Trump: What’s The Deal Review

In 1991, Donald Trump and his ingenious legal team shut down an attack documentary on the businessman. Thanks to Libby Handros, the documentary, Trump: What’s The Deal? is now available for free on the documentary’s official website, as well as Vimeo. With Trump leading the headlines and selfishly hogging American media time, it is undoubtable that more and more of these attacks will be unleashed in his direction. So, does the 1991 documentary present anything new or stunning?


When you sit down and watch the documentary, you get a more insightful look at the Donald. Right away, you’ll see that very little has changed from the 1980s. The Donald is just as brash as ever and still brags about the wealth that he has amassed. His actions are more than predictable. He belittles and ridicules his competitors, while launching lawsuits in all different directions. This isn’t anything surprising.


However, the documentary does detail some lesser known facts that some might not know about, such as his numerous failures, legal problems and his inability to force Palm Beach to relocate their airport. Some people will be well aware of these things, while others will not. Other information is also presented about Trump’s venture with the United States Football League, which was ultimately a failure, as well as his attempt to own Mike Tyson.


There is also a potential mob connection, which is outlined, but never really confirmed. This is reminiscence of the Clinton Chronicles, which was created around the same time. Both documentaries are eerily similar. Both offer tons of nostalgia, but the Trump documentary is ultimately much more flashy and reeks of a disco dance club.


So, what does the Trump documentary really tell us? Well, he repeatedly shats on those lower and poorer than him, which was visible in the You’ve Been Trumped documentary, as well. It also appears that he builds and obtains everything, by using other people’s money. With Trump’s attack on illegal immigrants, you would think he would have a history to back it up, but unfortunately, he doesn’t. With What’s The Deal and You’ve Been Trumped, we can see that the Donald has a great relationship with immigrants, as long as they’re benefiting him.


Ultimately, the time period, music and Trump’s craziness make the documentary worth a watch, regardless of your stance. Personally, the documentary confirms that Trump really isn’t a Washington outsider and is likely just as bad, if not worse, than the insiders. Again, we’re in trouble no matter who wins the propaganda war. A 7 out of 10 is deserved.

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