TWD Review: What Happened and What’s Going On

The episode begins, with the burial of Beth, before Rick (Andrew Lincoln) suggests a new hideout. Rick and some of the crew head toward Shirewilt Estates. Tyreese Williams (Chad L. Coleman) mumbles about his childhood. When the group finally arrives, Noah (Tyler James Williams) breaks down and sobs, since everyone is dead. Tyreese agrees to stay with Noah, while the others speed the premises. Rick confides in Glenn (Steven Yeun) he knew Dawn didn’t mean to kill Beth, but he still wanted to kill Dawn. He also suggests Beth wanted to bring everyone home to the estates.

Despite Tyreese’s effort to comfort him, Noah flees into the destroyed subdivision. With Tyreese in hot pursuit, Noah joyfully skips to his home, but Tyreese refuses to let him enter, until he inspects it. Inside, he looks at pictures of Noah and his brother, before zombie brother enters and bites him. Noah kills his brother and runs along, in order to bring back the others. While Tyreese bleeds out, he receives some visitors, including Bob, Martin, Lizzie and Mika, before he is attacked, by The Governor, who transforms into a zombie. The pair battle, Tyreese is bit again and the zombie is finally killed.

While Tyreese is struggling for his life, Rick, Glenn and Michonne shop at the local yard sales. After a fun filled day, the group acquires a few garbage bags full of goodies. Tyreese continues to die slowly, while the trio plan their next apocalyptic travel destination. Finally, after running fourteen miles, Noah arrives and warns of Tyreese’s condition. Oh, and Michonne broke her sword on a zombie’s neck!

With Tyreese knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door, Beth serenades him. After several more visits, Tyreese refuses to die. The group finally arrives and cuts off his arm, before they drag him out of the states and into their vehicle. Beth drives Tyreese to Heaven. Father Gabriel sends Tyreese into Heaven.


After a long break, The Walking Dead has finally returned. You would think we’d be given a strong episode, which built some type of plot line for the rest of the season. Instead, we got an uncreative death that was filled with lackluster flashbacks. Oh, the best performance of the episode? The only walker, which was played by Mark Behar. Sadly, Tyreese was a strong character in the comics. In the show, he turned out to be completely worthless much like this episode, which went nowhere. Unfortunately, the episode’s title was never answered. For that, the episode deserves a 4.5 out of 10.

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