Underbelly Season 1 Review

Underbelly season 1 is based on the true rise and fall of Australia’s baby face killer, Fat Boy, Carl Williams (Gyton Grantley, Househusbands). Although Carl did not start out by being an offspring of a major drug lord, he rose to the top by scheming the Moran family; Jason (Les Hill), Mark (Callan Mulvey, Bikie Wars), and Lewis (Kevin Harrington, Fat Tony & Co.). 

According to the show, Carl started out by being the personal driver of the Morans. Since Carl seemed so trustworthy, dependable, and dedicated to Jason, he decided it was time for Carl to be promoted to a position that would soon prove to be a huge mistake on his part. 

The Gangland War had already begun, thanks to the very famous Black Prince of Lygon Street, Alphonse Gangitano (Vince Colosimo, Face to Face). Alphonse was a ticking time bomb that was always ready to explode any moment, and he soon became a threat to the Moran and Mick Gatto’s (Simon Westaway) drug empire. Jason and Graham Kinniburgh (Gerard Kennedy) decided that it was time to put Alphonse to rest for once and for all. 

Jason and Carl worked alongside the great Tony Mokbel, Fat Tony (Robert Mammone, Condemned). Tony decided that it was time to get out of Australia because things were getting ready to turn bad for everyone involved in the illegal drug trade. Although Tony was far away from Australia, he was still at the top of his game. He had purchased several brothels, along the way, and used them to launder a fortune.

Along the way, Carl befriended Andrew Veniamin, Benji (Damian Walshe-Howling, Bikie Wars), who he later hired to be his main hitman, which he would desperately need later on down the road. While Carl was away from his wife, Roberta (Kat Stewart, Blue Heelers), Benji liked to make himself comfortable in her bed.

During his reign as one of the biggest drug lords, Carl, would find himself in and out of prison. His last stint in the famous Barwon Prison would prove to be very deadly for the celebrity, Australian gang lord.


I love the Underbelly television series, even though some of the screenplay content is inaccurate according to police records, eye witness accounts, and newspapers. The entire case did a great job of bringing their characters to life. The producers did an awesome job of trying to stick with the facts, even though most feel that they steered away from them at times. 

The first season is the perfect retelling of The Gangland Wars that lasted nearly ten years. Anyone that like crime dramas such as The Sopranos should definitely give this show a shot. The series deserves a 9 out of 10. This television series is not recommended for young viewers.  

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