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Victoria Season 1 Finale Recap

The finale begins with Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Prince Albert (Tom Hughes) relaxing in bed together. Victoria complains about her current predicament and being confined to her bed. Albert seems sympathetic, but doesn’t hesitate to leave the Queen alone, in order to visit with Robert Peel. While the Prince is away, Cumberland returns to town and speaks with Leopold. They admit they’ve arrive for the same reasons, but hope for different outcomes. Penge and the other servants speaks about the situation downstairs. Brodie (Tommy Knight) chats about his newfound love for Shakespeare, before Jenkins loses her cool and lashes out at Penge. She insists the Queen is fine and will not have any complications during the pregnancy.

victoria finale Skerrett and Francatelli

Afterwards, Skerrett (Nell Hudson) speaks with Charles Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley). Charles flirts with Nancy, but little else is said. Next, we’re introduced to Edward Oxford (Harry McEntire). The boy receives a letter, which tells him to do nothing until he receives further instructions from Hanover. Albert and Peel (Nigel Lindsay) chat about their current affairs and that of Victoria. Peel tells Albert about the return of the King of Hanover. They discuss the potential of Cumberland attempting to steal the throne for himself. Victoria confides in the Baroness and admits she just wants this to be over as soon as possible. The Baroness comforts the Queen and insists everything will be just fine.

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Ernest (David Oakes) finally returns. He is immediately welcomed back by his brother. Penge (Adrian Schiller) delivers the Queen’s letters to Lehzen (Daniela Holtz), who immediately throws one into the trash. When asked about her actions, she admits the letter was from Captain Childers (Andrew Scarborough), who sends letters consistently. Ernest quickly makes his return known to Harriet (Margaret Clunie). The married woman is surprised to see him. Ernest returns the handkerchief, before the pair concur they’ve missed one another. Ernest attempts to flirt with Harriet, but she does her best to deflect his advances. Victoria speaks to her mother about the prospects of acquiring a wet nurse. He mother doesn’t like the idea one bit and lets it be known immediately. Nonetheless, Victoria tells the Baroness to begin hunting for a suitable candidate.

victoria finale harriet and ernest

Oxford practices his shooting skills. Meanwhile, Victoria takes a carriage into town. She is stopped by a roadblock and confronted by Captain Childers. The Captain offers to free her of the German. His actions startle the Queen, but the man is quickly apprehended by guards. Once she returns home, Albert tells her he and Cumberland believe it would be wise for the Queen to remain home where she will be safe. Victoria doesn’t agree and insists the people shouldn’t have a fearful leader. The next day, Victoria and Albert meet with Cumberland. He is thanked for his teaspoons, before Cumberland turns his attention to the mobs on the streets. Cumberland also addresses Albert and asks about his relationship with Peel. Leopold steps in and tells Cumberland now is not the time for such conversation. Victoria sends her uncle away. Cumberland makes a threat, before he departs. Next, Francatelli stops Skerrett and tells her he has been invited into the White’s Club.

Francatelli and Nancy Victoria Finale

Francatelli lays out his plan for opening his own establishment and invites Nancy to join him. She is hesitant and retreats, when Francatelli attempts to kiss her. Meanwhile, Jenkins and the Baroness attempt to find a suitable wet nurse. Penge scolds them for holding the auditions near the kitchen. The Baroness tells him off and remains adamant she has the Queen’s best interest in mind. Lehzen is then scolded by Albert, who orders her to give him the Queen’s letters from now on. She agrees to do so, but ponders whether or not that should be the Queen’s decision. The Queen gets dressed with Skerrett’s help and heads out into the city. This time, Albert joins her. While they’re away, Skerrett meets with her friend and tells her about the situation with Francatelli. Skerrett is instructed not to give up her freedom for a man. Ernest plays piano and simultaneously flirts with Harriet. Harriet implies Ernest should’ve stayed in Coburg.

