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Trust Me Series 1 Episode 2 Recap

As the episode gets underway, Cath (Jodie Whittaker) checks her phone. She calls journalist Sam Kelly (Nathan Welsh) and tells him not to contact her again. Then, Andy Brenner (Emun Elliott) pulls her aside and gives her a kiss. They’re nearly caught by Karen (Lois Chimimba). Cath looks around and discovers that the hospital is looking for her passport. Moments later, Cath speaks with Brigitte (Sharon Small). They’re interrupted by the boss, who asks about the passport. Cath is told the HR department will stop her wages, if she doesn’t turn it over by the end of the week. Then, Cath and Charlie McKee (Michael Abubakar) get a patient. Cath gets vomit all over her shirt and pants. Cath and Charlie transport the man via the elevator, when he has a seizure.

andy trust me episode 2Cath losses her cool and admits she doesn’t know what to do. Charlie springs into action and saves the day. Charlie tells Karen about the event moments later. Cath passes by and escapes to the bathroom. She freaks out and struggles to recollect herself. That night, she speaks with her neighbor and contemplates leaving town again. She tells the woman that she isn’t a real doctor. The woman mistakenly believes Cath is talking about her gender. Cath doesn’t say anything else about it. Cath meets with Andy at a pub. They try to figure out the current status of their relationship. The following day, Cath visits her father, Arthur (Paul Copley), at the nursing home. She has also gotten a new phone. Arthur mistakenly believes that Cath has come to take him home. She is forced to break the bad news. She also reminds her father that her mother died a long time ago.

charlie and cath trust meLater, Cath begins researching fake passports. Cath and Molly (Summer Mason) meet with Karl (Blake Harrison). Karl makes it clear that he would like to restart his relationship with Cath. She doesn’t seem interested in the least. When Cath returns to the hospital, she treats a man that makes a comment about others sticking their noses in everyone else’s business. Then, she encourages Charlie to tell Karen how he feels. Once again, Cath gets a reminder about her passport. Then, Brigitte asks Cath about her relationship with Andy. Initially, Cath tries to deny it. Then, she pleads with Brigitte to keep it a secret from the others. Then, Brigitte tells Cath that she needs to attend a seminar of sorts. When Cath leaves, she finds Sam outside waiting for her. She manages to get rid of him by telling him that her husband was abusive.

actress sharon small trust meWhen she returns inside, Andy asks her about her friend. Then, Cath administers naloxone to an older gentleman. She impresses everyone by managing to hit the vein. The following day, Andy and Cath stroll along the beach with Molly. Andy asks Cath to move in with her. She insists it is too early. Next, Cath and Brigitte leave for the seminar. Cath spots a former colleague and immediately becomes concerned that she’ll be recognized. Meanwhile, Charlie does his best to flirt with Karen. Cath makes an excuse to leave the seminar early. She drags Brigitte along with her. Andy has drinks with a friend. He asks his buddy about Ally Sutton. The man admits he thought Sutton moved to New Zealand and married a farmer type. Meanwhile, Cath and Brigitte chat about past flames. Cath makes a comment about Grant the farmer from New Zealand.

brigitte and cath trust meThen, Cath tells Brigitte about Andy’s offer. Sam tries to form a relationship with Karl. He listens to Karl talk about his new start. Then, Sam tells Karl that there are other people he needs to apologize to. When Cath and Brigitte return to the hospital, they let Andy know that they had a great time. Andy lies to Cath and pretends that his friend didn’t remember her. Cath calls someone and asks them if it is ready. Then, she heads to a shady pub and picks up the fake passport. She spots the man she gave naloxone to earlier. Then, Cath gives Alex (Thierry Mabonga) the passport. He tells her that he’ll make a copy of it. Then, Cath tells Andy she would like to keep their relationship secret. Charlie tells the couple about his upcoming date with Karen.

emun elliott trust me episode 2That night, Andy picks up Cath’s phone. He is surprised to hear someone asking for Mrs. Hardacre. Cath interrupts and grabs the phone. Cath explains that her dad is ill. Molly mentions something about mommy having a new name. When Cath leaves, Andy jumps on the computer and research Ally Sutton. It seems that he finds out Cath’s real identity.


Trust Me Review

Trust Me could be good, but it is simply flat and dull. The acting is not horrible and the story has a good foundation. Unfortunately, the pacing is tediously slow. Plus, the viewer is never really given an opportunity to develop a connection with the characters. This makes it difficult to really care about the characters’ futures. The show does a great job with the operational and medical scenes though.

Sadly, the episode was painfully dull. The series would have been much better with 2 or 3 episodes instead of 5. At this point, I am not impressed. A 6 out of 10 is awarded to episode 2. Catch up with previous recaps of Trust Me right now.

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