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Victoria Series 2 Episode 3 Recap

As the 3rd episode begins, Sir Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) and Drummond (Leo Suter) have the young thief’s brain examined. They are told that the boy is unable to fully understand the repercussions of his actions. Albert (Tom Hughes) and Victoria (Jenna Coleman) speak about the intruder. Albert seems worried, but Victoria doesn’t. Albert is given permission to refine the palace’s staff. Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell) is told that his condition is grim. He is told to get his affairs in order as quickly as possible. Albert speaks with Penge (Adrian Schiller) about the filthy windows. He is told that the inside staff is only responsible for the interior portion of the palace. Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) has a laugh at Albert’s expense. Victoria finds out that Dash is behaving awkwardly. She also agrees to meet with Bascombe (Jacob Krichefski).

jenna coleman victoria s2 e3Brodie (Tommy Knight) speaks with Albert. He admits that the staff often sells the palace’s leftovers. Emma (Anna Wilson-Jones) speaks with Lord Melbourne. She asks why he hasn’t returned Victoria’s letters. Melbourne explains that he is left with nothing to say. He pleads with the woman to tell Victoria that he is just lazy. Victoria finds that Dash isn’t eager to play. Bascombe arrives. He shows Victoria silk from Spitalfields and silk from elsewhere. It is clear that Bascombe’s silk is superior. Unfortunately, it appears that the lesser quality silk could shut down Bascombe’s business. Victoria consults with Peel and Drummond. She decides to throw a party and wear the higher quality silk to help the Spitalfields weavers get more business. Peel is concerned about having a ball with so much discontent from the citizens.

robert peel victoria series 2Afterwards, Peel reminds Albert that the country is in a state of unrest. He reveals that his rivals have gotten tons of signatures for their petition. Albert agrees to speak with the Queen in hopes of getting her to change her mind about the ball. Ernest (David Oakes) plays the piano while Wilhelmina Coke (Bebe Cave) turns the pages for him. Victoria begins arranging the party. She insists that everyone have new outfits made from the Spitalfields silk. She also mentions inviting Lord Melbourne and Harriet (Margaret Clunie). Albert speaks with Victoria and asks her whether they should be holding a ball when so many people are starving. Victoria suggests that the ball is a way to help the locals. Melbourne receives the invitation. He decides to partake in the event. Then, the group receives a history lesson. Albert apologizes to Peel for being unable to sway Victoria’s opinion.

actor rufus sewell victoria s2Coke speaks with Ernest about his costume. She recommends going as Robin Hood. Ernest likes the idea. Skerrett (Nell Hudson) takes clothing to the baby. Skerrett tells Eliza (Samantha Colley) that Victoria is hoping to help the weavers with the ball. Eliza reminds her that they need food above all else. Meanwhile, Victoria gives Albert a gift. When he opens the chest, he finds a new crown inside. The parliament argues about Victoria’s decision to throw a ball. That night, the ball gets underway. Victoria and Albert make their entrances, while the citizens revolt outside. Coke dances with Ernest, but he becomes distracted when Harriet enters the room. Skerrett and Cleary (Tilly Steele) watch from a distance. Ernest speaks with Harriet and asks for a dance. She obliges. Victoria runs into Melbourne in the hallway. Victoria admits she was worried that he might be ill. He suggests he has been busy with his plants.

ernest and wilhelmina victoriaVictoria ridicules him for not answering her letters. Ernest dances with Harriet. He tells her that nothing has changed. Coke watches in despair. The crowd outside continues to rant and rave. Melbourne and Victoria speak about the necessity of the ball. The couple dance together moments later. Melbourne becomes ill and is forced to stop. Before Victoria can check on him, she is called aside. She watches the crowd outside from her window. Alfred (Jordan Waller) chats with Drummond briefly. In the morning, Victoria speaks with Skerrett about the wasteful nature of the ball. She insists the remains should be distributed to the poor. The parliament ridicules Victoria’s decision. The newspapers do the same. Emma asks Victoria for permission to visit her sister. Victoria agrees and insists it will give her the opportunity to see Lord Melbourne.

actress bebe cave victoriaErnest approaches Coke. He tells her that he is going home. He gives her some music sheets, before departing. Albert tells Robert that he allowed himself to be persuaded by the Queen. Robert shows him the Parliament building. Robert encourages Albert to become the patron of the building and to ensure it gets built right. Victoria visits the weavers. She learns that her ball has done some good for Bascombe and his business. Albert tours the building and runs into Melbourne. Melbourne explains that he is responsible for saving the ceiling during the fire. Melbourne discusses his grievances. Albert finds out that Melbourne is ill. That night, Albert returns to find Victoria with Dash. He tells Victoria about Melbourne, but pleads with her to keep it a secret. Then, Albert speaks with Penge and Lehzen. He reveals that he has discovered fraud on behalf of the staff.

robert peel and albert victoria s2 e3Nevertheless, he believes that the fraud would cease, if the staffs’ pay was raised. The following day, Victoria visits Melbourne. She takes him a gift. It is a windup bird that plays Mozart music. When Victoria returns home, she finds Dash has passed. Albert rushes to her aid and comforts her. At the end of the episode, Melbourne is shown listening to the bird sing. Victoria gives Dash a funeral.


Victoria Review

The 3rd episode of Victoria’s second season was great. Unfortunately, it was also very sad. Victoria is normally upbeat and happy-go-luck. This episode had many happy moments, but it ended on a sour note. Dash has passed and it seems that Melbourne has as well. Ernest has also decided to move back home. Albert may have found something to keep him occupied in the parliament building, but it will be interesting to see how Victoria copes with her losses.

Victoria has been great this season. The episode scores an 8.5 out of 10. Catch up with past recaps of Victoria right now!

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