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Victoria Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

As the episode begins, Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes) play with the baby. Albert admits he cannot wait to educate their children. He also makes it clear that he wants to fill the nursery with toddlers. Then, Albert reveals that he has scheduled to meet with some mathematicians. Albert offers to stay behind and help, but Victoria refuses the offer. Seconds later, we see a young thief sneak into the palace. He takes and apple. Albert meets with his father moments later. His father pleads for money, so he can fix up Albert’s childhood home. King Leopold (Alex Jennings) speaks to Victoria about having more children. He too wants the nursery to be full. Albert meets with Ada Lovelace (Emerald Fennell). He is amazed by the equipment he observes. Meanwhile, Victoria struggles with some of her work. She is baffled by the mathematic terms and refuses to ask for Albert’s help.

victoria and albert series 2 episode 2Then, Skerrett (Nell Hudson) and Cleary (Tilly Steele) speak with Penge (Adrian Schiller). Penge tells Cleary that she should keep her religious rosary hidden from the others. The thief spies on the group. When Albert returns to the palace, he speaks with Robert Peel (Nigel Lindsay) and Victoria. He speaks about his excitement for Lovelace’s work. Peel also seems taken with the woman and her work. They agree that they need to support Charles Babbage (Jo Stone-Fewings) and Lovelace. Victoria quickly decides to invite the scientists and others to her house for a party. Drummon (Leo Suter) is put in charge of selecting the guests. Moments later, Wilhelmina Coke (Bebe Cave) finds Prince Ernest (David Oakes) playing the piano. She listens in and then chats with him. Moments later, the Duchess of Buccleuch (Diana Rigg) interrupts and pulls Coke away. Skerrett speaks with Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley).

tom hughes victoria s2 e2 recapFrancatelli admits he didn’t have a choice, but to return to the palace. Meanwhile, Victoria writes a letter to Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell) and invites him to the upcoming party. Skerrett helps Victoria get ready, while Baroness Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) watches from the sidelines. Victoria has trouble getting into her corset. They suspect that she might be pregnant again. The thief steals more. He also gives Cleary a good fright. Lord Melbourne arrives outside. During the event, Victoria is introduced to Lovelace and Babbage. Then, Victoria and Albert speak with Lord M. The dancing begins seconds later. After the dancing, Albert excitedly speaks with Loveland and Babbage about their machine. Lord Melbourne tells Victoria that Lovelace reminds him of her father. Then, Ira Aldridge (Ashley Zhangazha) takes to the stage. He performs Othello. Victoria praises his performance afterwards.

rufus sewell victoria s2 e2 recapCoke speaks with Ernest again. The thief steals her drink when she is distracted. The Duchess of Buccleuch ridicules the performance. Victoria speaks with Babbage and Lovelace again. She is unable to keep up with their conversation. She feels like the terms are flying over her head. Leopold chats with Melbourne. Melbourne prepares to leave, but Victoria stops him. Melbourne returns to Brocket Hall against Victoria’s wishes. In the morning, Ernest speaks with Albert about their father. Albert admits he doesn’t want to give his father money for women. Ernest suggests otherwise. Then, Albert admits he wants his father to leave. Cleary becomes frightened again in the morning. She imagines that there is a ghost in the palace. Skerrett interrupts and tries to calm her. Victoria argues with Albert about the child workers. She suggests that Lord M would’ve addressed the problem. Victoria learns that Albert has agreed to give a speech during the upcoming dinner. She asks him not to go.

victoria series 2 episode 2 recapWhen he finds out that it is not an order, Albert leaves promptly. Victoria has dinner with the family, while Albert is aware. She orders Lehzen to send Brodie (Tommy Knight) after Albert. After a little back and forth and several trips by Brodie, Albert decides not to return to the palace. When he returns home, Victoria ignores him. In the morning, Victoria decides to visit Lord Melbourne. She tells Buccleuch before departing. Albert returns to the palace and tells his father that he would like him to return to Coburg. Buccleuch tries to surprise Albert with Victoria’s whereabouts, but he doesn’t bother listening to her. Victoria asks Melbourne for advice about her relationship. He tries to calm her nerves and convince her that Albert has no interest in Lovelace. Buccleuch passes her information along to Leopold. Francatelli lets Penge know that someone is stealing from the palace. Penge couldn’t care in the least.

lord m victoria s2 e2 recapLeopold passes the news to Albert. At this time, Albert also learns that Victoria may be pregnant again. Alfred (Jordan Waller) and Drummond chat briefly that night. Then, Skerrett asks Victoria, if she should order new corsets. Albert enters and asks about Victoria’s pregnancy. Albert tells her that visiting Melbourne was a bad idea, since everything she does is considered political. Then, we see Melbourne receiving medical treatment. He also receives a note from the palace. Before Albert’s father leaves, he tells the Duchess of Kent (Catherine Flemming) that Victoria is pregnant again. Victoria receives a letter from Melbourne. He apologizes for not being able to visit. Again, he tells Victoria that Albert is a smart man and good for her. Ernest and Albert play piano together. Ernest also reveals that he has decided to stay behind. Albert seems glad.

albert and ernest victoriaVictoria visits Lovelace. She learns that the woman is a mother. The palace staff manages to chase down the thief. Albert meets Victoria. She apologizes for being jealous. She admits she is happy to be pregnant, but insists it is a little too soon. Albert confesses that he does not want to confine her. They embrace as the episode comes to an end.


Victoria Review

This episode of Victoria was good, but allow me to apologize for being a little distracted during this recap. I was doing several things simultaneously. I love everything about Victoria. The setting is fantastic and I adore the fancy wardrobes. The story itself is also excellent. This episode saw Victoria become jealous of Albert’s relationship with Lady Lovelace. Of course, her mistrust was unfounded.

It did bring Lord Melbourne back into the fold. Ernest is also likely to become a permanent figure in the series. Will Wilhelmina Coke throw herself into his arms? I enjoyed the episode just as much as the previous. It scores an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Victoria right away!

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