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Unforgotten Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

At the beginning of the 3rd episode, Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and Sunil (Sanjeev Bhaskar) consult with their team. They discuss the teacher’s possible involvement in David’s death. Cassie orders Murray (Jordan Long) to speak with Colin’s past work colleagues at the bank. Fran (Carolina Main) is given instructions to speak with border agents to try and confirm Sara’s story. Colin (Mark Bonnar) and Simon (Charlie Condou) get the money together. Simon lays out another potential solution. He suggests they go to the police and tell them about Tyler. He implies that the police won’t believe Tyler, since the man is nothing more than a drug addict. Nonetheless, Colin remains adamant that handing over the money is the easiest solution. Simon asks Colin whether or not he is hiding anything else. He promises he has told his partner everything.

DCI Cassie Stuart Unforgotten

Tessa (Lorraine Ashbourne) and Paul (Douglas Hodge) discuss Jason’s behavior. Paul also admits he believes postponing the vacation would be a good idea. Despite Jason’s actions, Tessa insists he is the kindest man in the world. Paul reveals he finds the whole situation surprising. He admits he doesn’t understand why Tessa would be so worried about something that happened 30 years ago. Sara Mahmoud (Badria Timimi) visits the mosque for a prayer session. Her attitude has completely changed. She ignores Omar (Munir Khairdin) on the way out. Jason (Will Brown) visits the police station. He asks Cassie if he could see his father. She agrees to look into and sends the man home, after getting his phone number.

Badria Timimi Unforgotten

During this time, Sunny sits down with James Gregory (Richard Hope). James tells Sunny about David’s problems with drugs and women. He also reveals that David had met with his teacher prior to his death. Tessa returns to the station and finds out that her access has been revoked. She speaks with her boss and is given two options. She is given the option of taking time off or working in HR. She opts for the latter. Cassie speaks with Joy Dunphy (Wendy Craig) and Elise (Holly Aird). The woman admits she lived at the address, but denies knowing David. The two women also reveal that Marion Kelsey (Rosie Cavaliero) broke into the property around that time. At the hospital, Marion speaks with Zoe (Jodie Tyack) and learns that the girl did indeed tell her parents about their relationship.

Jason Walker Unforgotten

Marion receives a call from Tony (Nigel Lindsay) and apologizes for her previous accusations. She learns about the police visiting their property. Tony discloses that the police wanted to talk about a murder dating back to 1990. Marion immediately becomes frightened. Cassie and Sunny quickly follow up on their new lead. Sunny also tells Cassie about his chat with James and David’s fondness for prostitutes. They chat about Jason momentarily. Sunny admits David was into weird S&M sex stuff, which should be kept from his son. She concur they need to speak with Tessa and Sara again. Sunny tells Cassie he went to the school, but was unable to learn anything about David’s teacher. Murray meets with Colin’s pal at the bank. The man admits they both started on the same day.

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Murray learns about Colin’s intelligence. He tries to pry into the reasoning for Colin’s quick departure, but gets nothing of interest. Sunil leaves a message for Sara. Meanwhile, Colin and Simon speak with Flo’s case worker. They insist everything is going perfect. Cassie pays a visit to the hospital to speak with Marion. The woman quickly becomes angry and defensive. Marion admits she was arrested at a protest in the past. However, she blames the cop and insists he was a liar. She rushes off angrily moments later. Back at headquarters, Cassie and Sunil speak with the others. They learn about the day’s progress. Jake (Lewis Reeves) admits he was unable to get photos from Tessa, since she threw them all out. Cassie speaks about the Smoke Land residence, where Marion stayed briefly.

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She admits they found an interesting result. Sinead Mary Quinn, who was involved with the IRA, stayed nearby during that time. It is also disclosed that Marion’s protest was involved with the Guildford Four. Joy and Elise listen to an angry voicemail left by Marion. Hassan (Adeel Akhtar) returns home and confiscates his son’s iPad, before speaking with Sara. He quickly recognizes that his wife is withdrawn. Zoe meets with Marion at a local pub. Zoe admits she wants to help Marion. However, Marion tells the girl that she knows nothing about her. During this time, Tony speaks with Elise, who insists Marion sounded out of control. Marion explains that Zoe isn’t her friend nor her daughter, before rushing off.

Marion and Zoe Unforgotten

Later, Sunny and Cassie chat on the phone. Sunil admits he believes that David never told his wife about the abuse. Marion returns home and is confronted by Tony. He tries to get his wife to open up, but she refuses. She makes up a fake story and rushes off to the bathroom. Later that night, Cassie speaks with Martin (Peter Egan) about his whereabouts. He finally admits was in Winchester. He reveals he was searching for the man that Cassie’s mother ran off with. Cassie tries to comfort her father, but he rushes upstairs and says nothing else. Colin meets with Tyler (Josef Altin) and hands over the money. He also threatens the man and promises to hurt him bad, if he comes around again. After Tyler exits, Simon enters and asks Colin what is going on.

Josef Altin Unforgotten

Simon finally learns about Colin’s connection to the murder. Colin insists he wasn’t involved, but didn’t want further suspicion placed on them. Back at the station, Jake shows Cassie archival photos of David. In one of the pictures, David is hanging out with Colin. Hassan tries to help Sara prepare for her interview. She eventually breaks and agrees to tell him what is wrong. Sunil speaks with Colin once again. Colin admits he was put in a mental hospital and that was his reason for switching professions. He also suggests he was locked up when David died. Later, it is revealed that Sunil has a date for the night. He and Cassie agree to speak later. Sara tells her husband about her days as a prostitute and her connection to David. He says nothing, but gets out of the vehicle and walks away.

Cassie Stuart Unforgotten

Jason visits the morgue and is allowed to visit his father’s body. He sits in a nearby chair and closes his eyes. Meanwhile, Marion drives along. She arrives at a pub and enters. She walks through several doors, before joining David and Sara at a table.


Unforgotten Review

The third episode of Unforgotten’s second series really picked up the investigation. More about the past histories of the characters was revealed. At the same time, Cassie and Sunil seem to be going through their own personal struggles. Cassie’s strained relationship with her father is intriguing and helps to humanize the characters. Sunny’s relationship with his kids and his hunt for a girlfriend does the same.

Of course, the real high point of the episode was the cliffhanger ending. Are all of the characters involved in David’s death? Or are they covering up something for someone else? An 8.5 out of 10 is deserved. Catch up with previous recaps of Unforgotten now!

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