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Unforgotten Series 2 Finale Recap

At the beginning of the finale, Hassan (Adeel Akhtar) tells Sara (Badria Timimi) about her dad’s visit. He also agrees to listen to her past, if she feels the need to divulge it. Martin Hughes (Peter Egan) tells Cassie (Nicola Walker) about his encounter with his wife’s boyfriend. He admits the man was shocked and scared to see him. Jason (Will Brown) returns home and finds the gift his neighbor, Cath (Bryony Hannah), left by his door. At the station, Cassie speaks with her boss. The man admits people are upset that they’re spending so much time on an older case and so little on newer cases.

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Colin (Mark Bonnar) and Simon (Charlie Condou) finally tell Janet (Emma Cunniffe) the truth about Colin’s past. She agrees to allow Simon to keep Flo for the time being. However, she requests that Colin move elsewhere temporarily. Elise (Holly Aird) attempts to comfort Marion (Rosie Cavaliero). She tells her sister that she would have her children tested, if it would put her mind at ease. Back at the station, Cassie speaks to her team about their case. She suggests that each suspect had an abuser. She speculates that each could’ve killed another’s abuser. In order to piece together the puzzle, they’ll need physical evidence and bodies.

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It is suggested that David Walker showing up at Sara’s place set off the chain of events, which ultimately led to the murders. During this time, Colin packs his belongings and moves out of his place with Simon. He insists he’ll return soon. Sunil (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and the team attempt to figure out how the suspects met one another. They agree to first speak with the suspect’s family. After the discussion ends, Sunny speaks with Cassie in private. He apologizes for the previous night. They agree to put it behind them. Meanwhile, Tessa (Lorraine Ashbourne) is asked whether or not she knew about her husband’s behavior with young children. Due to her answer, she is forced to leave the police force for the time being.

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Cassie meets with Colin’s dad, Harry (Bill Paterson). Harry admits his son started to change when he was younger. He became withdrawn and isolated himself in his room. He also suggests that sexual abuse wasn’t something the would’ve been considered in the 1970s. Harry reveals that Colin was a member of the Club Rangers with a work pal named Len Paxton. During this time, Sunny consults with Elise. He learns about Marion’s hatred for her mother. Elise explains that Marion changed when her family moved and they got their own rooms. She admits the Elise was always angry at her and her mother, but never their father. Sunil learns that their father killed himself when he was 57 years old.

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Cassie meets with an old friend of Paxton. It takes a little convincing, but she manages to get the man to open up. The man reveals that Len disappeared on a boat and was never found. He also admits everyone believed Len had killed himself. Fran (Carolina Main) speaks with Hassan and learns about Sara being tossed around by men at a young age. Hassan reveals that Sara’s father went to the police, but was told they could do nothing since it was her choice to become a child prostitute. Sunil and Elise speaks with Joy (Wendy Craig). Joy insists she never knew and also claims that Marion was always exaggerating things and making stuff up.

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Elise lashes out at her mother. It is revealed that the molestation started when Marion was just 12. Elise curses her mother, before storming out. Next, Sunny and Cassie speak on the phone. Cassie admits she wants to question their primary suspects now, before they can put together alibis. They also contemplate whether or not the suspects met at the mental hospital. Meanwhile, Jason heads to the train station. He prepares himself to step in front of an oncoming train. Cath arrives just in time to stop him. Tessa leaves the station with her belongings. Cath tells Jason about her mother’s death and her cat’s death. She explains that she met a bloke, who helped her overcome her troubles. Much to Jason’s surprise, he learns that he is the man she is talking about.

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Elise meets with Marion and learns the truth. She agrees not to tell Tony. Cassie follows Marion. She speaks with Sunny on the phone, before following Marion to a pub. Cassie finds the trio in the pub. Marion storms out with the intention of speaking to her husband. Cassie speaks with Colin. When confronted with the evidence, he is forced to tell the truth. Colin tells Cassie about Len Paxton and the abuse he suffered at the man’s hands. He insists Cassie cannot judge him, unless she was also abused. Sara returns home and tells Hassan she wishes to tell him something. Martin finds a letter when he arrives home. Marion tells Tony (Nigel Lindsay) about the abuse by her father.

mark bonnar unforgotten s2

Cassie returns home and speaks with her father about the letter. Martin reveals that it is the letter his wife wrote to her ex. In the letter, his ex-wife admits she loved Martin and her affair proved this to her. Cassie comforts her father and admits he was right all along. Then, she calls Sunil and asks him to meet. Within seconds, the couple meets at a pub. They discuss the evidence and Cassie admits it would be their word against theirs. Together, they agree not to pursue the case any further.

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Unforgotten Review

The finale for Unforgotten’s 2nd season was very eventful, revealing and satisfying. The twist and turns were great and helped to delve into a subject that is commonly ignored. While nobody went down for the murder of David Walker and the two other men, the ending was still fulfilling and well deserved. The characters were simply repaying the favor.

This series also strengthened the bond between Cassie and Sunny. Of course, the two seems to realize they cannot never be together. Nonetheless, they make for an interesting duo. Also, Mark Bonnar proved himself to be an outstanding actor in Unforgotten and Apple Tree Yard. The dual performances allowed Bonnar to showcase his versatility. He truly shined here.

All in all, I enjoyed Unforgotten’s finale. A 9 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Unforgotten now!

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