’t supposed to be working at the palace. She also explains that Eliza told the newspapers about the intruder.

albert and leopold victoriaVictoria admits she might be able to forgive her. However, she doesn’t think Albert will. Albert returns home moments later. He is greeted by Victoria and the two dogs. Then, Albert learns about Skerrett. He wonders whether or not it was a good idea to get rid of Skerrett. Albert admits he cannot attend the opening of the tunnel. He explains that he doesn’t feel like himself. Victoria goes without him. She walks through the tunnel with Brunel (William Owen). Back at the palace, Albert speaks with Skerrett. He tells her that she deserves a second chance. He also decides to give her a room of her own. Victoria and her mother spend time with the new baby. Skerrett receives a thank you from Francatelli.

victoria albert and victoriaAlbert and Victoria sit at the piano. Victoria tells him the truth about her feelings. Albert remains silent about his own worries.


Victoria Review

This season of Victoria has been excellent. Each episode feels like a totally new rollercoaster ride of emotions. Victoria was once again forced to deal with the aftermath of another birth. She received comfort from a surprising source, the Duchess of Buccleuch. Victoria didn’t hide her feelings. Albert did. Leopold’s revelation has definitely taken a toll on Albert, who is usually upbeat and positive.

How will Victoria react when she learns that Albert could be illegitimate? This episode was great. It had plenty of laughs and lots of emotion. It scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Victoria now!

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