victoria finale ernest and harriet

Ernest tries to persuade Harriet to spend time with him, but she wisely refuses. Victoria and Albert enjoy their carriage ride. Once again, the carriage is forced to slow down. Oxford emerges from the crowd and fires the weapon twice. Albert covers his wife, as the carriage speeds away. It seems nobody is hurt, but they are forced to wait for a doctor to determine the extent of the injuries. Moments later, the doctor confirms Victoria is fine. Leopold quickly tries to use the situation to convince Victoria that Cumberland is guilty for the crime. Peel and Albert learns about Oxford and his connection to the Young England Society. That night, Albert and Victoria contemplate the situation and question whether or not Cumberland could be involved. Despite having few answers, they agree Oxford needs to be punished.

Harry McEntire Victoria

When Cumberland (Peter Firth) returns, he is scolded by his colleagues and Robert Peel. Peel explains that Victoria is fine, but everyone is suspicious of his behavior. The detective interrogates Oxford, but receive nothing of substance. Oxford acts like a complete lunatic, as he insists Young England will keep his name alive. The detective returns to Albert and makes the startling revelation that the guns weren’t actually loaded. This makes it difficult for the state to secure a charge. Albert demands some type of punishment, while Lehzen and Jenkins manage to obtain the services of a wet nurse. Afterwards, Albert receives a note from Robert. Robert expresses his concern that Oxford will be acquitted and declared insane.

victoria finale recap

Victoria is fearful that she will become a prisoner, if Oxford is set free. Albert promises to keep his wife safe, but it does little to settle her nerves. Francatelli invites Skerrett to join him. She turns him own and insists he cannot offer what the Queen can. Next, Cumberland speaks with Victoria and tries to clear his name. Cumberland admits he would’ve had Oxford executed for his crimes. Victoria delivers a great comeback, by insisting she has questioned her own judgement but remains convinced she will always better a better monarch than he could ever be. Peel pays the couple a visit and reveals Oxford will be detained. Although Albert is concerned over the jury’s decision, Victoria admits she took the coronation oath and must abide by the nation’s laws. Peel agrees and praises the Queen for her fortitude.

Peter Firth Victoria Finale

Later, Ernest enlists the help of Brodie and instructs him to deliver a note to Harriet. Albert and Victoria tour the town once more, as the crowd cheers them on. That night, Ernest meets with Harriet in private. Despite their attraction to one another, they avoid taking their relationship to the next step, but just barely. Leopold tells Victoria about Charlotte’s love for sweets and how the doctors forbade her from eating them. He uses the opportunity to gain points and chocolates from the queen. Ernest runs into Albert in the hallway. Albert admits he is worried about Ernest’s behavior. However, Ernest reassures him nothing happened and he only obtained a lock of Harriet’s hair. That night, Victoria goes into labor. Albert shuts out the spectators at Victoria’s request.

ITV Victoria Finale Review

With her closest friends by her side, Victoria manages to give birth to her child. Penge delivers the queen’s letters to Lehzen. Skerrett heads to the kitchen only to discover Francatelli has already departed. Albert and Victoria celebrate their new baby girl. Albert admits he doesn’t mind it is a girl, while Victoria jokes she couldn’t let Cumberland become the King.


Victoria Review

The first season of ITV’s Victoria has finally come to a close and it is time to reflect on the 8 episodes. The tale set forth in the ITV drama is neither original or historically accurate, but it matters very little. The fact the series has already been renewed for a second series speaks for itself. Rufus Sewell was a dominate figure in the first 4 episodes, but his departure was hardly felt.

The addition of the youthful Prince Albert and his enthusiasm brought the show to life. His relationship with Victoria is undeniably a little awkward, but the characters seem to have true passion and love for one another. And finally, Jenna Coleman’s Victoria is witty and snarky. She is anything, but conventional, and she knows precisely how to get her way.

The side stories of Skerrett, Penge, Jenkins, and the other characters is simply icing on the cake. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Victoria’s first season and will most certainly watch the next. Surely I am not the only one? Not caught up yet? Check out our previous Victoria recaps now.

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