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Transparent Recap Season 2 EP5 EP6

When the 5th episode begins, we see Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) and Sarah (Amy Landecker) at the spa. The girls show off their bushes and speak about their sexuality. Sarah confesses her new fantasy, Mr. Irons. Meanwhile, at Josh’s (Jay Duplass) house, Colton (Alex MacNicoll) tells his new parents about his adoptive parents, who wish to meet. Despite some reluctance, Josh and Raquel (Kathryn Hahn) agree to a meeting. Next, Sarah attends the life coaching session she won. Unfortunately, she mainly argues back and forth about the raffle and gets nothing substantial accomplished. Meanwhile, Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) hangs out with Davina (Alexandra Bilings) and Shea (Trace Lysette).

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The trio checks out old pictures of Davina, as a child. Davina admits she is much happier now than she was back then. Back at Josh’s house, Josh attempts to convince Raquel to wear a pretend wedding ring, until Colton’s adoptive parents leave. She refuses and the couple arrive moments latter. They’re introduced to Pastor Gene (Brett Rice) and Blossie (Meagen Fay). Meanwhile, Ali and Syd (Carrie Brownstein) decide to meet with Leslie later that night. Maura makes a surprise visit to Josh’s house and is introduced to the Pastor and Blossie. Maura inquires about some family photo albums and heads to the bedroom to search. Meanwhile, Sarah meets up with a drug peddler, Dr. Steve (Jason Mantzoukas).

transparent season 2 pastor gene and blossie

Sarah receives some weed and is also hit on by Steve. She manages to turn him down and escape his grasp. Back at Josh’s place, Colton and Blossie decide to check out Colton’s room. When in private, Pastor Gene ridicules Josh for his decision to abandon Colton. Despite his attempt to defend himself, Gene doesn’t believe anything Josh says. Eventually, Maura steps in and admits the family knew about Colton, but didn’t tell Josh anything about it. This sets Josh off and he winds up going off on Raquel and Colton, who decides to return to his adoptive parents. That night, Sid and Ali meet up with Leslie. Maura returns home to Shelly (Judith Light) and tells her about Josh and Colton. They argue and Maura decides to leave for the night, despite Shelly insisting he has nowhere to go.

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That night, Ali and Syd hang out with the crazy bunch at the bonfire and Leslie, who seems to be borderline pedophile. Meanwhile, Colton prepares to leave with his adoptive parents. He gives Josh the opportunity to tell him to stay, but he doesn’t receive an answer, at all. At the end of the episode, Maura screams and yells at the guards, until they finally open the gate. When the sixth episode starts, Josh pays a visit to Shelly and confronts her about his betrayal. She repeatedly tells him that she was doing him a favor. She also admits she was a good parent, since she didn’t throw him in a dumpster or raise him out of a closet. Despite the kids having it fairly good, neither one of them wants to hear about it.

transparent season 2 episode 6 josh and shelly

Meanwhile, Ali and Syd speak about Jew Shoes. Then, Ali rubs herself for no apparent reason. Next, Josh returns home and complains to Raquel. He also notices bumps all over her body. They rush her to the hospital for a checkup. Meanwhile, Maura speaks to Davina and Shea about his visit to the doctor and his new prescription of Lupron. They confirm the side effects and tell Maura that he’ll need to be careful with the medication. During the conversation, Davina leaves to pick up her boyfriend, Sal (Ray Abruzzo), from prison. Meanwhile, Josh and Raquel visit the doctor and learn that Raquel has lost the baby.

transparent season 2 episode 6 recap

Next, Sal and Davina return. They blow off Shea and Maura and have already eaten. They head to the bedroom and leave the others in the dust. We flashback to Raquel and Josh. Josh attempts to comfort Raquel, who insists they can start trying for another baby right away. Josh isn’t too keen with the idea. He admits he would rather wait and take a breather for the time being. Ali meets up with Leslie and finds her editing pornographic videos. They chat shortly, before Ali heads downstairs for alcohol. Meanwhile, Josh leaves Raquel alone and heads out to a party. During this time, Sarah meets up with Dr. Steve and attempts to fulfill her Mr. Irons fantasy.

transparent season 2 episode 6 steve and sarah Unfortunately, she receives a phone call and is forced to leave abruptly. Meanwhile, Josh heads to the party and meets up with the producer, who he attempts to convince to start their own label together. At the same time, Ali and Leslie smoke weed and enjoy a ride in the hot tub. Sarah returns home to Shelly and hears all of her complaints. They soak in their sorrow together, while Maura spends the night with Sal and Davina. Maura learns about Sal discovering his attracting to trans women. That night, Maura overhears their romantic chatter and attempts to shut it out, with her radio. Josh returns home and discovers that Raquel and left. The ring remains on the bed.


Transparent Season 2 E5 & E6 Review

All in all, this season of Transparent is really starting to disappoint. The Ali side story is dull and Sarah’s isn’t much better. Each of the characters are turning into annoying crybabies. Maura, who is generally the best of the bunch, even stooped to a new low. These characters virtually have it made, yet somehow find a way to wallow in their own pity. None of them works, yet they all have nice vehicles, great houses and plenty of money to squander on weed and strap-ons. How pathetic can they get?

Also, the dialogue is very cringe worthy. I want to rip the hair out of my head each time Josh spews urban phrases. The series isn’t a total failure, but viewers will need to swim through the mud to find the memorable gems. How the season has such a high rating elsewhere is beyond me and a little eye opening quite honestly. A 6.5 out of 10 is deserved. Be sure to catch up with previous recaps of Transparent right now.

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