TWD Review: The Distance

TWD The Distance

When the episode opens, Aaron (Ross Marquand) is introduced to the group, who obviously doesn’t trust the newcomer. Aaron reveals he has a community nearby and wants the group to audition for members. Aaron continues his recruitment drive, by showing Rick some pictures of their lovely retirement community. Rick has heard enough, as he rushes and knocks out Aaron cold. Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Maggie seem to trust Aaron. Carol finds Aaron’s deadly flare gun. Aaron reveals he is the one, who left them the water, which they left, but miraculously have now.

The Walking Dead Aaron

Aaron invites the group on a joyride to their community. Michonne offers to go and check on the vehicles, but she doesn’t see eye to eye, with Rick. Abraham, Rosita, Glenn, Maggie and Michonne head out of the barn. Aaron speaks about his days working, as an NGO. He suggests Rick and his people aren’t bad, but Rick disagrees, before threatening to kill him. Meanwhile, Glenn (Steven Yeun) strolls right down the road, despite worrying about being ambushed. Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) is shown watching the group from afar.

Rick attempts to feed Judith. Aaron gives them applesauce from his backpack, but Rick thinks it is poisoned. The pair share a bit of applesauce. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and crew find the vehicles, before killing two zombies and searching the RV. The group returns, with canned goods from the RV, which Rick claims, as theirs, while taunting Aaron. Michonne insists on going to Aaron’s community and everyone finally agrees.

TWD Alexandria

With Aaron tightlipped about the camp’s location, the crew agree to go at sundown. Rick and Michonne discuss the camp, while Rick seems undecided about allowing his family to go inside. That night, the group heads toward the camp. Rick discovers that Aaron is a picker and has amassed a large collection of license plates, while Michonne looks at the pictures of Aaron’s home. She questions why none of the pictures have any people, before asking how many walkers Aaron killed. After being asked, he insists he has only killed two people, who were trying to kill him. The group discover a microphone, which Aaron was using to listen to them, before playing Twisted Metal, with a bunch of zombies bouncing off of the car.

After getting out of the car to clean the windshield, it obviously doesn’t start back up. They witness a flare shot from the distance. Aaron runs away towards the flare, with the group following him. Meanwhile, Maggie and the others have all, but disappeared. Glenn gets separated, but rag dolls a zombie’s head into a rock. He saves Aaron, who has been tied up by Rick, and sets him free. Aaron uses Glenn’s words against him, by insisting they can make it together.

TWD Eric

Michonne and Rick get overwhelmed by zombies, before being saved by Glenn and Aaron. The group head towards the water tower and the flare, but they run into the Daryl and the others, before hand. Aaron reunited, with Eric, who has hurt his ankle. He insists Maggie helped him, before the pair kiss. Eric gives Aaron a new license plate, but Aaron lost his collection, within the car. Afterwards, Aaron thanks the group for saving Eric and insists he owes them and will pay them back, when they get to Alexandria. The group agrees to stay put for the night.

Despite Rick’s concerns, Glenn talks him into allowing Aaron to spend the night, with Eric. In the morning, Noah (Tyler James Williams) gives Aaron some pain medications and a bottled water, before revealing the story behind his injured leg. Aaron speaks about Alexandria’s surgeon, Pete, who may be able to help. Rosita and Abraham notices Washington in the distance, but the RV’s battery dies. While they change the battery, Michonne speaks to Rick about a potentially safe future. Within minutes, the RV is up and running again.

TWD Aaron Noah

Rick runs off on his own, before they travel on. He somehow ends up at an abandoned house, where he puts his gun inside of a blender. Finally, the group arrive at the complex and Rick hears children screaming and shouting. Ricky picks up Judith, as he prepares to enter the compound.


Well, The Distance was definitely a better episode of The Walking Dead, but it wasn’t special or memorable, besides for the addition of Aaron, who is likely the best character addition in a long time. The only problem with this? The other characters took a back seat, which emphasizes the disconnection between the comic book and the television series. With the comic book, characters can be completely ignored, when they kept off of the page. In the show, we see them constantly, despite their inactivity, which leaves things somewhat dull. Still, the episode was improved thanks to Aaron. The episode deserves a 6.5 out of 10.

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