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Unforgotten Series 2 Episode 2 Recap

At the beginning of the 2nd episode, DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) gives her team a brief rundown of their evidence. She tells the group about David’s son, who was just five when his father disappeared. At this precise time, Tessa Nixon (Lorraine Ashbourne) meets with her son, Jason (Will Brown), and tells him about his father. Cassie reveals that the pager’s chip is still being analyzed. However, the team has managed to retrieve a partial phrase from it. A bottle of wine is put up as a reward for anyone who can decipher the code. Each member of the team is given orders. After the briefing ends, Cassie speaks with Sunny (Sanjeev Bhaskar) in private. They contemplate why anyone would leave evidence behind on the body. They agree that the killer likely had little time to cover their tracks.

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Sara Mahmoud (Badria Timimi) returns home and speaks with her husband, Hassan (Adeel Akhtar). She is handed a letter. She tears it open and discovers she has been given a second interview with the academy. Meanwhile, Marion Kelsey (Rosie Cavaliero) is reprimanded at work for communicating privately with Zoe. As it turns out, someone told Zoe’s family about their chats. Tessa and Paul (Douglas Hodge) comfort Jason. The boy admits he thought his father had run out of him. Now, Jason turns his attention to the murderer. He contemplates who it could be. During this time, Colin (Mark Bonnar) and Simon (Charlie Condou) hang ou with Flo. Simon speaks with Colin in private and tries to get him to open up.

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Colin remains tight lipped. Tessa is brought to the station and interviewed by Cassie and Sunil. Tessa quickly admits their marriage wasn’t perfect. She also reveals that David had periods of serious depression. Tessa is given a chance to look at the partial pager messages and phone numbers. She is unable to offer anything of interest. Posters are put up requesting information about the murder. Tessa reveals that David did a lot of volunteer work and also raised money for the local Tories. She admits she didn’t report him missing for two days, since he often went away for work-related reasons. Tessa explains that David was last seen at a pub with two Tory party members. She also discloses that she explained away his disappearance as a suicide. Then, Tessa explains they received very little money after David’s death and that led her to become a police officer.

unforgotten series 2 episode 2

Tessa is finally allowed to leave. Sara visits a local mosque and hangs up a sign about women’s rights. She also speaks with Omar (Munir Khairdin) and demands the women be allowed to worship in the same room as the men. Cassie returns home and speaks with her father Martin (Peter Egan) briefly. Cassie asks her father what he was doing in Winchester last Wednesday. Martin remains cryptic and refuses to give a straight answer. Marion returns home and accuses Tony (Nigel Lindsay) of calling Zoe’s parents. He denies the accusation and complains that Marion has become paranoid. Marion complains that Tony and Elise have teamed up against her. Tony again denies it. Back at the station, Cassie tells the team about their interview with Tessa. She admits they believe the woman could be holding stuff back. Murray (Jordan Long) gives them a rundown of evidence found from the previous investigation.

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Jake (Lewis Reeves) reveals they found a travel card and an address. The card is from the day before David disappeared. They discover that the old investigators likely made a mistake and determined the address to be 26 instead of 20. Murray reveals that a Mrs. J Dunphy lived at the 20 address at the time of David’s disappearance. Then, Jake presented evidence that David had met with a Colin around the time of his disappearance. It is revealed that Colin is none other than Colin Osborne. Fran (Carolina Main) provides more evidence. She reveals that David’s friend James has been located and he is willing to speak with the investigators. She also manages to decipher the cryptic code as an address in King’s Cross.

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Cassie investigates further and learns that the property was rented by Colin Eliot Osborne at the time. She also discovers that the rent at the time was 24,000 pound. She is perplexed by the enormous amount. Cassie visits the other property and leaves a note. She receives a call from Sunny, who reveals he spoke with the original owner of the King’s Cross property. Fran was also able to find a gas bill in the name of S Larvey. Sunny reveals information about Colin, who now works as a lawyer. Next, Colin makes contact with Tyler (Josef Altin) and agrees to give him money one time. Colin threatens to go to social services, if Tyler approaches him again. Cassie and Sunil speak with the original owner, who reveals that the properties were usually used by prostitutes. He suggests that Ms. Alazi was likely a prostitute as well. After they leave, Sunil and Cassie contemplate whether or not Tessa would’ve known about the prostitutes.

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They visit the station and speak with Tessa in private. She insists she knew nothing about her husband hiring prostitutes. She remains adamant that she didn’t accidentally kill her husband. Tessa speaks about the unthinkable acts that men are capable of. When the investigators leave, Tessa is confronted by her boss, who insists Tessa be put on restrictive duty. Tessa refuses and demands to be suspended or left alone. Next, Cassie and Sunny track down Colin. Colin agrees to speak with the investigators. First, he visits the bathroom and vomits. Then, he looks at David’s picture and has a flashback of a party. Nonetheless, he denies knowing the man. Colin insists he had many roommates, so any of them could’ve given David the number to his flat. He also reveals he worked as a banker, before becoming a lawyer.

Lorraine Ashbourne Unforgotten

Before they leave, Cassie asks Colin when he left banking. Sunny and Cassie both agree the man is lying. Colin asks for his next case to be postponed and leaves the courthouse. Marion visits a doctor and learns about her infertility problems. She is offered fertility treatments, but refuses. Next, Colin finally tells Simon the truth about Tyler. Simon comments about Colin’s anger, before they agree they have no choice but to pay the man. Meanwhile, Jason is sent home from work and given a few days off. Later that night, Cassie scours over her bank statement. She finds a charge for South West Trains. Jason returns home and brushes past Cath. He enters his apartment and looks at his father’s old belongings. Meanwhile, Paul and Tessa chat with Becca. Paul offers to lend Tessa an ear anytime she needs it.

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That night, Cassie tries to get her father to open up. He refuses to do so. In the morning, the investigators learn that Sara Alazi had been arrested numerous times in the past. They learn about a brothel linked to the prostitutes. Cassie also requests historical pictures of David. Cassie and Sunil visit the brothel, which is now a spa. There, they speak with Samira Khan. The woman tells them about Sara. She admits they kept in touch for awhile after Sara left. She also reveals Sara’s new last name, Mahmoud. The investigators track down Sara at her place of work. Sara doesn’t mention her past experiences as a prostitute. Sunil eventually brings it up. Sara breaks down. She also has a flashback of David at a party.

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Sara pleads with the couple to keep her past a secret. They agree to do so, as long as she cooperates. Nonetheless, Sara denies knowing David. However, she does admit he could’ve been a client. She insists she only worked as a prostitute for about a year. Then, Sara asks when the man went missing. She reveals she was abroad at the time. She tells them to check the passport records. On the way out, Cassie and Sunil admit she seems credible. However, they agree to treat her otherwise. Meanwhile, Jason walks back and forth, while complaining to Becca. She makes contact with her father and tells him to come home. They return moments later and save Becca from an enraged Jason. Fran makes contact with David’s old friend James Gregory. He agrees to speak with them. He also reveals that David had depression and drinking problems, because he was abused by a teacher at his primary school. David spoke about going to the police during the last few months of his life.


Unforgotten Review

The first episode established the victim. The second started connecting the other characters to that victim. Unforgotten’s second season closely follows the path that was so successful with the first. Thus far, there are probably three or four potential suspects and many more scenarios that could’ve led to David’s death. Watching the investigation unfold this far has been gripping.

The acting has also been excellent. Unforgotten has a realistic feel and nothing is ever overdramatized. This episode deserves an 8 out of 10. Catch up with previous recaps of Unforgotten now!

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