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The Awesomes Review

The Hulu original, The Awesomes, which debuted in August of 2013, is an animated, comedy series created by Seth Meyers, with help from Mike Shoemaker. The series is based on a group of superheroes known as The Awesomes. So far, the series has had two seasons, with a total of twenty episodes.

At the beginning of the show, Mr. Awesome, the leader of the super hero group, The Awesomes, steps down as leader as the group. At 90 years old, Mr. Awesome gives up the role of leader to Perfect Man. As Mr. Awesome’s son, Jeremy Awesome is upset with the decision. Much to everyone’s surprise, Perfect Man turns down the role. This opens the door for Jeremy to swoop in and become leader.

Jeremy’s biggest power is being able to control time. Of course, Mr. Awesome doesn’t want his son to be a super hero. After a little arguing, Jeremy finally takes over the leadership role of The Awesomes. Things don’t go so well for Jeremy, as all of the other super heroes resign from the group. With things looking bad for the group, the super villain, Dr. Malocchio is planning his escape from prison.

Jeremy is down on his luck, as Perfect Man goes out and performs miracles as a solo hero. The government declare they’re going to defund the group, if Jeremy isn’t able to put together a capable team of super heroes. With a forty-eight hour deadline, things are looking grim for The Awesomes.

While Jeremy still has Muscleman by his side, he attempts to recruit some new heroes from the team’s previously rejected file. As Jeremy and Muscleman meet each of the rejected super heroes, they discover that they’re definitely super, but something is wrong with each.

With Dr. Malocchio prepared to begin causing trouble, can Jeremy form a team capable of dealing with this menace? What will become of Perfect Man? Can Jeremy become a super hero that would make his father proud?

Pilot Review

The show provides viewers with an interesting and refreshing take on super heroes. At the beginning of the episode, the voiceovers were a little odd. As the episode went on, they seemed to improve. The show’s art is actually somewhat flat, but I enjoyed it. However, the biggest problem with the episode is the fact that it is attempting to be a comedy. Sadly, the first episode didn’t provide me with one single laugh. While it is clever, its more of a feel good show than a hilarious comedy.

Why you should watch

The Awesomes is compelling and Jeremy’s character is deep enough to keep the viewer interested in the show. The first two seasons are currently available for free on Hulu. If you’ve got the time to kill, there really isn’t much reason not to watch this show.

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