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Unforgotten Series 2 Episode 5 Recap

At the beginning of the 5th episode, Sara (Badria Timimi) and Hassan (Adeel Akhtar) dig through their attic in an attempt to find evidence that will support Sara’s claim of innocence. Colin (Mark Bonnar) drops Flo off at school. When he turns around, he finds Tyler (Josef Altin) resting against his vehicle. Colin agrees to give Tyler more money. He also reminds the man of his previous threat. Marion (Rosie Cavaliero) speaks with her husband, Tony (Nigel Lindsay). She makes it clear she doesn’t have the strength to bring down her wall. Jason Walker (Will Brown) leaves his mother’s home and leaves Tessa (Lorraine Ashbourne) all alone.

Colin Osborne Unforgotten

Cassie (Nicola Walker) and Sunny (Sanjeev Bhaskar) meet with their boss and give him an update on the case. After the conversation ends, Cassie apologizes to Sunny for lashing out at him the other day. Sunny does the same and blames his bad attitude on his girls at home. Next, Cassie lays out her plan to speak with Ellen Price (Maggie O’Neill) and see if she can identify any of their suspects. Cassie admits she suspects all three were at one of David’s parties. During this time, Murray learns about Maria Gonzalez (Avital Abregan) and her previous employer. He takes the information to Cassie and reveals that Maria once worked for David Walker. Apparently, Maria worked for David for 18 months. She had only worked the new job for two days, before the rape allegation was made.

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Cassie goes over the details of the case and admits the photo of Walker and Colin was take just weeks before the rape allegation. She suggests someone wanted Colin out of the picture. They contemplate where that someone was David Walker. Next, the police round up the suspects and bring them to the station. Cassie returns to Walker’s house with Ellen. She admits she came to the house several times, after being picked up at school by David. Cassie becomes stunned with Ellen reveals that David got into a fight with a woman on the pavement. Ellen suggests the woman was David’s wife or girlfriend. She also admits there were many other children at the parties. She explains there was always something for everyone.

unforgotten series 2 episode 5 recap

Cassie receives a phone call from Sunny. He reveals Colin might’ve been able to learn the mental hospital, but he admits it appears Colin was indeed at the hospital at the time of David’s death. As for Sara, Sunny was able to find flight logs matching her statements. Sunny is instructed to call in Tessa again, since Ellen placed her at the house. Cassie speaks with a nearby neighbor, who remembers the man that owned the house. The man confirms the previous owner is now dead. Tessa arguments with Sunny, as he escorts her to the station. All three suspects meet at the station. They ignore one another, as Sunny watches in another room. Meanwhile, Cassie shows Ellen pictures of the three suspects.

unforgotten series 2 episode 5

Ellen is unable to identify Marion. She is forced to look at the picture twice, but she confirms she can remember Sara. Cassie speaks with Sunny and learns that the suspects have not even looked at one another. Cassie interviews Marion, who suggests Sinead Quinn would implicate her in the murder out of revenge. During the interrogation, Marion has a flashback in which she hugs and kisses a man. Marion reveals she lived with her parents until she was 16 and didn’t get into any trouble with the police. She insists she has never seen the house before. Then, Marion is asked whether she ever went to a party there between 1981 and 1983. She insists that would be very unlikely, since she was only 14 in 1983. She also admits she was living with her family in Ireland from 1980 to 1985.

unforgotten series 2 episode 5

During this time, Sunny speaks with Tessa. He asks her whether she had a suspicion that her husband might’ve been involved in something nefarious. He asks her whether she ever followed her husband and caught him doing something bad. Tessa denies everything. Sunny tells Tessa about the witness, who suggests she was driven by a woman. He gives a description of a vehicle, a blue convertible Golf with red trim. Tessa’s facial expression quickly changes. Murray pays a visit to Maria Gonzalez. Maria explains she didn’t go to the police, because she didn’t want to be forced through a rape trial. Murray mentions the fact that Colin is gay. Then, he asks about David Walker. Jason’s neighbor brings him a treat. She hears him crying inside, so she leaves without knocking on the door.

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Murray returns to the station and tells Cassie that Walker paid Maria 5 grand to make up the rape story. He reveals that Colin was a heavy drinker and they used that their advantage. He also reveals that Walker wanted to stop Colin, because he was too nosey. Adam Stuart (Jassa Ahluwalia) receives a knock at the door. He opens it to discover Martin (Peter Egan) with police officers. While Martin isn’t in trouble, he did lose his wallet. Next, Colin is interviewed. He is questioned about the rape. Colin admits it was the worst thing he had ever done. He also confirms he has no recollection of the event, because he was suffering from blackouts around that time. Colin is stunned when told he could’ve been set up by Walker. Colin sees a flashback, but he refuses to tell Cassie why Walker would’ve framed him.

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Colin is confronted with evidence that he knew David and was asking him a lot of questions. He is also asked whether or not he was trying to find out if it was the same David Walker, who had parties in Brentford in the early 1980s. Colin is asked about the other suspects. He denies knowing them, before leaving. Colin calls Simon (Charlie Condou) and explains he was interviewed again. Meanwhile, Hassan gets a visit from a stranger. The man reveals he wants to talk about Sara. The man reveals that Sara could be his daughter. While Sara’s father speaks with Hassan, Sara is interviewed at the station. Their stories do not match. Sara insists she never got into any trouble. However, her father tells Hassan a different story. Sara’s father admits he tried everything, before giving her an ultimatum to obey his rules or leave. He confesses he never thought she would actually leave home.

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Sara sees a flashback, when shown a picture of the house. However, she denies knowing it. Sara’s father tells Hassan how she was used by men. He admits they looked for her, but was never able to track her down. Sara tells the detective that they do not want to help her, but are only interested in solving their case. At that point, she requests an attorney. Marion tries to visit Zoe (Jodie Tyack). She is removed from the hospital. However, the girl sends her a text message agreeing to meet at their usual place. Simon and Colin speak about their situation. Simon makes it clear they need to call the social services. During this time, Hassan arrives at the station. He shows Cassie evidence, which shows Sara was elsewhere during the time of David’s murder. Sara and Hassan leave the station together. Cassie and Sunny go for drinks, while Cassie admits she is ready to give up.

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Cassie receives a call from her son and learns about her father. Marion meets with Zoe. She apologizes for earlier and confesses her past isn’t perfect. Marion returns home and accuses her husband of having kids with her sister. They argue momentarily, before Tony leaves. Back at the pub, Cassie and Sunny speak about relationships. Sunny gives his boss a few compliments and they nearly kiss. However, Cassie stops herself and leaves seconds later. Outside, she tries to flag down a taxi, but fails. Something clicks. She returns to Sunny and tells him she thinks she can put the pieces together. She also admits they need to prepare for more bodies.


Unforgotten Review

The 5th episode of Unforgotten’s 2nd series was very intriguing. All three suspects were nailed down as great suspects, before practically being cleared for one reason or another. Nonetheless, it is clear that each is lying. The episode’s ending featured a solid cliffhanger and could potentially steer the series in a whole new direction.

How will Cassie put the pieces together? Why would there be more bodies? I cannot wait to discover the truth. This episode scores an 8 out of 10. View our past reviews of Unforgotten now.

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