TWD Review: Remember

When the show opens, George Melton (Michael Traynor) refuses to allow the group in, without them giving up their weapons. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) enters inside a home and is filmed, by one of the residents, while sporting his fake beard. A long conversation about both of their pasts and the community of Alexandria. Apparently, Alexandria needs Rick and his group to survive, despite doing good for such a long time, without them.

Rick admits to being a sheriff. Deanna suggests she already knew. Back outside, everyone gives up their weapons. Aaron (Ross Marquand) tells Rick he is glad they came, before offering his support. Rick and Carl Grimes (Chadler Riggs). Rick shats, showers and shaves, before he is introduced to Jessie, who offers some styling tips. Rick gets an extreme makeover. Meanwhile, Daryl (Norman Reedus) speaks to Deanna about nothing, while Carol and Carl roam the homes.

The all rendezvous in the same house and Michonne (Danai Gurira) is shocked, by Rick’s new appearance. Deanna comes over and feels the same. She is impressed, by the group’s ability to stick together. Michonne speaks to the camera, before Rick and Daryl hang out on the porch. Rick suffers PTSD, breaks a sculpture and apologizes. Meanwhile, Carl hangs out with kids his own age, before playing some video games. Next, he speaks to the camera with Judith.

Meanwhile, Rick goes for a stroll through the neighborhood and is welcomed to the community, by Jessie’s husband. Next, Carol (Melissa McBride) speaks for the camera and speaks about her aspirations for being a good community member. Carol urges Daryl to get a bath, before Glenn (Steven Yeun) speaks for the camera. Noah speaks to Aden and George Melton (Michael Traynor). Carol heads after Enid out into the woods, while Rick finds himself facing a zombie, but he just walks away

Rick returns to his blender to find all of his stash gone. Carol finds him out in the woods, with several zombies approaching. Carol drops one, with an invisible leg sweep, before the zombies are all eliminated. Glenn, Noah and Tara head out into the woods, with George and Aden. 4 people struggle with one zombie, before it is finally killed. A fight ensues, once they return to Alexandria, before Deanna settles everything. Deanna requests Rick to be the community’s constable. Michonne joins and the pair agree. Rick continues to preach that the gates should be closed.

Back at their house, Rick dresses up in a sheriffs uniform and patrols the streets. He is met, by the Mister Rogers look-a-like, Carol and Daryl, who is still filthy. And it ends.


Overall, nothing really happened. There wasn’t any significant character development nor any real exciting scenes. Generally, nothing happens, beside Rick getting shaved. I was glad to see Rectify’s Michael Traynor make an appearance, but the show used him terribly, which is a shame, because he could potentially add something valuable to the show and offers more range than several of the other characters. Overall, this was again one of the worst episodes of the series. A 4.5 of out 10 is suitable.

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