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Victoria Recap Episode 3

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman) is transported through the city. We also see a group of protestors of sorts marching. While the Queen speaks to her congregation, the protestors encounter a group of soldiers. The soldiers fire upon the protestors in the name of the Queen. Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell) speaks with the Queen in private. They discuss Duke Cumberland and his hatred for Melbourne. The Queen reveals her mother’s brother, Leopold, has written informing he plans to visit. She admits he wants to try and force her to get married. Neither seem thrilled with the idea. Victoria admits she hasn’t seen many happy marriages and Melbourne concurs. Leopold makes his arrival and quickly gets under the Queen’s skin. Victoria asks about Albert and learns he has finished his studies.

Queen Victoria Episode 3

King Leopold (Alex Jennings) attempts to convince the Queen that his nephew would make an excellent husband. Victoria doesn’t seem interested in the least. Sir John Conroy (Paul Rhys) uses the opportunity to chime in and insists Victoria needs a husband to advise her. Victoria uses that opportunity to make her departure. Meanwhile, the Duke of Cumberland (Peter Firth) speaks with his wife about Albert.  Victoria tells Melbourne about Leopold attempts to marry her off to her cousin. Melbourne tells her about the protest group, which refers to itself as the Chartists. Melbourne insists he is afraid for the Queen’s safety. Victoria admits she cannot fathom having to spend another night with Leopold only for Melbourne to make it worse by revealing the Russian Grand Duke will also be in attendance.

Jenna Coleman Victoria Actress

The Queen admits to enjoying the Russian Duke’s presence at the ball, but she also concludes he is no substitute for Melbourne. That night, Victoria and the rest attend an opera. Cumberland informs George to interrupt the Grand Duke (Daniel Donskoy), before he becomes too close to Victoria. In the basement of the palace, Penge (Adrian Schiller) and Jenkins (Eve Myles) attempt to predict who the Queen will marry. Skerrett (Nell Hudson) and Brodie (Tommy Knight) admit they have no money to wager. George manages to interrupt the Russian momentarily. Leopold spies on the group from afar and notices Melbourne attentively watching the Queen. On the way home, Leopold speaks with Victoria and inquires, if she intends to marry someone other than Albert (Tom Hughes). Victoria admits she has no intention to marry anyone, including Melbourne. Leopold advises her to be careful around the Lord.

Peter Firth Victoria ITV

Jenkins receives a letter from back home. Skerrett notices that the letter has brought the woman great concern. Jenkins rushes off without mention of the letter’s contents. The next day, Melbourne and Victoria go on a stroll. They discuss Victoria’s marriage options. During this time, Conroy speaks with Leopold and the pair agree some obstacles need to be removed, before Victoria can be wed to Albert. The Duchess of Kent (Catherine H. Flemming) interrupts and informs them they need to prepare for the ceremony. Conroy pretends he was trying to bum money from Leopold. Skerrett attempts to check on Jenkins. She is slipped the keys under the door and sent away. The ceremony gets underway. Victoria and Melbourne become concerned by the number of soldiers and potential Chartists in the crowd.

ITV Victoria EP 03 Skerrett

The Queen speaks about her father, before unveiling a monument in his honor. Once she does, the Chartists cause a scene. Leopold speaks with Melbourne about Albert. Leopold remains adamant that they’ll eventually connect and marry. Melbourne doesn’t seem concerned Victoria will change her mind. Back at the palace, Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley) attempts to get flirty with Skerrett. She shows no interest in the chef. Meanwhile, the Queen speaks with her ladies and confirms she has gotten over her encounter with the Chartists. Once again, Victoria borrows Lady Emma’s (Anna Wilson-Jones) to go after Melbourne. She tracks him down and chats with him momentarily. Victoria tells Melbourne he is the only companion she could ever desire. Melbourne admits he is like a rook and mates for life, which means he is still indebted to his wife.

Melbourne and Victoria ITV

Melbourne is forced to turn Victoria away. She looks distraught as she makes her exit. Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) speaks with Conroy, who insists the Queen has squandered the good will of the country. He says the only hope now is that she’ll marry a man, who will get her under control. Leopold and the Duchess speak with Victoria. Still, she remains uninterested in Albert. Once more Francatelli attempts to threaten Skerrett with exposure. He insists he only wants to be friends. Skerrett admits she doesn’t have friends. The Queen arrives at the ball. She approached by two suitors and agrees to dance with both. Melbourne watches from a distance. During this time, Skerrett gives Jenkins a drink. She learns that one of her nephew is a member of the Chartists and has been captured by the soldiers. Back at the party, Prince George (Nicholas Agnew) ridicules Victoria’s stature in private. She walks past and dances with Melbourne instead.

Jenna Coleman Victoria Costume

Victoria tells Melbourne George wants to dance with a queen, but not her. Melbourne tells a story about a man, who had a wife that died. He admits the man never married again, despite being with another woman. He seems to be putting ideas into the Queen’s head. Melbourne departs and Victoria dances with Conroy. Conroy insists the Queen needs a husband to keep her in check and he admits her mother recommends Albert. Victoria admits Conroy controls her mother, but she refuses to be controlled as well. Leopold speaks with Melbourne about his encounter with the Queen at Brocket Hall. He also confirms he has invites Albert to the palace, without the Queen’s permission. In the morning, the Grand Duke gives Victoria a gift, before he heads back home. He also admits his father picked a different princess for him to marry.

Victoria Duke of Cumberland

Meanwhile, the Duke of Cumberland speaks with his wife about women dying during childbirth. He insists even the 20-year-old princess could be a victim. Back in the basement, Skerrett ruins the group’s betting pool, by admitting she doesn’t think the Queen will marry anyone. The Chef recommends Albert. In the morning, Victoria prepares for another event, with the help of Jenkins and Skerrett. Jenkins falls to the ground and gives everyone a worry. Once she leaves, Skerrett tells Victoria about the Newport Chartists, which happens to be worrying Jenkins. She tells Victoria about their upcoming execution and the feelings of the townsfolk. Victoria speaks with Melbourne afterwards and admits she would like to spare the protestors and have them sent to Australia.

Victoria and Skerrett

Afterwards, Victoria speaks with John and her mother outside. She offers John a deal that he cannot refuse. He agrees to leave court for a large quantity of money. The Queen also increases her mother’s allowance, so she can get some new clothes. Francatelli speaks with Penge and the others. He confirms he has gotten a letter from home and has been alerted to the impending arrival of Prince Albert. Victoria attempts to comfort her mother. Melbourne informs the Queen that her cousins Albert and Ernest (David Oakes) are on their way. Victoria admits she doesn’t want things to change. Melbourne says to let them come and maybe Albert will surprise her. They discuss their happiness, but Melbourne insists she needs a husband. At the end of the episode, Albert arrives and interrupts Victoria, as she plays piano.


Victoria Review

The third episode of Victoria was much of the same. Victoria continued trying to persuade Melbourne to become her partner, while others consistently scheme to gain power by influencing Victoria’s marriage choice. Victoria was also forced to content with the uprising by the Chartists. Her decision to spare the traitors may prove to help her in the future.

A decent episode. A 7.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Victoria right now.

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