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Trust Me Series 1 Episode 1 Recap

As the series begins, we see Cath Hardacre (Jodie Whittaker) standing in an operating room. She seems a little baffled and spaced out. Patients are rolled into the operating room and we jump three months into the past. Cath is working at a different hospital. The hospital is poorly run. Moments later, Cath blows the whistle on the hospital by passing information to a journalist, Sam Kelly (Nathan Welsh). She is told that the Trust will attempt to discredit her as a witness, since it is their only viable option. She makes it clear that she wants to remain anonymous. She takes back the information and is given Sam’s card. Back at home, Cath gets a visit from Karl (Blake Harrison). Karl bums money from Cath and takes their daughter for a stroll.

trust me cath s1 e1The following day, Cath is called into the office. There, she learns that someone has submitted a complaint against her. She is suspended until the investigation can be completed. Moments later, Cath gathers her belongings and returns home. That night, Cath gets a visit from Ally Sutton (Andrea Lowe). The doctor tells Cath that she is leaving for New Zealand. She forces Cath to attend her goodbye party. The group parties and cruses the NHS. Then, Cath tells Ally about her job situation. Once Ally leaves, Cath looks through her paperwork. She begins studying Ally’s resume thoroughly. Cath visits her father, Arthur (Paul Copley), and tells him that she is planning to leave the city. She insists it would be a new start for herself and Molly (Summer Mason).

trust me recap cathThen, Cath meets with Brigitte Rayne (Sharon Small) and applies for a job, while pretending to be Ally. Brigitte seems a little surprised that Cath would want to work at her hospital. She tells a story about a tumultuous marriage and uses it as an excuse for making the move. Afterwards, Cath meets with Karl and tells him about her decision. Then, Cath and Molly make the move. Along the way, Cath tells her driver that she is a doctor. Then, Cath meets with her neighbor. Cath tells the woman about her new job. She also admits she is separated from her partner. That night, Cath receives an email from Sam. She ignores it. The following day, Cath attends her first meeting. She receives her badge seconds later.

sharon small trust me s1 e1She gets started almost immediately. Brigitte tells Andy Brenner (Emun Elliott) about the new hire. Andy promises to look after her. He introduces himself to her seconds later. Cath receives a tour of the facility. Andy is interrupted by a phone call. He puts Charlie McKee (Michael Abubakar) in charge of showing Cath around. Cath observes her first patient. She winds up wrapping the man’s hand. Then, she treats an older man. Cath gets to know her co-workers a little better. Then, she goes for lunch with Molly. When she returns back to work, Cath learns that a man needs his ankle rest. While she gets it fixed, he does so without giving the man any medication. Then, the hospital learns that motor vehicle accident victims are on the way. We jump to the episode’s start and see Cath watching the patients being wheeled in.

cath trust me episode 1Andy takes over. The child arrives seconds later. Andy switches to the child, while Cath is put in charge of the female patient. With a little help from her colleague, Karen, Cath manages to save the woman’s life. The young girl doesn’t make it. Andy speaks with Cath in the break room. It seems he blames himself for the loss. Cath admits she hasn’t been in trauma for a long time. Nevertheless, Andy lets her know that Karen (Lois Chimimba) likes her. Then, Cath begins fitting in. She makes a small mistake at one point and uses her other name to sign a document. She manages to explain it away. Sam speaks with his boss about Cath. He is told to get in touch with her and force her to change her mind again. Cath is invited to a party. She nearly leaves, until she runs into Charlie.

charlie mckee trust meThey head inside together. Cath speaks with Andy about his split with his significant other. Then, they go to the bathroom and begin making out. Back at work, Karen encourages Andy to ask Cath out on a date. He insists it would be too complicated. Sam goes on the hunt for Cath. Near the end of the episode, Cath wakes up beside of Andy. She receives a message from Sam, but ignores it.


Trust Me Review

Initially, I had a difficult time following Trust Me. However, when I want back for the recap, everything was pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, I wasn’t blown away with the opener. In fact, it was just mediocre. The acting was good. I enjoy Emun Elliott and Jodie Whittaker equally. Sadly, the episode just felt flat. It was difficult for me to develop any real connection with the characters.

Maybe it had something to do with the lightning fast pace? I am intrigued to find out what happens, but I don’t have a dog in the fight. I care very little about any of the characters at this point. The episode was just okay. A 6 out of 10 is awarded to the opener.


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